Overwatch Hero Ashe Disappointing Compared to Animated Short Reveal

Power Up Gaming writes: "Overwatch has a new hero, Ashe. The character was revealed in a new short a few days back, but all is not as it initially seemed."

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Michiel198973d ago

"From the animated short, you would imagine that Overwatch Hero Ashe would be very powerful but that is not the case. While she does have some decent mobility, you still need to land a couple of shots in order to kill an enemy hero."
At least the article gives u a good laugh.

She is extremely deadly in the hands of a skilled player, thats really not disappointing to me. It was their design to make this a skill based hero, and if u have the skill she is extremely powerful(180 or 190 dmg headshots). Whats next, are you gonna call every aim based disappointing because you have to hit shots with them?

I think this article was created by someone who just cant play her well, but that doesnt mean she is disappointing because the writer isnt able to pull of reddit plays.

Salooh72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

This is the first time i enjoyed skirmish. First time i enjoyed no limit mode. Skill is really rewarded with ashe :>

However, i'm still not used to bob yet

CrystalFantasy373d ago

She's a mechanical hero. Sorry that she's not a braindead character like Brigitte and actually requires skill.

OnlyThoseOnTheFence73d ago

So you're saying the totally scripted, in-no-way-is-this-in-game-foot age promotional video isn't identical to the gameplay?? I'll never buy a free update again!