Sakurai: Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC lineup complete, decided entirely by Nintendo

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai address the DLC situation surrounding the Switch game.

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PhoenixUp34d ago

“Sakurai also made a request for fans to not flood others with fighter requests:

“It’s great to dream about your favorite character joining the battle and I appreciate your passion, but please try to stay on topic when replying to tweets and refrain from flooding us, and other users, with requests when we’re not specifically asking for feedback. Thank you!””

In other words people need to let that annoying request for Waluigi meme die because it’s as tiring now the day it started. It’s not like it’s going to influence the devs anyway since they’ve already made up their minds what characters to make DLC.

ZaWarudo34d ago

I can hear the "WAAAH" in the distance.

FallenAngel198434d ago

Most of the newcomers for SSBU’s base roster looks to be heavily influenced by the Smash Ballot for SSB4 anyway, so I’m okay with them not going with that request program again.

On a sidenote it’s worth mentioning that Nintendo is offering more DLC newcomers than last time since 3 of the 7 DLC characters for SSB4 were veterans.

DJK1NG_Gaming34d ago

So that means.
Xenoblade 2 and Fire Emblem Three Houses will get a character.
I could see Octopath Traveler getting one. That would be good promotion.
Maybe KOEI Tecmo character and one surprise classic or guest.

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