PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Is Free For A Limited Time On Xbox One [Update]

Update: This has turned out to be a free-to-play weekend that will start from November 8th and last until November 11. It was confirmed by Microsoft. Apologies for any confusion over the initial report since it was unclear at that point. Even The Verge reported about it being free to own.


This is confirmed to be free-to-play weekend from November 8 to 11 and not free to own. Apologies for any confusion.

Admin note: Updated title and summary to latest info.

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littletad70d ago

Is this a joke? Thought it was april fools.

DarkVoyager70d ago

Just got this for free. I went to play Fortnite earlier but couldn’t. Forgot F2P games are locked behind a paywall. Microsoft need to end this crap already!

Wikkid66670d ago

Why would they change it?

It's been Microsoft's policy for almost 16 years that Gold memberships are required to play games online.

DarkVoyager70d ago

“Why would they change it?“

Because the competition does the opposite. They don’t lock F2P games behind a paywall.

70d ago
Automatic7969d ago

Stop acting like you own an Xbox with your anti-Xbox crusade.

Imortus_san69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

If the competition as free to play games that are the most played online on the console, them why do they charge for online gameplay?

XtaZ69d ago

Sony locks cloud game saves behind a paywall, that's much much worse.

shaggy230369d ago


Microsoft and Sony are different, live with it.

I mean Microsoft offers free online storage for game saves, and yet Sony charges for this service and only gives you 1GB compared to Microsoft's unlimited.

gangsta_red69d ago

So wait do realize you need Xbox Live to play PUBG right? So why did you get this always online multiplayer game if it requires Live to play?

This just doesn't make way... you're trolling????

Wikkid66669d ago

"Because the competition does the opposite."

So that's why Sony started charging for PSN?

mcstorm69d ago

@darkvoyager how is this game free to play you had to pay for it this is just an offer on a 2 year old game so to speak.

If you get a game on psn+ for free that can be played online do you need a psn account? To play it online also all the games you downloaded are still behind the pay wall. Come on clutching at straws.

darthv7269d ago

@dark, I remember when Sony didnt lock ANY online multiplayer games behind a paywall.

Kribwalker69d ago


@gangsta you hit that nail on the head.
And others, Sony charges for cloud saves? That’s ludicrous. I’ve been subbed to both Xbox Live (2005) and Ps Plus (2015) so i would not have known that either charged for these features. Most people that play online games have a sub tho anyways so i imagine not that many people know this

bluefox75569d ago

@ZXCPCA500 Why is it pathetic. Xbox fans are all "pro consumer" when the topic of crossplay comes up, but have a different standard for this?

darthv7269d ago

I do agree that legit F2P games should be open to all players, paid or otherwise. Silver members should get a bone now and then just like PSN members who aren't + do.

I just got this game and hope they offer crossplay like fortnite.

rainslacker69d ago

Was Sony's policy for about 15 years to not enable cross play as well. Didnt stop hundred of articles and comments about how they should.

But Xbox gamers seem more concerned about what Sony should do, than what menus doing.

gangsta_red69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

"Didnt stop hundred of articles and comments about how they should."

And it didn't stop hundreds of articles when MS locked Apps and F2P games back when it was the actual hot topic.

But Sony gamers seem more concerned about MS's paywall rather than asking why they can play F2P MP games for free and not actual games they pay for.

rainslacker69d ago (Edited 69d ago )


OK. Whatever you say.

So, I'll say it this one time....this will be my response to you when you really just make pointless comments, which are also a distraction to the point I'm making, since at least my comment was based on the conversation at hand, which is about F2P being behind a paywall, and Wikki making the comment that they shouldn't have to change because its been MS policy for 18 I was pointing out to him that that didn't stop MS fan boys from saying that Sony should change theirs... and yours was just trying once again to try and call me a hypocrite.

I figure this is more worthwhile than writing out these long explanations to you, which you'll just twist around more....except this one last time so you know what it means in the future and we won't have to keep wasting our time doing the same roundabout back and forth exchanges that always end up with you understanding my point, or blocking me on PM, because you realize that you can't argue against me when I'm right.

gangsta_red69d ago


" I was pointing out to him that that didn't stop MS fan boys from saying that Sony should change theirs..."

