Square Enix To Adopt Subscription Model for Core, Non-MMO Games, Push More DLC

Are subscription services the future of gaming? Square Enix certainly thinks so, as they're looking to subs to support their core games.

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-Foxtrot71d ago

Stop...Square Enix...what are you doing

Can you imagine their online focused Avenger project? Good grief.

Jackhass71d ago

I am very curious (and a bit afraid) to see how the Avengers game turns out.

RememberThe35770d ago

I'm gonna take a wild guess and say, trash.

Eonjay70d ago

When gamers have to choose between paying all of their subscriptions or paying their rent...

UltraNova70d ago


That's sooo 2020s...

Action GO FIGURE70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

FF7 Remake now requires purchase of 3 parts to complete with ongoing subscription. You heard it here folks. Haha....

Seraphim70d ago

didn't they originally say it was going to be 3 episodes or parts?

Michiel198970d ago

Im not sure if they oficially said its 3 parts, but they hinted at it.

UltraNova70d ago

Yes but after Hitman's...episodic(full pan intended) experiment I thought they'd reconsider but SE being SE this shit comes up...oh well gaming is going to hell it seems.

neutralgamer199270d ago

Get used to this we are seeing the future before it happens and this will lead to market crash like it happened before Nintendo jumped started it. Greed is gonna lead less quality and more quantity

CyberSentinel70d ago

Seems to working well for Xbox Game Pass and EA. Here’s the thing, if all theses companies start there own online service, then why would they put their games on Xbox Game Pass, when they could keep all the profits for themselves?

1st Parties are going to have to build libraries of their own games, if they want to survive, when that day arrives.

neutralgamer199270d ago (Edited 70d ago )


This can't go on like this right now too much greed in the industry and sooner or rather this bubble will burst

COD black ops 4 made 500 million dollars in 3 days yet Activision shares went down 7%. These share holders want more and more but every game isn't gonna become hit especially in yearly releases

3-4-570d ago

WTF is going on with literally almost all gaming companies lately?

Are they all collectively trying to kill the industry they belong to?

neutralgamer199270d ago

It looks like that just look at blizzard saying most of their best devs are working on mobile games

Zabatsu270d ago (Edited 70d ago )

We have too many multi-billionaire companies controlling 95% of the market. That is the reason why. There is no heart in developing games anymore, for the most time. This is also the reason as to why good games nowadays, are as rare as they are. I'm prepared to throw all my money on games with a solid story, game mechanics, a reason, feel the love of the developer. Not these polished turds that come out of their house after one year.

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Alexious71d ago

Xbox Game Pass and EA Access are doing well, but I don't think Square Enix has enough games to support a subscription model.

Jackhass71d ago

I dunno -- if they included the full back-catalog back to the SNES days, I'd sign up.

RavenWolfx70d ago

It would be a helluva lot more tempting if it included their full back catalog plus the games not released in the US, like Seiken Densetsu 3.

rainslacker70d ago

Square has more games in their portfolio than MS has to offer on Game Pass at any given time. Their own catalog can match Game Pass, and it's possible these other publishers can start to license 3rd party content as well. Square Enix is probably the most prolific publisher out there in terms of actual catalog is concerned.

lollord70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Square isn't a platform holder like microsoft is, so they don't have near the 3rd party support that they have. Game pass works because of the 3rd party games that are on xbox, not cause of games in the their own portfolio. A square game subscription service would be a mess.

rainslacker70d ago

And if all these third parties decide to make their own streaming services, how many of them are going to license their games to me for theirs?

While what you say is true, there would be nothing that prevents square from licensing those games as well....again, assuming these big publishers are trying to leverage their own services.

gangsta_red71d ago

It seems like every major developer and publisher will eventually go this route.

iofhua71d ago

No just the stupid ones.

At first most MMO's were subscription model. Only a handful of them were able to make it work, and two decades later there are a whole lot of MMO's out there and the vast majority of them are free to play.

The same thing will happen here. I don't see it working as a service. This is just a evil plan to extract more $ out of gamers, and we're not stupid. Square will quickly find out that most of their sales aren't from devoted fans who gobble up every title they poop out. Most of their sales are from casuals and RPG lovers who buy the occasional title that looks interesting. These people aren't going to subscribe because they aren't enraptured with Square's entire lineup and know they'll be paying more $ in the long run.

To be honest I think it's about time a few AAA studios get knocked down a peg or even crash and burn. There are a lot of good small studios and indies out there who could fill the vacuum.

"games should cost more than $60!"
"games should be sold as a service!"
"games should have more micro-transactions!"
"Lootboxes aren't gambling!"
"Give us more $!"

How about you reign in development costs?
How about you spend less on advertising?
How about you hire less people?

