Tetsuya Nomura Interview: The World Ends with You: Final Remix

During a closed event for The World Ends With You: Final Remix in Japan, Tetsuya Nomura was part of a fan Q&A where he mentioned some ideas for Final Fantasy VII Remake. Famitsu provided a recap of the event.

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Asuka33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

No Nomura. FINISH something first, and then worry about other things later... for the love of God.

Zabatsu233d ago

Let's talk about development time and the reasons why.

Edito33d ago

I think you don't understand how Nomura works and how His skills fit the Square Enix universe...

He creates the conceps, make it work and move on to the next project and the team takes over and he oversees the projects.

Beside Him who are the stars at Square Enix who really do some remarkable job?

Harkins172132d ago

@Zabatsu2. Development time 5 years. Most games take 4+ years now to create from scratch. Next gen will only get harder.

Zabatsu232d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Let's make that 5 years, 10 years and we're close to it. I don't give much for SE's washed out dev-times. Everybody that followed the hype, knows the real development time for this game and all of the others, for that matter. It's another question when SE acts as a publisher, but that's a whole different story.

FallenAngel198433d ago

I wish Square Enix would just remaster Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. They could even include a demo for FFVIIR

OmnislashVer3633d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I don't want new fans spoiled though. I'd rather FFVII:CC were released after. (Heck, if they really wanted to, they could use the same engine from FFVIIR... Consider all the work going into it, it would be a shame if they couldn't use it for more than one title. Even back in the day FFVII/VIII/IX came out back to back because they were so similar for instance. CC could easily be a DLC episode and not take much more work than a remaster.)

FallenAngel198433d ago

Crisis Core didn’t reveal everything about FFVII’s plot. In many cases it even enhanced going into the original game.

Plus this sort of thing isn’t new. Although it’s not the same thing, MGS3 was developed around the same time MGS1 was getting remade. RE0 was developed around the same time RE1 was getting remade. Halo: Reach was released before Halo 1 got remade.

People can enjoy prequels even when they get released around the time the original title gets rereleased.

Remaking Crisis Core doesn’t sound plausible. They aren’t even close to releasing FFVIIR. If you want to talk about an engine that has all the work put into it and being a shame no other titles are using the same engine, let me point you towards FFXV’s Luminous Engine. Square Enix can release another FF game like FFXV & FFVIIIR, but it better not be a remake for Crisis Core.

FFVII, FFVIII, & FFIX weren’t similar. Each one has vastly different design choices from one another. They just had faster development times back then because it was far simpler to develop large scale RPGs than it is now.

CC is too expansive a game to be relegated to a mere DLC campaign. A remaster is the most logical decision

ZaWarudo33d ago

Oh no, Nomura stop. This is why you never get anything done.

InKnight7s33d ago

I would love to get remastered now, but lets thinks about it Zack isn't so different from Cloud and gameplay is the same, after all cloud has his momery and his identity **20 years ago spoiler alert** and locations of CC and FFVII are almost the same and characters also the same, so I think they can do a full Crisis Core remake easily and polished in less than 1 year, by the time they release FFVIIR. Or maybe they are planning to create new FFVII origins to be included in the remake.

Sgt_Slaughter33d ago

For now. Honestly, a delay isn't out of the question, given the delays already.

OmnislashVer3633d ago

>KH3 was never delayed though- not once. It's never had a release date.
>According to Nomura he could have released it this Fall/Winter but wanted it released after the Holiday rush. Sony does the same with their games in their after-new year market. It's just better not to have games compete with the slew of rehashed shooters and Assasins Creed games.

PhoenixUp33d ago

Why don’t you talk about when we can expect the first episode of this FFVII remake?

It’ll be ages until we get the complete package of this remake, don’t get over ambitious

Seraphim33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

at this point they may as well just start planning to make VII Remake a next gen launch title.

typical SE though. Announce something in pre development or early stages and then proceed to spend another 5+ years developing it. I'm all for them taking the time and spending the money to make a great game but for the love everyone, don't go announcing every new game in development when their in their infancy of development.

PhoenixUp33d ago

That only applies to mainline Final Fantasy games and KH3. Square Enix’s other titles don’t take as long to make

Literal_Cringe33d ago

Normally, this kind of talk is fine if the game in question already came out, but it didn't and they're a year behind schedule...

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