Halo 3: ODST - One of the Best Games In One of the Best Series

Garrett writes: "Love it or hate it, Halo is one of the most popular, longest lived franchises on Xbox. If you are in the “love it” category, I want you to do me a quick favor. Ask yourself this question - What are your three favorite Halo games? Take a second to think about it. Was Halo 3: ODST on the list? I honestly don't expect it to be on many, and personally, I consider that to be a shame. ODST is without a doubt one of the best games in the Halo series."

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spicelicka644d ago

It was amazing! And so refreshing. It wasn't released as a full game and more of an expansion, which is why it's often hard to compare it to other Halo games.

MS really should have used this year to release ODST 2 as a side project. There hasn't been a traditional Halo game since 2015, and with Halo infinite not even looking likely for next year the drought is way too fkn long.

Spurg644d ago

The drought is what it needs.
Plus I consider Halo 5 Guardians an ODST successor and it features an old cast from Halo ODST.

Skull521644d ago

ODST wasn't good and they flat out lied about how the game would be priced, it only released as a $60 game because the Halo name was attached to it when it was originally like a $30 add-on. Besides the mobile games it's easily the worst entry to the franchise. It's better than Destiny though lol!

Spurg644d ago

Firstly ODST was a really good game and I also don't care about how they advertisd the game as it whether it's a broken promises or DLC speculation. The end result was an excellent addition to the franchise which stands on its own. It had a great campaign, introduced Halo to firefight and had Halo 3 multiplayer maps. These content are not DLC content, there are games that don't even give you a fraction of that experience.
Those smaller mobile experience weren't too bad as they were a companies by stories. I'm glad ms's mobile business fail as they could have ruined some potential franchises.

franwex644d ago

It got overlooked because of Halo 3. It was suppose to be an expansion after all. Also it has a special place in the writers heart due to no internet, or maybe not too many games available at that time to him (or her). Most of us were too deep into Halo 3 multiplayer to pay $60 for the same multiplayer, but with a 5 hour campaign and new mode added. If they would’ve stuck with the original plans more of us would’ve played it at that time.

Sophisticated_Chap644d ago

I loved this game. It had the best atmosphere of all the Halo games. The soundtrack was awesome too.