High Quality Killzone 2 Beta Sniping Gameplay

A new video of the Killzone 2 beta has just been leaked. This video shows off 2 new never seen before features.

1) Setting up new spawn points
2) Cloaking by snipers

This video also shows off the fast paced action of killzone 2 multiplayer.

PS: Click on the link to see it in higher quality.


Check out the video at the alternative sources.
It is a preview by people who played the beta, along with new gameplay footage.

Note: The sniping game play is without HUD ( heads up display ) as the guy who uploaded it does not want to get banned, as the HUD will reveal his IGN. When his HUD is removed he cant tell which is friendly, or who is the enemy, He must rely on looking at the enemy and see if the enemy is Helghan or ISA, he is lucky not to have team killed.

Note 2: The guy who is playing has a problem with his controller, that is why he cant aim properly from time to time.

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MAR-TYR-DOM4708d ago

hey anyone notice the delayed reaction of death?

chewy3174708d ago

1) its a beta, and its bound to be fixed
2) Its delayed by like? erm... 0.3 sec???
3) They look like they are not dead yet but as soon as u see the death animations, theyre dead, and the death animations tend to be quite long...

jkhan4708d ago

Yeah I saw what you mean. There was a bit of lag as well. Well its a beta so hopefully all these small issues will be ironed out by them. The game even in that youtube video looks beautiful as ever.

jwatt4708d ago

Yea I was like what was thaty but that was some nice no scoping and the graphics look serious.

Harri44444708d ago (Edited 4708d ago )

they have the same problem with cod4. but this is beta and the developing team will have nothing to do but iron out those last few problems.

Megaton4708d ago (Edited 4708d ago )

It's a gameplay mechanic, but I really can't go into detail. Get into the beta, you'll understand, or ask the guy who took the footage, he's already gonna get banned. Think CoD4 Last Stand, but with a different purpose.

Edit - 1.6 knows.

chewy3174708d ago

yes u do die, its just that in 10 seconds after ure shot down, u can be revived by a medic.

sunnygrg4708d ago

The sound of that sniper rifle is fukn sweet. And yes, I did see the delayed reaction of death. There is still 4 months till the release death to fix the bugs and it will be so awesome. Hope I get into the beta somehow, anyhow.

Ju4708d ago

Well, gameplay mechanic...can't believe that. Yeah, Ok, the death anim can be delayed somewhat, but it's a bug if you got shot at from 10ft with a sniper rifle and the corps doesn't take of like a rocket. There shouldn't be any delay in that case. That's what's happening in the video, though. Visuals are impressive, though. Like always.

Megaton4708d ago (Edited 4708d ago )

The slow reaction time to bullets is lag, and not flying across the screen from a sniper shot is pretty standard unless you're playing something with ridiculous ragdoll physics.

Not dying after being shot down is the gameplay mechanic.

Ju4708d ago (Edited 4708d ago )

Ah, OK. Nah, but it can't be lag, either. Impact happens immediately (you can see the blood), but the ragdoll physics is delayed. Lag would delay the impact as well.

BTW. Can you revive someone who got shot but isn't dead yet ?

Proxy4708d ago

Your PS3 renders the blood, because it knows the bullet hit. However, your PS3 doesn't show the dead body until the other PS3 says 'I'm dead'.

The blood is nothing but a visual effect and it doesn't matter if everyone is seeing the same blood splatter at the same time. However, body positions is important and the game must stay in sync, everyone must see the bodies in their proper place, and this can be affected by lag.

Ju4708d ago

I still hope this is not the case, even though what you say might make sense. I would rather adjust the position on the body on the ground but prefer a fluid animation from impact including the fall. Be body on the ground would certainly jump in case of lag, but not interrupt the animation. I know there'll be always an effect thru lag to some extend.

n4gzz4708d ago

Killzone 2 is my most anticipated game after LBP this generation. This games looks very promising. I wish, I was in beta.

Player sucks by the way :D

San anto4708d ago

fanboys are already rating this down on metacritic, fucckin bstrds

swissarmyshank4707d ago (Edited 4707d ago )


It's Metacritic. Who cares? If you've played the game or watched it online you should know how good it is, and you shouldn't have to go to Metacritic to look up the score, should you? I'm not saying this cause I'm a 360 guy (I'm not - PS3 rules), but you complaining about it just makes them feel better about lowering the ratings.

