'Red Dead Redemption 2': Killing KKK Members Will Not Lower Your Honor Level

If you're on the honorable path and worried about taking a hit to your honor meter (a dozen murders would be a substantial hit), well, you don't have to be, because killing KKK members doesn't lower your honor, making them the one exception to the rule (other than other gang members and baddies in the story).

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ArchangelMike888d ago

Yep, I found that dynamite worked best for them :D

littletad888d ago

Actually, if you just let the script run itself, they end up killing themselves or dying by "unknown" causes/accidents. Hilarious.

rdgneoz3888d ago

Yah, I've had at night a "new initiate" accidentally set himself on fire. During the day, 2 people trying to set up the cross had it fall on them and crush them. Hilarious the amount of detail RockStar put in the game :P

bloop888d ago

Came across that too 😂 A group of about 15 of them initiating a new member and he ends up setting himself on fire. Everyone else ran away except the leader who walked off in a huff mumbling about how stupid they all were. I antagonised him and he started a fight with me so I kicked his ass. I didn't kill him in hope he turns up again somewhere so I can kick his ass again.

bouzebbal887d ago

shouldn't it instead raise your honor?
they should make them as the collectibles in the game.. find and wipe them.

thorstein887d ago (Edited 887d ago )

It's even better. If you loot and or kill them, witnesses do not care and will not report your activities.

EDIT: In the loot you can find letters that show just how stupid the KKKers are.

UltraNova887d ago

I'm running them over with my horse, one bynome when I find them, then I'll cap one or two up their a** for good measure.

Where can I find them?

warriorcase887d ago (Edited 887d ago )

If you stand by and watch a new initiate accidentally kill himself and do nothing while being in the crowd then your honor actually goes up. If you kill the leader Morgan says to the effect of "I'll hunt down and kill every last one of you hooded bastards"

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SenorFartCushion887d ago

Me too!

Threw dynamite into the crowd, it was like the Dove scenes from a John Woo film

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mad-dog888d ago

As if i cared about my honor in this. Can't wait to blast them away.

UCForce888d ago

I do care about honor. So yeah, i’m going to enjoy this

mad-dog887d ago

My own honor, yes. In the game? Nah. I do play a fairly kind Arthur. I want to be a good cowboy but Rockstar won't let me, haha. But if at some point in the game i see KKK members i will hopefully have dynamite with me.

TheEnigma313887d ago

yeah I've been killing everyone just to be a dick. I'm tired of being noble in video games.

RememberThe357887d ago

It's kinda stupid though that if a random guy tries to kill you can you kill him instead, you still get reported for murder. I mean come on R*! You gave me all these guns but don't want me to use them?!

TheEroica887d ago

My god, your bounty must be astronomical

No Way887d ago

TheEroica - I'm so broke because of my bounties. I kill too many people, rob too many stores, fight too many townsmen.


MrDead888d ago

“You had some very bad people in that group. But you also had people that were very fine people"

StormSnooper888d ago

Lmao 😂 you made my day. Thank you!

Skankinruby888d ago

Lmao comment of the day. Be careful now, you might just be labeled a 'libtard'

Sono421887d ago

If anything a "libtard" would be offended by this... I don't think you understand what a "libtard" is...

Skankinruby887d ago (Edited 887d ago )

Lol omg the joke went completely over your head dude, I'm not even gonna bother.

bluefox755888d ago (Edited 888d ago )

As if free speech activists are comparable to people who murdered blacks because of their skin color.

bluefox755888d ago

Concerning that people disagree with this statement. What sane person thinks that fighting for the liberal value of free speech is somehow in the same realm as killing people based on their skin color? Can't we ever take our political "sides" out of the discussion?

Elwenil887d ago

There are several issues with your statement. Two off the top of my head are that these days most liberals are not interested in free speech unless you are agreeing with them and the other problem is that liberals are typically democrats, and the KKK was formed by democrats.

FunAndGun887d ago

Because they all are not just free speech activists. Sure, some are, but when you're marching next to bigots, white supremiscts, and natzi sympathizers, you might have to question the company you keep.

dantesparda887d ago


And there are several issues with your statement. Two off the top of my head are that neither are consrrvatives/republicans/righ twingers unless you are agreeing with them, I mean just look at how pathetic they are for crying and whining about the stupid SNL joke about he veteran guy with the eye patch. Acting all offended and bent out of shape over it, pack of snowflakes!

And the other problem is that while its true that the KKK was formed by democrats. Its also true that those "democrats" (notice the quotes kid) were conservatives not liberals, notice I said, CONSERVATIVES, just like the racist, immigrant hating scummbags that make up the majority of the Republican party today. The reason they left the Democratic party and went over to the Republican party is because the Democratic party wasnt racist enough for them and had to many liberals fighting for their equal rights. Remember it was LBG, a "democrat" who gave them their civil rights. So get your facts right, There are no KKK, white supremist, neo nazi's or militias in the democratic party, they are all in the republican party and love Trump.

