Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite and Street Fighter 5 have sold an approx. additional 100,000 copies each

Monster Hunter: World is still enjoying its record breaking statistic of having 10.7 million units sold and garnering the title of best selling Capcom game of all time, but there's a bit of encouraging news on the fighting game front as well, especially for fans of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite and Street Fighter 5.

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Vandamme29851d ago

I love both SF5 and MVC Infinite
It’s just a shame MVC Infinite didn’t do great in sales

TheEnigma313851d ago

Disney cause it to be gimped. It didn't do well at all on the competitive scene we as SFV is still going. MvC 2 will always be the best one.

Retroman851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

Nope, First MVC on ps1 is the best one.

catalyst_nc851d ago

Yeah, it's a damn shame because many people liked the gameplay of MvCI, but most people hated the graphics.

Lexreborn2851d ago

I love both games, it’s funny you say people hates the graphics and loved the gameplay. But, their hate for the graphics apparently caused them to overlook the great gameplay. Meaning people do care more about graphics over gameplay?

KwietStorm_BLM851d ago

Well that and the total lack of a real character roster.

Lexreborn2851d ago


The roster is honestly fine, it didn’t have the same issues as previous marvel games where there was a huge roster but only 1 team type is used. Every character was viable and well designed to do crazy tech.

Only BP was the worst not because he wasn’t good but because his execution requirements was excessive for what he was doing.

ZaWarudo851d ago

I usually don't care for graphics, but it is very important in fighting games IMO. MvCI didn't have good presentation. Some characters were weird looking, the roster is severely lacking and the PR bs about X-Men characters really hurt the game.

It's a shame because MvCI plays really well. It's really damn fun, but that roster.... I hope the rumored MvC4 gives Capcom a lot more creative freedom. You can tell how much influence Disney/Marvel had with MvCI.

Lexreborn2851d ago


The fact that they used familiar and new comers instead of complete copy and paste with echo/clone characters with different skins was the best thing about MvCI.

It really doesn’t matter that it didn’t have X-men characters. That was a entitlement that gave people an excuse to bitch and moan. The game should really be appreciated for what it’s goals were and not what people wish it was.

If they want that go play a legacy game or migrant.

KwietStorm_BLM851d ago

The roster is very far from "honestly fine." It was a clear push for the MCU. Marvel was hardl represented beyond that. Even Marvel Superheroes years ago had X-Men and other obscure Marvel characters in it.

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Lexreborn2851d ago

@Kwietstorm Why do people act like the popularity push of characters is irregular? That makes zero sense. When X-men in the 90s was huge and the movies were doing great what was a big push in the games? Oh wait.... X-men characters!

That argument falls even harder in line with this perceived entitlements that handicap the enjoyment of a game for people like you.

Kribwalker851d ago

2.2 million for a street fighter game 3 years later is pretty bad for sure. Capcom really screwed themselves by first releasing an unfinished game, and 2, taking a multiplat console game and making it exclusive. Especially when the xbox 360 was the home for all of the big SF fighting tourneys.

“Street Fighter 5 had previously clocked in with 2.1 million units sold, but that number has now jumped up to 2.2 million. While it's not specified in the document, Capcom traditionally separates different versions of its titles, such as Street Fighter 4 and Super Street Fighter 4.
Given this approach, this 2.2 million units sold is only detailing the vanilla version of Street Fighter 5 and would not account for 2018's Arcade Edition update.”

I don’t think that works the same way. When they would release Super SF4 or any other variations it was counted separately because not everyone would be getting the super version because it was separate. In this case, everyone was upgraded to SF5 Arcade, it’s the same game, not like the past versions were you had to buy the new one

darthv72851d ago

That was a huge missed opportunity for Capcom. i mean they went so far as to make new case art specifically for the "Arcade" edition and yet the disc in the case was the exact same one as every other copy of SFV.

There was no new updated disc that contained all of the previous content in one. you still had to dl everything that all the other SFV owners did. At least when MS released a Killer instinct Definitive edition it does contain all the content up to that point and is a different disc than the previous Combo breaker edition.

I'm sorry but in this case MS made the better game. go home Capcom... you're drunk.

Teflon02851d ago

Darth did you really say KI is better than SFV!? It was what started this horrible trend of a little characters and a bunch of season passes. SFV is a way better game. Expensive if you don't wait for the better editions. But you're crying that arcade editions disc is the same as the base game? Obviously, they're 1 game. Arcade gives you DLC, it doesn't give you a different game. Who cares how it's done. The game is a progressive game. You're going to have to update the game anyways. They want everyone to be playing the same versions at all times. It helps keep everyone in sync

King7851d ago

Yes AE do count as it's own product because some one pointed this out that the street fighter series as a whole went up 2 million. so it's safe to say that the 2 million is come from both sf30th and sf5ae.

darthv72851d ago

@teflon, I was talking about re-releasing a more complete product. The definitive edition of KI is more complete than the Arcade edition of SFV as it relates to content on the disc.

And yes it does matter when you buy the AE or the vanilla version and they both contain the same exact content on disc. Obviously it doesnt matter to someone who buys digital but to someone who buys physical and was holding off on SFV because of Capcom's usual habit of releasing a revised version later on. But surprise surprise... they just slapped a different cover art on the same damn disc.

For those who waited, it was a slap in the face. Because they still had to dl everything else when Capcom could have gone one little extra step and pressed all the content that was available up to that point. Save the person who invested in it the time it takes to dl.

It literally is the laziest effort by any publisher in gaming history.

Stuee1982850d ago

Agree with darth, I love Street Fighter but KI is my favourite fighting game of this gen by a long shot in my opinion

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Masterchief_thegoat850d ago

Beside monster hunter/RE7. both sf and mvci took Ls. Better luck next time capcom

Subzero100x851d ago

Garbage games don't deserve any sales, and its about time people realized that.

King7851d ago

sf5 vanilla version selling 2.2 is ok but the mvci numbers are trash I guess we can say rip to mvc series at least for now :(.

Teflon02851d ago

Sadly we probably won't see another for like 10 years now, if we're lucky. SF is fine in sales, especially with the season passes and costume sales. But MvC is ruined at this point. They're definitely looking at it as a dead series for a while. They really should just go back to MvC2 style. But make it 3D and they'd be successful. Suck though Disney and Marvel licenses cause issues too now

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