Forgotten Gems #8: The Legend of Dragoon

VGChartz's Taneli Palola: "Overall, I find The Legend of Dragoon to be a genuinely excellent, and often overlooked JRPG from an era filled with classics of the genre. During a period when the genre was very much defined by one name – Final Fantasy - it still managed to do something different and stood out from the competition. It has since slowly fallen into relative obscurity, as other franchises have carried on while The Legend of Dragoon remained as just a single PS1 title. It's a forgotten gem that deserves to be remembered more than it is."

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FallenAngel1984351d ago

“While no series outside of Final Fantasy really broke into the mainstream”

Pokémon says hi

PhoenixUp351d ago

“Sony hesitant to commit to a JRPG franchise in the long term”

I wish Sony was able to commit to a JRPG series in the long term period

Relientk77350d ago

I wouldn't say it's forgotten. Awesome JRPG, would love a remaster/remake or sequel

drpepperdude350d ago

It's my favorite PS1 game!