PS1 Remakes That We Crave. Vol. 1

The ongoing question of whether or not remakes/remasters are a good thing is irrelevant; the sales speak for themselves, as does the public clamouring for beloved titles of yore.

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Hardiman71d ago

I would love to see Bluepoint level remakes of Nightmare Creatures, Metal Gear Solid, Dino Crisis, RE3, Vagrant Story, Parasite Eve, Clock Tower, Silent Hill, Legend of Dragoon just to name a few!

Nacho_Z68d ago

Damn I completely forgot Nightmare Creatures ever existed, can't remember if I had it or just the demo but I definitely played it and liked it. I'm sure the RE2 remake will be a success and they'll do the same for RE3.

NapalmSanctuary68d ago

I want to see RE2 and RE3 remakes done in the vein of Crash Insane Trilogy and the original REmake.