Illumination Shares Challenges of Making Mario Bros. Film, Possible Release Window

It sounds like Illumination is facing some challenges translating a visual and gameplay-focused property like Mario and turning it into a film with dialogue and three-act story structure. That's understandable considering at its core Mario is about a plumber who stomps on bad guys and rescues Princess Peach (he occasionally goes karting or plays golf on weekends). Adapting Mario to film is difficult and a previous attempt to do so proved...weird.

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computeSci636d ago

Miyamoto should make them watch all Mario Bros Super show, The Adventures of Mario 3 and Super Mario World episodes as a prerequisite. I thought the Mario Bros cartoons were brilliant.

Segata636d ago

It's IE. All they will do is look at their HDD's and reuse about every asset they can, reskin minions as Toads. Nothing will happen in 90s min and it will end and people praise it anyway.