Seriously lately it seems I enjoy indie titles more than AAA titles. I think there's a bubble that's going to pop and it's going to make a lot of developers very unhappy.

gangsta_red71d ago

"Only a handful of them were able to make it work, and two decades later there are a whole lot of MMO's out there and the vast majority of them are free to play."

I think that is a different comparison then what is happening here, sure a lot of companies changed the MMO model to F2P but all they did was change how they get revenue and instead of a subscription they just bombarded their games with microtranactions, ads and other types of revenue soul sucking offers.

"How about you reign in development costs?"

I agree with this, I don't know how with tech getting more expensive but i feel developers need to find better ways that doesn't cost them millions to make one game and have to rely on first week sales in order to just break even. Better tools, better engines, better development cycles? Don't know but it does seem like something this industry should focus on.

"Seriously lately it seems I enjoy indie titles more than AAA titles."

They have definitely been few and far between and most of them are not doing anything different than what we played last gen, just bigger worlds and more fetch quests.

"I think there's a bubble that's going to pop and it's going to make a lot of developers very unhappy."

Something needs to come and shake things up that's for sure.

jaymacx70d ago

I agree with you. These Subscription services are getting out of hand. It is bad enough you got Netflix, Hulu, YouTube Red, DC Universe and soon to be Disney streaming services.
Hardware Vendors can barely get this to work. I hope it blows up in their face lol.

Sirk7x70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

It's gonna happen; Hardcore gamers are the vocal minority. You guys downvote it all the time because you don't like it, but it's pretty obvious where the industry is headed regarding the biggest studios. Always online, mobile, MT, GaaS and subscription services. Even Nintendo is going in on mobile titles. Sony is still pumping out lots of single-player experiences, but I can only guess they'll get on board as well once Amazon goes all in with their gaming business. Companies want to make the most money with the least risk. I'm glad I like indies lol.

rainslacker70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

And we should be happy about it just because it's coming? that's the dumbest comment I've ever heard.

We've all known that MT were going to become what they were, back when horse armor first reared its ugly head. We've spoken out against it, and people said get used to it. It came exactly how people said it would, and its gotten worse than some people even thought.

If you want to just sit there and not complain, then go ahead. It's that kind of attitude that ends up making all these things that people don't like come to pass, and its that kind of attitude that just keeps driving the products we buy become less and less something worth buying.

The traditional market is being driven out by force, because of greener pastures. Leaving one player base behind is not a way forward, its just greed.

These kinds of services are going to lead to episodic gaming, less big AAA games being made, exclusive content to try and get people to sub to these services, and ultimately, nothing good except for the publishers, but even then, some of those publishers are going to get driven out of the industry, because it will end up being only the big boys who can market enough to make them stick around, and after all these other companies leave the market because the traditional market isn't there anymore, these publishers have less and less influence to make good games, leaving us with Activision and EA's vision for the future.

Dragonscale70d ago

Whoa thats some crystal ball you got there. 'You guys downvote all the time because you don't like it' must mean you don't downvote and are part of the problem tbh. Publishers and devs can only get away with it when people buy it and sometimes gamers actually have influence over the bullcrap like with Battlefront 2 and a certain xbox one console for instance. You make it sound inevitable when it clearly doesn't have to be so long as people vote with their wallets. MS tried the always online drm crap at the start of this gen and look how that turned out.

Godmars29070d ago

The issue is Square, largely being an RPG maker, is now - officially - making DLC a primary revenue source. That they've seen no harm in putting side-stories into FF15 and are even going so far as redo its ending. Nevermind putting story elements and details in separate media.

They've been gone since FF10-2 as far as I care, but this the official death kneel. All that's left is for the body to drop.

"Something needs to come and shake things up that's for sure."

At this point the only sign of shake up will be Square closing it's doors while the CEOs and lead devs like Nomura bailing out on golden parachutes.

PhoenixUp71d ago

Imagine KH3 having a subscription

Jackhass70d ago

Wouldn't be surprised. At the very least, we're going to get a lot of DLC I bet.

PhoenixUp70d ago

That’s pretty much a given considering how many Final Mix editions there are in this series.

Eidolon70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

i don't think any included DLC as they were all from PS2/3/DS/PSP era. But they got remastered twice. Then another coming later with Dream Drop distance being bundled in. I guess by that logic, they're capable and expected of doing so. But none of those were subscription models..

PhoenixUp70d ago

Well obviously Final Mix wasn’t released as DLC. My point is that the content you’d see in Final Mix back then would be delivered now as DLC

Snookies1270d ago

Thank god we're getting it soon. If it'd been delayed much longer, I doubt the game would be so complete.

Eidolon70d ago

People like delays though, it makes the game more polished.