Now about the game. Graphics and lighting look great as always. As for the player, yeah he could have been better. But props to him for risking getting banned for releasing this.

No Way4707d ago (Edited 4707d ago )

Yah.. There was a delay in the death. But, it's only a beta, so hopefully that will be fixed before the game is set to be released.

bpac1234567894707d ago

im definitely gonna have to pick this up in 09'

marinelife94707d ago

I'm still amazed at how good just the Multiplayer looks.

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CrippleH4708d ago


Look at the details of that baby and that beautiful lighting.

Even the zooming kept the immersion.

Chubear4708d ago

The lighting in this game is simply ridiculous! Good Lord, and this is the franchise editorial reviewers tried to kill off on the PS2? Wow, had they succeeded it would have sucked not to be able to play KZII like it is now.

I remember KZ1 was treated as the Lair of last gen but the PS fanbase still went out and supported this game, especially our EU gaming brothers & sisters, and look at our reward. This is frikgen glorious.

Lord Anubis4708d ago

the guy doesn't watch his corners

rifle sounds like a 50 cali

ParaDise_LosT4708d ago (Edited 4708d ago )

I swear to god lol, that rifle looks so good...
playing MP will be a hassle cuz your gonna be staring at your gun going OMG AWESOME them boom, you get headshot

I'll really be suprised if KZ2 doesn't get GotY next year...
or atleast Greatest FPS of the year...

jkhan4708d ago

Best shooter of the year = Yes
Best Multiplayer experience = Yes
GOTY = NO : Contendar = Yes (because FF-xiii, heavy rain, BioShock 2, and other games like MassEffect2 and if rumors are true Uncharted 2). So the chances are stiff. Out of all the above games it will come down to BioShock2, FF-XIII (if they don't screw it up), Heavy Rain and BioShock2.

chewy3174708d ago


GOTY= highly possible, in case you dont know, killzone 2's single player campaign is gonna be epic. but yea it is true that there are other good games as well

TheSadTruth4708d ago

For those of you who think this will be Goty, look at Killzone 1's single player

anyways, I love the graphics and atmosphere

catchnvampire4708d ago

Killzone or no Killzone....
2009 GOTY, By the Gods!! Belongs to Kratos.... ;)

pixelsword4708d ago

...In K1, the cutscenes were of very high quality and set the pace and tone of the game well; and since the PSP version of Killzone, I am very confident in GG's ability to make K2 a solid title.

(speaking of Killzone: Liberation, below I have the beginning clip for that game, once again done very well).

Granted, some of the game mechanics needed a little tweaking, but still overall K1 was a very good game. People still play the online on the PS2 (including me).

If I were to gripe about anything, it was

1. The sniper rifle

The sniper rifle on that game was the worst sniper rifle ever in any game. when you zoomed in, you had a limited movement range within the zoom, and if you tried to turn, you'd be knocked right out of it. Whomever programmed that part should be slapped with an old fish.

2. AI went to crap when you went into melee range.

At a distance, the AI was really good, but when you tried to melee, the AI seemed like it got stuck into "close up" mode at times.

jay34708d ago

Yes, I too believe games I have never played to be the best of the genre they are based in.

I also know for fact that they are better than any other game I have yet to play.

It's simple facts.

No Way4707d ago (Edited 4707d ago )

Don't you think it's a tad bit early to make such assumptions?

Do you know what happens when you assume.. hmm?

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^_^4708d ago

||this looks like it will be the best shooting game of 2009||

FailStation34708d ago

lmfao. r u guys SERIOUS???

sunnygrg4708d ago

lol, I was like "is there any game that is as good looking as this one?" Sony is soo going to rule 2009.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4708d ago

...Micro$oft need another Price cut in February 2009!!! ;-D

Pain4708d ago

1.2 -
lmfao. r u Xbots that Jealous???


larry4707d ago

Killzone 2 will give x360 the final deathblow in february
RIP flop box 360

The Tour Man4707d ago

A price cut wont help for MS anymore, they'll finally realize that their torrentbox .360 is a last generation console and will raise the white flag. Then they will ditch the console and the owners and make another torrentbox. Although people like teh cell will never realize that the xbox is a last generation console because they are manipulated by Microcock.

chewy3174707d ago (Edited 4707d ago )

dude, microsoft is NOT making money with each xbox sold. its losing money just as the ps3 is. a xbox 360 cost price is higher than $ theres rrod to consider.

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