My Wii U reminds me of my divorce - and that's okay

In order for Nintendo to find success again, it had to have its ego bruised with the Wii U. The writer, too, was experiencing his first period of stagnation in life.

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letsa_go6d ago

Nobody cares about your divorce

LaWiiG5d ago

Show me on the GamePad where they hurt you.

letsa_go4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Cliche, tired, SJW language. Blah... No wonder she divorced you.

P.S. No one hurt me...wish I could say the same for you!

FallenAngel19846d ago

Way to put yourself out there for a gaming article

LaWiiG5d ago

Much appreciated. It was such an odd, dark time. Things are definitely better now. Honestly, could happen to anyone. Wouldn't it wish it on anyone, though.

CrimsonWing696d ago

Why should we care about why a Wii U reminds you of a divorce? Why is this even on here...