Nomura: 'Various developments being considered to accompany Final Fantasy VII Remake'

At a closed event for The World Ends with You: Final Remix held on October 30, producer Tetsuya Nomura answered various fan questions. One of them was simply, “I want to play Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII again!”

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thatguyhayat33d ago

Interesting so there maybe more remakes related to 7 like crisis core and dirge of cerberus. But hes fiiiiiinally full on 7 remake and has a release date in mind

shaggy230333d ago

See, the problem I have with the much hyped FF7 remake is that no matter how good it will be, it wont be what fans want.

If he completely changes it so it has modern game mechanics people will complain because it wont be FF7, if he keeps it to how FF7 was and just updates the graphics, people will complain because they want something new.

Godmars29033d ago

I'd honestly try doing FF7 as isometric, Diablo style, taking what Lost Ark seems to be doing. Could make it an action platformer.

ninsigma33d ago

There are fans on both sides of the fence on this so all he can really do is just make the game the way he wants to. I'm happy with what I've seen of it but I'd have taken turn based too. To me, the materia system is what makes it be FF7 more than the atb style combat.

wtf033d ago

A release date in mind?
"and is without a release date."

Not sure which article you read. This game likely wont be ready for another 2-4 years.

Godmars29033d ago (Edited 33d ago )

So, before he even makes the game, which is actually going to be a series of games, Nomura's considering making accompanying sub-series?

Was going to bang my head on a wall, but this has become too common. I've gone numb from the repeated stupidity. The same mistakes made over and over.

-Foxtrot33d ago

For me I find it funny when they say on minute, and I'm paraphrasing here...

"We need to do multiple games because the main game as it is won't fit on one disc"


"We are going to expand on the story, the characters, add in lots of new developments, new side missions"


So if the main game as it is can't fit on the disc why are they talking about adding more things which will take more time and space? It dosen't make sense.

ReVibe32d ago

Didn't you know; that's what people expect?! I mean, c'mon man... we got another STAR WARS trilogy incoming, and the current one is falling apart at the seams midway!

Godmars29032d ago

No, there's supposedly two if not three. All of which have nothing to do with actual "Star Wars", but takes place in the same galaxy.

ccgr33d ago

Curious how it will turn out, it's a classic

shaggy230333d ago

It was a classic, try going back and playing it now.

It hasn't aged well.

Nacho_Z33d ago

Graphically no but I replayed it on the Vita a few years ago and loved it, that and FF8. Both still great games even if the graphics are rough on the eyes.

ccgr33d ago

I agree but gameplay > visuals

Godmars29033d ago

Unrecognizable. If this remake follows ff13 and 15's examples, much if the narrative would even be in the main games. And this FF7 "remake" is suppose to be *games*.

Silly gameAr33d ago

Can't wait to play this 10 years from now.

staticall33d ago

Final Fantasy XV had:
- Main game with missing chunks of content and in-game product placement (American Express, Instant Noodles, Coleman);
- Season Pass №1;
- Incoming Season Pass №2;
- 2D side-scrolling game («A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV»);
- CGI movie, that runs parallel with the events of game («Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV»);
- Anime series («Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV»);
- Free Novel («Final Fantasy XV Prologue Parting Ways»);
- «Justice Monsters Five» mobile game;
- MMO mobile game («A New Empire»);
- Now defunkt mobile game («King's Knight -Wrath of the Dark Dragon-»)
- VR fishing game («Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV»);
- Pocket edition of the game («Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition»);
- Multiplayer mode.

Not to mention clothing line.

«Final Fantasy VII Remake» is already episodic and they want to release more «related» stuff, so yeah, brace yourself.

Zabatsu233d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Fucking hate SE. But hey, that's what a greedy multi-billion company becomes in the end. Their ultimate weapon will be their players. As prover by their latest fiscal report. Tired of this shit. Wish they could just focus on what their players want instead of pushing their luck with every release they make. Gaming can't be all about the money and the tables are starting to turn.

Activision, EA, SE /puke.

DerekTweed32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I don't understand your point of view here.

Square Enix makes products that you can buy ( and some that are free) = F*cking greedy company.

I don't get it, they make their products, they don't force you to buy it.

There are probably millions of people that are happy SE makes these products because they are fans of the series.

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