Diablo Immortal is one Hell of a Misfire

WTMG's Thomas Medina: "You have to wonder how Blizzard thought this announcement was going to go down with their extremely volatile fanbase."

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Smokehouse79d ago

They don’t care about their fan base. Just like i’d imagine Epic doesn’t care much about anything besides their fortnite base now. Activision doesn’t care about story anymore or SP content anymore. Simply put, they have gone full casual because it’s easy money. Good riddance.

MasterChief362479d ago

It was very naive to think that their fanbase would eat this up like all their other properties. But what's confusing to me is that I saw the trailer and footage for the game, myself, and I'm not understanding where all the hate is coming from? I'm usually right there with people for the mobile-only continuations of beloved series (coughCommandandConquercough), but that's because the mobile platform tends to have cheaper, weaker gameplay with very little depth and very little in terms of comparison to the series proper.

With Diablo: Immortal, though, it looks like a Diablo game. It doesn't look watered-down to the point that its soul is diluted. The only thing that looks watered-down significantly is the graphics. They don't have that sharp feel of the big boy platforms.

So I understand where the initial hate is coming from, but I'm not sure why it continues past that point. It looks like Diablo to me...

Dragonscale78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

The fanbase is predominantly pc gamers so telling them that their next Diablo game was mobile at Blizzcon wasn't the best idea lol. Then asking if they had mobiles and acting shocked at the reaction was like rubbing salt in tbh. No surprise really.

theredeyejedii78d ago

A misfire? It's the equivalent of that video of the cute blonde girl trying to look cool firing a gun and it recoils and breaks her nose.