What to Expect at Xbox X018, What Won't be There

Gamerheadquarters; "Some details surrounding what we'll see have already been confirmed and I thought it made sense to compile what to expect with the event."

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sammarshall1021170d ago

I would like to see 5 new good looking titles from Microsoft at this show but I'm going to temper my expectations

SpaceRanger1170d ago

Temper them drastically, they leaked the lineup and it’s 3rd party stuff from E3 or updates on stuff they launched this year. No new project updates. Just talk on a new studio buyout.

sammarshall1021169d ago

Yeah I saw that, a part of me is still hoping it isn't true lol

Switch4One1169d ago

We are ignoring the Ninja Theory project that was leaked to be at XO18? I mean if we are going off of leaks it seems pretty odd to leave that out. And Battletoads first look.

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indysurfn1169d ago

I thought the first thing the article would say is xbox 4 will NOT be there. But no mention of it! Hurray! That means Sony does not need to rush to make sure xbox does not have a lead next gen. PLEASE dont show xb4

Can't believe next xbox will be there fourth major console release (x1x was a big upgrade to x1).

Skull5211169d ago

I’d like to hear some next gen news or teasers. I got a feeling next Xbox is going to practically be a PC, with the increasing PC like architecture and Windows integration in Xbox One it’s only logical to assume the next Xbox will give you both the console experience as well as full PC game compatibility. Since Steam is not doing great, it could be a good move to bring the service to the next gen Xbox.

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battlegrog1169d ago

i assume its going to be more details of up coming games which is all we need. I assume we might get some more info on the xcloud

monkey6021169d ago

It's beyond stupid to write an article about an upcoming event and not tell us the date it takes place. This is terrible writting at its finest.

DiRtY1169d ago

I don't expect much.

PUBG Update.
Sea of Thieves Update.
Crackdown gameplay.
Maybe Obsidian Games joining them.
Metro Exodus
Ori And the Will of the Whisps Gameplay.

PhantomS421169d ago

I wouldn't be shocked to see something about Scarlet. You don't come out of the blue and announce something like this without a massive reveal up your sleeve. Sony did their first PSX in 2014 for a celebration of PlayStation and the twentieth anniversary of PlayStation. I doubt full details too but maybe an official name and a general "holiday 2019" release window with more details at E3. This probably ending the show again after they spend the show going over what is essentially the swan songs of Xbox One: Gears 5, Crackdown, Ori.

mark_parch1169d ago

This seems more like what we actually see rather than over the top predictions by others like gears of war 4 gameplay, fable 4, new ip and banjo threeie.

Not sure why the article states no release date for ashen, as far as I was aware it's still scheduled for this year.

I will be extremely happy if we get age of empires and gears tactics on xbox, ashen release date for December, battletoads gameplay, at least a tease of what ninja theory are working on and the announcement of one or more studios.

mark_parch1169d ago


That's really disappointing I was super hyped about playing ashen this year. December seemed perfect for gamepass as well with horizon 4 releasing last month and crackdown 3 in feb, dec deemed perfect for ashen. but if it's not ready then I would prefer they wait

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