Sony patents new VR controller, could this be for PS5 VR? [Rumor]

Sony has published a new patent for a VR controller that could be for the next generation PS VR device for PS5.

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Neonridr2087d ago

I wish they would go with IR LED emitters around the ring like the Vive and Rift use. So much less distracting than using actual emitting light to be tracked. Far less error when using IR sensors and they work in daylight or the dark just the same.

Dragonscale2087d ago

Psvr2 will probably be far better than the current version. You never know it may have tracking without lights but ir would be good. They need to cut the weight a little and also less cables, PS5 will also be vr ready so no need for the external box. New controllers is also good which pretty much confirms psvr 2. Can't wait :)

Neonridr2087d ago

I will be on board with whatever comes next. I still enjoy my PSVR, just giving my 2 cents on what I might like to see improved.

rainslacker2087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

I wouldn't be surprised if the breakout box isn't included in the base system. it's an added cost for the manufacturing of the system, and while it's probably not something that's overly expensive, when you factor in a few dollars over tens of millions of units, it adds up. Since VR is still likely to stay kind of niche next gen, although possibly more popular, I still don't see it being built in.

However, I do see Sony maybe making a single output port for a new breakout box, as that would be kind of convenient.

Personally, I think i'd like some built in headphones which fold down for use. I find my good headphones I listen to music with don't fit well over the headset, and earbuds are an annoyance, which tend to get tangled up when I remove or put on the headset....and the one's it comes with are terrible.

Otherwise, since it's likely to still have a cable, Sony needs to realize that most living rooms are at least 12' in either direction, and often times more. A few more feet of cable to get from the breakout box to the headset are a must.

On the software side, they need to remove this, "out of play area" hardwired standard from the API, because if I'm sitting on my couch, about 12' away from my PS4, then I don't want to have to move a foot or two forward so the "Out of play area" box doesn't become firmly rooted on the screen, despite all tracking still working just fine. It's painfully annoying, and makes setting up and using it more of a chore, which sometimes puts me off of using it. I shouldn't have to set up a tripod and put the camera on it....which also has a relatively short cable...to play a game....and it tends to keep things cluttered up on my entertainment system.

New controllers I can get behind.

Dom_Estos2087d ago

Not sure why you got downvotes for this, but just must be from fanboys who won't hear a bad word about the PSVR, and I own and bloody love the thing, but it has it's issues.

Yes, the tracking on PSVR is, for want of a better word, lacking. It's flawed to a degree where it can be a hindrance in certain games, and because it uses light to track, once those orbs disappear behind something (like your body) or get held up near your head, the lights on that send the tracking heywire on either the moves or the hmd.

Anyway, these are just patents. Sony has already filed a few of these, and my guess is that they are older designs just filed for some kind of backup. No way do I see them using the same tech of PSVR for tracking. Already we have Oculus Quest and Windows MR headsets that use inside out tracking, and IR. I think they'll go with inside out at least, with something similar to Valve's Knuckles design for hand controllers. Maybe even a brand new camera tracking system something similar to Kinect or Leap Motion for full body and hand tracking.

ApocalypseShadow2087d ago

I noticed while reading the patent that it mentions camera and depth camera. Not sure if it means the two cameras on the PS camera itself. Or if they are talking about depth camera tech like when they bought sofkinetic who specializes in depth cameras and have created one of the world's smallest HD depth cameras. It's like kinect but they seem to be more in the auto industry.

Patent also seems to be an update to their 2015 filed patent. So you might be right that it's old and they are just locking the patent in.

Neonridr2087d ago

it's cool, I am sure it's just me and not what I said. I own both a Rift and a PSVR, so I should have the right to do my own comparisons and observations. Tracking is the one area that the PSVR suffers the most in comparison to PC VR. Who knows what the end result will be for PSVR2 but I am excited to see what areas we see the improvements being made.

rainslacker2087d ago

My only problem with the tracking overall is the rather short distance that the camera is allowed to be from the headset to actually be considered in the play area. It's only something like 10', and the average person actually sits further away from that in their living room....where most of these systems reside.

I have a tripod I set my camera on so I can sit on my couch, but it's more of a chore to set up, so I really have to be committed to playing a VR game at the time, so it isn't just some pick up and play thing for me....which limits my time on the device.

Neonridr2087d ago

@rainslacker - yeah the bare minimum we need a better camera for tracking. Having only one limits your playspace obviously, so if Sony can come up with separate wireless cameras that can be placed in your room to allow for 360 tracking, that could work too.