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hduce887d ago

I logged in just to give your awesome comment a like!

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NoWayOut888d ago

Good, I love killing them..

BadElf888d ago

Why is this an article? Saw all my liberal friends trying to make it into a political thing, trying to make it about today or something.

You can also find that man in Rhodes, that's angry about his job not being around anymore....a slave owner. You can kilm him to get honor as well.
Come on Vox, Polygon, and CNn...lets make an article

NoWayOut887d ago

@Nicknasty stop crying both Democrats and Republicans equally are full of sh*t .. All of those are just labels. The government has a history of brutal violence and hatred so please spare me all that

BadElf887d ago

Eh, nice try I guess? Lol

NoWayOut888d ago

Delete your account.. you're look extremely pathetic sympathetic towards Klu Klux Klans on a video game

Nicknasty887d ago (Edited 887d ago )

Where does he show sympathy for the KKK in that comment? Dont be like CNN man and make stuff up, or put your own spin on things. I think we can all at least agree that the KKK were a bunch of idiots! To compare people nowadays with those morons just because they dont agree with your political beliefs is just flat out sickening! Funny too because the KKK were ALL Democrats back then. Now they just play the race card and pretend they actually care about us all.

It's one of the reasons I will never vote in this screwed up country! It's all about money! Bunch of lying cheating politicians, especially the dems! They are the worst offenders, so get it right next time and dont be so fooled. Be an independent, be your own individual and dont stick to one side. They teach us that you are either on the left or the right. If you dont pick a side then you have no say and dont belong! That is what we've been taught. The best thing you can do is give the middle finger to them both and be your own thinking individual. Dont choose a side, that's what they want. Society has taught you the way you must think. They are both out for money and power only, not for the people! Ever!!!! The sooner you come to terms with this the better!

JackBNimble887d ago (Edited 887d ago )

Wow... you Americans have all gone crazy. You all seem to hate each other.
It's a wonder you haven't started a freaking civil war. Just hurry up and build your wall already but build one on the north border too please so you can lock yourselves in.

BadElf887d ago

Haha, ohh look...another copy and pasted comment. Read before you speak, friend

-Gespenst-887d ago

@Nicknasty: Both parties essentially had left and right leaning factions, and in the end, the left leaning faction of the dems basically took total control of the Democratic party, and the right-leaning faction of the repubs took control of the Republican party.

I say "left-leaning", but really it's more like the dems = right-leaning / centrist, and the republicans = right wing. The dems are left of the republicans alright, but they're not left-wing.

rainslacker887d ago (Edited 887d ago )

Yeah. Here's what I take from the devs decision on this.

It's perfectly fine to kill those who have different viewpoints from you. Regardless of when you do it, if they are doing anything illegal, immoral, or in some way actually hurting someone else at the time.

There is no reason to feel remorse, or be held accountable for your actions, if those actions are against those that some people consider to be bad, and not worthy of life, liberty, or due process of law.

You know what this really says....that its fine to hate on someone else, and cast not only judgement, but execution, on those who don't agree with the common consensus.

You know...the exact thing that people don't like about the KKK's ignorant and hateful view on minorities.

You don't fight hate with more hate, and not everyone is for killing others, or it being glorified in selective cases. If that glorification is consistent, then fair enough, but in this case, the dev raised the KKK as something special to be excluded. They're a minority. They don't count towards the culture that exists within the game, hence, they're not really people. They're made into something that is perfectly acceptable to take action against. They're basically made into that which they themselves rail against.

Also....I think you greatly misread what the OP was trying to say. I didn't get any sense that he was being sympathetic.

I'll rail against the KKK, or similar groups, all day long if given the opportunity. But I will do so based on real transgressions that they commit. I certainly wouldn't kill any of them, or expect to be honored or go without repercussions if I did. The only time I may go so far, is if it was to protect someone else, and even then, it'd only be after every other resource was exhausted. Luckily, I've never had to be in that situation to have to make that decision.

If you want to fight against something, then do it against those who are actually the problem. Not those who may just seem like they prefer a bit more moderation in people's knee jerk reactions....and certainly not against those who weren't even being sympathetic towards a hate group, rather being antagonistic towards idiots who only take offense when it suits them.


The Democrats and Republicans have kind of switched their stance on conservative vs liberal views over the years. What we now call democrats was more republican back in the early 1900's when it gradually switched over. About the biggest thing the Democratic party still holds true to is the anti-aristocratic mindset. The republicans still hold true to being more conservative in spending, and free market labor principals. Overall though, one should only hold these parties accountable to what they do in the present. Neither of these parties are one thing or another, nor were they ever either completely liberal, or completely conservative, and how they're viewed has always been a product of the society and political climate of their time.

