Celebrate X018 With Inside Xbox At FanFest: Mexico City On November 10

Inside Xbox: Live from X018 presents a special two-hour show Saturday, November 10 with our biggest episode of Inside Xbox yet.

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DerekTweed3d ago

Me too. Centrail European Time, Saturday night, 10pm - 12am.

gangsta_red4d ago

I really hope they make some release announcements for Below and Ashen.

And then, finally, Crackdown 3 to be shown off.

Everything else will be a surprise.

conanlifts4d ago

I am hoping to hear about a few acquisitions ( at least 3 new studios would be good with Obsidian as one of them), a release date for Ashen and that they show Crackdown 3. When they show Crackdown 3 it would be good if they show huge improvements for the game, or at least that the multiplayer looks amazing.
In addition I wonder if they will purchase any assets from Telltale games. Imagine if MS purchased Do Not Nod and what remains of Telltale games.

mcstorm4d ago

I wonder if we will have some surprise exclusives that will be out early 2019 I am also expecting a streaming beta to.

I am also wondering if gamepass will get a big surprise with a 3rd party joining adding its games on day one to.

This is really an event we don't have much of a clue about but could go lots of different ways.


Time to deliver MS. Looking forward to surprises.

optimus4d ago

I'm expecting a $50 price cut across the board. new elite controller, new studio acquisitions, and xcloud details, aside from new trailers of upcoming games and new gamepass games being added and more original xbox games being backwards compatible.