Meijer Black Friday 2018 gaming deals revealed

Meijer has revealed its print ad for Black Friday 2018, revealing several gaming deals.

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Seraphim4d ago

I refuse to shop at Meijer. After months of using their pharmacy suddenly the two pharmacists there decided they were going to refuse filling my prescriptions. Unfortunately there's nothing on the books in my state forcing pharmacists to fill medications but still, that's their bloody job!!!!! The Dr knows my conditions, treatments, etc... And it's hypocritical of them to deny me when they fill others prescriptions for the same meds and approx doses...

Skull5214d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Sounds like your drug dealing days are over.

optimus4d ago

yeah really. i don't think their pharmacists have anything to do with game sales.😄.... moreover, i never heard of this pharmacy let alone who buys games at a pharmacy?? this a European thing?

Seraphim4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

because everyone on meds are drug dealers right. dumbass!! some people, including myself have legitimate problems and actually take our meds responsibly.

@ Optimus, Meijer is a chain store just like Kroger, Walmart, Costco, etc. They offer a variety of things from groceries to house hold items and electronics and yes, also have pharmacies.

annoyedgamer4d ago

its not good to make assumptions, but I admit that I lol'd.

rainslacker4d ago

Surely they would have given you a reason.

annoyedgamer4d ago

Bro...what does this have to do with game sales?

And why not call the Dr who issued the prescriptions and have him find out whats going on at the pharmacy?

Seraphim4d ago

they told the Dr the same thing they told me. we're not filling it. Believe me, I've spoken to them and the Dr. And I plan to call Corporate and the State about this. Apparently they're not well educated pharmacists? My cousin is a pharmacist and he couldn't believe the audacity and absurdity of this. It use to be pharmacies, you know, did their job, fill medications written by Doctors. Until certain pharmacists starting overstepping their bounds or in some cases claiming religion as a reason to not fill a prescription such as birth control. Which is why in some states it's in the books stating pharmacists must fill prescriptions. Obviously there are some instances that they shouldn't and can be held liable. Such as if there was a serious risk of counter action w/ various meds prescribed or in some instances notifying the state if a prescription raised red flags; ie someone having an obscene quantity of controlled meds. And I do mean obscene. which at that point they are required to notify the state. That is not the case here nor was any other possible, legal issue the case here.

what does this have to do with game sales? This has to do with a chain store. It's hard to find a situation you may be offended or denied a necessary service from a store and in turn refuse to shop somewhere but that's what this amounts to. The pharmacists job is to fill the prescription the Dr has written. It's not their place to play Dr as they have no idea or access to any individuals medical file. If they wanted to control meds and set laws regarding them then they should have become a Dr, Congressman, Senator, FDA employee, etc.

on that note that's all I'll say. To truly understand any situation one must have been through it otherwise they simply don't grasp the severity, issues and understanding of it.

annoyedgamer4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Ok. By all means call corporate. Then take your business elsewhere. Dont support the company if you are not happy with their product/service.

kevinsheeks4d ago

Sorry to hear that the healthcare industry can be cutthroat in it's own way, you never know what's going on behind the scenes.

UltraDSA3d ago

I'm not thrilled that Meijers financially backed trying to fight legalizing cannabis in Michigan but it passed and I do like the store and deals. So kinda understand but don't hold the whole store accountable to the pharmacy actions. IMO

NapalmSanctuary3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Unfortunately, the DEA, in their welfare cult ways, have no issue instigating drug panics. Its how they've stayed employed for so long. Pharmacists are taught to discriminate against any "drug seeking behavior" like it is evidence that someone is putting these drugs to inappropriate use. They apparently don't know the difference between dependence and addiction. That, and they are probably scared of the DEA. At the end of the day this is all about the DEA's abuse of its authority. They're the ones spreading the misinformation.

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TheHan3d ago

They right now have a sale where you buy two VIdeo games or board games and get the 3rd one free