Nintendo Would Like To Remind You That 2DS Exists This Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, it's time for Nintendo to remind parents to pick up a gaming console to keep their kids occupied during the festive period.

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Felix_Argyle_Catbro715d ago

Please remind me by cutting that price down.

PhantomS42714d ago

It's already 80 bucks, how cheap do you want it?

Felix_Argyle_Catbro714d ago (Edited 714d ago )

New 2DS XL which is advertised in the video is 130€.

Dimi1978715d ago

Why not?? It's by far the best Switch alternative and best value for money!

Geobros714d ago

I have 3ds xl. It is a great console to be honest. The only reason to buy new 2ds xl would be snes virtual console. But....after the purchase of my switch i fortgot the existence of 3ds.

FallenAngel1984715d ago

Nintendo really hoping that 3DS can pass the 80 million mark and outsell GBA & PSP

It’s unlikely to happen though

King_Noctis714d ago

I think it could. Three ingredients that could make that happen are announcing more games for next year, price cut on the current hardware, and the final hardware revision for the 3DS. Make the final one an ultimate one with better screen (or dare I say edge to edge screen) with modern design and there you go.

Gameseeker_Frampt714d ago

Even then, it is still overall Nintendo's worst selling handheld. GBA sold 80 million in 3 years which is insane. I don't think any console - home or portable - will ever come close to that level of success.

chris235714d ago (Edited 714d ago )

while we‘re at it: i‘d like to remind nintendo to acknowledge industry standards. otherwise wallet firmly closed on all things N-house.

King_Noctis714d ago

They have been doing their own things since the beginning. Have they ever been bankrupt?