Dragonscale2086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

Agreed Dom, I'm mot criticising psvr, I love mine tbh, but obviously the tech will improve over time so I was just speculating. I reckon the downvotes are from certain salty fanboys who want it to fail rather than because it was being critiqued. Think its the psvr 2 ref that triggered them lol.

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crazyCoconuts2087d ago

Maybe with multiple sensors that are wireless or just plug into AC. Whatever it is, it's got to be simpler with less wires. I highly doubt they'll stick with visible light for tracking.

kneon2086d ago

IR has it's own problems. I've had the Vive and Rift fail in demos because of too much sunlight near by.

Neonridr2086d ago

yes but let's not compare the tracking from the Rift/Vive to the PSVR because that's a one way battle.

kneon2086d ago

My point is that they should consider something other than IR.

badz1492086d ago

how the hell could the MOVE be "distracting" if you're using PSVR? you can't even see the thing.

Neonridr2086d ago

sorry poor choice of words. I just mean that visible light can have a lot of interference. Distracting to the sensors is more what I meant, not to you or me. :P

Babadook72086d ago

Nah. No need for IR. Visible light looks cooler and can work just as well.

Neonridr2086d ago

first off you don't see them while you are wearing your headset, so cooler to who? People watching you? Visible light can have tons of interference and it all depends on your room setup. IR sensors don't work the same way.

Babadook72086d ago

Looks cool in pictures and also for when friends are over. It’s a cool advertisement imho.

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ApocalypseShadow2087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

Looks very interesting. And, there's an analog stick gamers are looking for. Sony can't make their tech like vive, oculus or windows mr controllers because of patents. Just like they can't make their headsets like Sony's comfortable design because of a patent.

If Sony can increase tracking and accuracy while keeping vr inexpensive, it will go a long way in keeping prices low and increasing sales to grow the platform. Comes down to hands on to see if something like this actually works. But, they patented it. So, most likely it does. I wonder if this was Dr. Mark's parting gift before heading off to Google? And, who's in charge of Magic Lab now?

Edit: looks like a gentlemen named Ennin Huang. Who has other patents that designed this.

Can't wait either way.

rainslacker2087d ago

Sony, HTC, and Oculus are actually talking a lot about sharing tech. They're really invested in making VR a thing. The patents thing just means they can make money off each other, and spend less money on R&D to get things done, as they'll license out the rights to use those patents, or even buy the parts from each other should one of them make said parts.

I don't see why Sony would mind sharing tech, since they don't really compete with PC VR. I have a feeling that Occulus and Vive will eventually reach a single standard, although their hardware implementations may continue to be different.

ApocalypseShadow2087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

What I would like to see is Sony join the one connection group everyone else has joined in on so far VirtualLink.

They don't have to make it compatible with PC. But, just like hdmi, usb,etc there should be a one connection solution.

rainslacker2086d ago

I think the reason they aren't joining is because they are only planning on using PSVR, on PS. While such a thing could open up third party devices on the system, the more likely scenario is that Sony would prefer licensed 3rd party partners, if any at all, which means that a headset would have to be released with the proper connections already.

I do agree that a one connection solution would be preferable to what they have with HDMI and USB being there now, but Sony can likely make this on their own. OTOH, if they were to support VirtualLink, it means that they could share in the creation of what it does, give their rather significant expertise onto such things, and more importantly, greatly reduce their own R&D cost into the matter, while being free to use any patents that may come from it which may end up being better than their own solution.

Personally though, I wouldn't mind at all if the PSVR was compatible with PC. I think it'd be nice to use with my laptop for some applications or 3DVR videos....where I find the PS4 kind of cumbersome to use because of where I watch videos being limited in the movement.

ApocalypseShadow2086d ago

I think this Ennin Huang is Dr Marks replacement after he left. Looking at his past history, he's got many patents of his own, some he has with Dr Marks, Anton Mikhailov,etc

I think I'll miss Dr Marks a lot but Sony seems to be in good hands. Even with Anton over at Media Molecule.

ApocalypseShadow2086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

Never mind. I think he now works at Pico vr as the design of the headset looks like psvr and some shanghai talks say he's at Pico.

The neo looks like psvr. The guy even mentions it in the video of ex playstation guys making the headset

So this patent is confusing or just late.

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Braindeadninja2086d ago

But windows vr headset are using sony's design

KwietStorm_BLM2087d ago

They should have made those Minority Report gloves a long time ago

Jinger2087d ago

If Sony comes out with a cordless headset that uses a signal adapter built into ps5 and get full degrees of motion as well as controllers that sense individual fingers... they could easily steal the VR market.

But they also need to keep cost somewhat low. Will be interesting to see.