Red Dead Redemption 2 Hits 17 Million Copies Shipped Worldwide

It has already exceeded the total lifetime sales of the original Red Dead Redemption.

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italiangamer73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

I bet 60% or more of these 17 million were sold on PS4

Gearsofwar_xbox73d ago ShowReplies(3)
Lime12373d ago

In UK was over 2 to 1, WW is much bigger gap.

EmperorDalek73d ago

Is there a worldwide source for this yet?

Kiwi6673d ago

Don't know why you pm'd me talking about console sales when this article is talking about RDR2 selling 17 million copies

EmperorDalek72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

@Kiwi66 - Yeah he does that, it's almost like he gets off to PS4 sales. Of course, he hides away when you ask him anything. He also doesn't like when someone points out the new Ratchet and Clank was mediocre.

TedCruzsTaint72d ago (Edited 72d ago )


Because he leads a sad, empty existence?

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parris73d ago

Easily 60% i'm sure, probably much higher with the bundles and marketing.

shiva173d ago

Bro might as well take 99. If you are not satisfied take 101.

Once you are on ground... Its celebration time and congratulate developer for the achievement.

andibandit72d ago

I cant rest until it's comfirmed that it's higher than 60%

Kiwi6673d ago (Edited 73d ago )

And it's really only fanboys who would care about that instead of saying well done to the devs on a successful game

cooperdnizzle73d ago

No not fanboys. People who like good business practice and games are happy for the PS4

Artemidorus73d ago

Less idiots to play with if you pick the less popular option.

parris73d ago

Hmm... is that why Microsoft was begging for crossplay?

rainslacker72d ago

So you're saying that idiots are just fewer in number on Xbox? makes sense given that idiots exist everywhere, and you'd expect more, where there are more people.

Sirk7x73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Well, when the console outsells the competition by multiples, that's pretty obvious lol. I would say it's probably number 1 selling across Xbox and PS4 right now, and will be on PC as well if it ever gets a version.

shiva173d ago

Imagine it sold more than console exclusive.... Thats like slap on your face

Sunny_D73d ago


You mean a multiplat game by Rockstar of all devs sold more than a platform exclusive? Gasp*

rainslacker72d ago (Edited 72d ago )


Serious you feel that this game has slapped you on your face?


Serious question....then wouldn't that be a slap on all console gamers faces since going by the reported numbers, it did the same on all systems?


Biggest slapping on the face to all those publishing execs who want to act like MP is king. Yet another SP game which has proven that SP isn't dead, or complicated, and that its far from dead. It's almost like these SP games are Redeeming the concept of SP games right to exist, especially in the face of some more notable MP games coming up in the red from their initial projections. 2 years in a row for one company to boot.

shiva172d ago (Edited 72d ago )

@ Rain why would that be on gamers... It always is a challenge for the console manufacturer. Its a slap on the console manufacturer that a third party software is selling well than their own no matter how big of a studio they own.

@Sunny so if its rockstar we need to to set our targets low cause theres no point beating them even though console companies are big and worth billions more than rockstar...Right hmmm

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Kribwalker73d ago ShowReplies(7)
jagermaster61973d ago

So that means 60% were playing with soup textures? Look I can talk crap too 😂 I'm definitely happy I got it on the x!

Sunny_D73d ago

Yeah you and like 5% of the overall Xbox camp. Congratz.

Dark_Knightmare273d ago

Yes the “soup” textures that was used to describe one game shadow of war by digital foundry and has never been used again besides by fanboys congrats

BizarroUltraman73d ago

Probably cause I doubt many bought X just to play it and Xbox One version aint cutting it.

King_Noctis73d ago

Does it matter which platform it sold the most on?

mkis00772d ago

Im a psfan of course, but this unprovoked crap makes me cringe.

MoonConquistador72d ago

It is pretty pathetic isn't it and really does devalue the majority of comment threads.

There are people caught up in these console wars who have children that are behaving better than them, and for what?


Ceaser985736172d ago

I am happy that this game is doing really well and selling great... Regardless of any platform,. I can see it selling more...

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thexmanone72d ago

That's fine, I`m glad I`m not one of them. I prefer the best version. And we all know that's on the Xbox One X.

Gr8saiyaman8872d ago

"Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present... man not caring."

mandingo72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

I bet you nobody cares

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UCForce73d ago

Well, i’m glad to hear. I know Red Dead Redemption online is coming, but this show how much Single Player still have huge impact for everyone.

rainslacker72d ago

That's kind of what happens when publishers make quality SP games. Helps a lot when there are fewer big SP games to choose from, because there ends up being less competition. Also helps when you don't release them at stupid times like Square Enix does...although that's not a problem for R*, because's R*.

Kribwalker72d ago

and when the promise of an online world in the wild west simmilar to that of the highest selling game in a long time (GTa5) which is what got me in. I bought it now to get use to the controls before that online drops

rainslacker72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

I can see it getting people buying it for the prospect of the future MP. But I think the vast majority still are buying it because they also want the SP. I'm sure many of them will still play the MP though, because it's not like the two sides don't overlap in many ways. I don't know how many would have brought it just for the MP, since apparently most people who buy GTA buy it for either the SP, or both modes, since they're both considered really good.

doggo8472d ago (Edited 72d ago )

People bought red dead for the single player. As it should be because offline single player is king. Red dead online is a side show to the single player portion (which will give the game legs)

JackBNimble72d ago

Personally I didn't buy RDR2 for single player alone, although I've been playing the hell out of it.
Can't wait for RdRO...

j15reed72d ago

While all games matter the drop off from the SP mode will be huge once MP comes online. SP will never die out but it's a drop the bucket compared to multiplayer.

Kribwalker72d ago

“I don’t think he is trolling. Red Dead Redemption 2 got PS4 marketing deal like early exclusive content and get online mode early. ”

you do know that the only thing ps4 gets early (for 30 days lol) is a gun, horse and outfit. You don’t get the online mode early lol

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PhoenixUp73d ago

Hard to believe that such a feat is only the second biggest opening in entertainment history

Skankinruby73d ago

Well deserved too, good for them

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