What a coincident because I was also simply pointing out to you this is the case and then further explained that it doesn't stop Sony fanboys from constantly asking MS to change their policies. So, why so emotional?

' understanding my point"

You truly are a delusional person as you never make a point to understand. You just constantly reply to every comment in an article until someone sees you, constantly change topics and constantly *imply*, twist actual meanings and bring up points to argue that no one made. I honestly simply just stop replying to you when this happens because it's tedious, like arguing with a child....that's drunk.

'...blocking me on PM'

Wow....truly a new level of low, I don't even think the worse fanboy on this site that hates my guts would stoop that low. Not once have I EVER blocked you. You constantly PM me with long winded stories of you begging me to stop calling you out, stop pointing out your obvious hypocrisies (like the Nintendo Wii Mote in your latest PM to me), you having to explain to me why you hate MS and any other nonsense I don't care about. It gets to a point to where you just start to ramble and it's gets sad that I even have to respond to it.

Seriously, don't have me put you on blast because I will do just that with your lying ass.

DarkVoyager69d ago (Edited 69d ago )


“Lol, like you have an Xbox. You're entire hate campaign is based on this one pathetic argument that you make over and over and over. Dude, you're the only one who cares”


Stop acting like you own an Xbox with your anti-Xbox crusade.

Say what? Lol

DarkVoyager69d ago


“So wait do realize you need Xbox Live to play PUBG right? So why did you get this always online multiplayer game if it requires Live to play?”

It’s free is why i got it. Maybe one day I’ll get Xbox Live who knows.

rainslacker69d ago


OK whatever you say.

81BX68d ago

Not mad they now charge you to use your own net? Roger that!

KillBill67d ago

Obviously you have never played a game offered FREE to play in this manner. They line up with with FREE to play weekends for Gold also. Everyone can play FREE multiplayer during the period.

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MrOppOrtunity70d ago

No joke, just got it for free :)

MrOppOrtunity69d ago

Nope, apparently if u download it now, its urs for life!

shiva168d ago

Hahahahaha.... For life

boing170d ago

Are they hinting it'll be in PSPlus for free when PS4 version finally hits? Like Rocket League?

LucasRuinedChildhood70d ago

Jesus. That would be an extremely good idea

UltraNova70d ago

Yep. This and a possible PS+ release just screams desperate...I guess they must feel the burn after Blackout's release.

boing170d ago

Right? This is kinda obvious move if they want compete with Fortnite and Black Ops.

DarkVoyager69d ago (Edited 69d ago )


“Yep. This and a possible PS+ release just screams desperate...I guess they must feel the burn after Blackout's release.“

The game could’ve been much bigger had they not signed with Microsoft for a year and launched the game on PS4. Now it’s probably to late. What’s done is done.

xRacer74x69d ago

Doubt it. PS will pay for it for awhile.

Rude-ro69d ago

If they want it to succeed.
Players that are interested in br are either playing fortnite for free even without having to pay for psn, OR they already spent their money on black ops which runs and plays better. Then, you also have h1z1 which is just like fortnite.. FREE to play.

DarXyde69d ago

They might have to. Fortnite is free and if they're serious about market penetration on PS4, they may need to

rainslacker69d ago

I wonder how many people will be interested after all this time when they actually have to pay on ps4. Ms having it when it near exclusive, and the big new thing helped them sell the early access, but a year of mixed press, and a huge success in fortnite, coupled with other big games now or soon to deliver their own take is quickly making pubg look less and less appealing.

shiva168d ago

Oooh now i dont see or hear those amazing Ps4 owners who happen ro own powerful PC.

By the way pubg is on mobile and it does well on it too

DarXyde68d ago


Why are you replying to me? I'm just commenting that the game probably needs to be free to play in order to contend with Fortnite on PS4.

I had no interest in PUBG. I still have no interest in PUBG. I don't even really play Fortnite beyond one match every now and then. Haven't touched it in months.

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bluefox75569d ago

Should have been that way from the start, too late to make a difference now.

shiva168d ago

Yup.... You never will.