Digit-Life: ECS A790GXM-A Motherboard

Digit-Life writes: "What is better, an inexpensive model from a company that offers a complete range of products, including those High-End models for over $300, or a relatively expensive well-rigged model from a manufacturer that specializes in Low-End? On the one hand, large (and lazier) companies often don't have a motive to work thoroughly on quality and other product properties, especially in market segments that do not promise high profits. For example, ASUS published a lot of reports, in which motherboards were not the main source of income at all (it's notebooks), even though this company can boast of the widest range of gaming motherboards with extraordinary features and prices. However, despite these reports, ASUS remains the largest motherboard supplier and releases mainstream models on all new chipsets.

On the other hand, companies with lower profits can rig up their expensive models (expensive in their own terms) even better than equally-priced Mid-End products from established manufacturers (who may already be disappointed with the given market segment already) just to make it out of Low-End. ECS positions its Black Series motherboards in this very way. So let's see what we've got this time."

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