You are right though, the KKK was a sort of militant wing of the democratic party, but only the democratic party that existed in the south at the time of its creation. Funny enough, Republicans nowadays seem to have more biased hate towards other groups than the Democrats do today. Unlike the clan though, they tend to work through political means to just keep them out of the country, rather than suppress or enslave them.

yeahokwhatever887d ago (Edited 887d ago )

personally I'd prefer a wall to the north. It would have kept Jim Carey and Justin Bieber where they belong. Also, the "north south 'switch'" is a lie invented by modern democrats to absolve themselves of their deeds. I don't blame them, I'd try the same crap if I was evil.

RememberThe357887d ago (Edited 887d ago )

Your not being noble here bud. The fact is that as a culture (Americans) we are taught that certain groups stand completely opposed to us. There aren't many of those groups but the most villainized are the KKK. They want to rip our country apart based on our skin colors. They laid a legacy of blood and hatred everywhere they went. Thats why I hate them with a passion. It's not because they thought they had more authority than others, and it's not because they're hateful. Their ideology wants to see my brothers hang because of their skin color. My views are not phylosophical. The KKK want people that I love to literally die, that makes them literally my enemy.

I appreciate a balanced perspective and if I was a Catholic monk I might agree with you (kill em with kindness and all that). But I'm not trying to opress and murder for my own sense of power. I want to eliminate threats to the people I care about. Obviously this is just a game but I'm as happy killing KKK members digitally as I am killing Nazis or Taliban, or any of these crazy f*ckers that want to kill us while we try to make the most of our lives.

That doesn't mean I'm cool with actual murder.

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Atticus_finch887d ago

Someone is triggered!?
Very telling...

rainslacker887d ago (Edited 887d ago )

Surprised that no one stated that for a game that is supposedly so realistic, and trying to maintain historical accuracy, why would they have the KKK in it, when the KKK kind of disappeared about 20 years earlier, not to make a comeback until about five years after this game is set?

On top of that, the KKK didn't don their iconic robes, until their second coming, which again, is about 5 years after this game is set, and did so because of it being kind of in the movie, "Birth of a Nation". They did wear masks before that, but regular clothes otherwise.

Personally, I don't see why there should be any honor given for killing anyone. I believe that some people probably should be dead, or killed, but at the same time, it isn't my place to pass judgement. I wouldn't consider it honorable to take anyone's life, no matter how much I may wish them dead.

I have no love of the KKK, or people who breed hate in general, but at the same time, I'm not going to pretend to be worthy of judging the value of their life.

If someone wants to say I'm some KKK sympathizer because of my statement here, then F off.

My knowledge of them is because I prefer not to remain ignorant on those things that I care to fight against, and to really fight something you feel is bad, you have to understand it, and know about it. The rest of my views are because I don't have hate in my soul to feel that others should be killed for some view that doesn't line up to my own.

Shame the best argument that people can come up with is trying to discredit the person who made the argument, instead of the actual argument that was made.

His point it seems to be that people place unequal weights on things, and it seems to be based on their own views, as opposed to what is morally this case, Honor, or dishonor for killing people should be dished out consistently.

Lenrulesdaworld887d ago (Edited 887d ago )

So I assume you feel the same way about nazi's during world war 2? I have no sympathy or empathy for people who want to see an entire race extinct. I'm not saying its right to kill anyone but I'm not crying over it. Easier to read about history and the atrocities that happen in it, than to experience it 1st hand have that fear living in you constantly. It's a game of course and I get your point about the game and killing people who you don't agree with. But there levels to this imo and in a kill or be killed group like that back then, I rather survive then be holy about life.

NoWayOut887d ago

The KKK is the biggest domestic terrorist group in the history of the United States, what tf are you talking about. They never went away, they've just Infiltrated law enforcement. A sympathizer is exactly what I would call someone like you. I am under the impression that you are a white person, so of course some not all people of the Caucasian community would underestimate the evil torture, rape, lynching and other horrific acts that happened at their hands.. You've chosen to argue for the sake of arguing, but for what? Honor or dishonor killing? Dude it's a game and the same way I mow down Nazis I'm going to mow down those sheet wearing cowards

rainslacker887d ago (Edited 887d ago )

I'm not really crying over it. I'm noting the distinction that its not right to say its OK to kill someone because you disagree with them.

The nazis were a military establishment, along with a political regime. Were all nazis deserving of being killed? Not really, because many had been indoctrinated, and not all of them were doing anything more than an American soldier would do while fighting a war. The truth is, not everyone knew the extent of the holocaust, and what was going on with it. Hitler came to power by perpetuating the idea that Germany had been held back by the Treaty of Versailles, and using it to play on people's emotions of Germany, a very proud nation, had no way to be a self-deterministic nation.

This notion is why people support Hitler. Not because they were all about his ethnic cleansing, although that was a thing at the time as well, but because they wanted to be a free Germany. That's why Germany went to war with the rest of the world....not as an attempt to eradicate all the Jews or minorities world-wide...although that may have tried that if they won the war.

Is it wrong for a nation to want to be free? I'm pretty sure that American's have just as much desire for self-determination. It's at the core of our values and beliefs. If that were being suppressed, or it was made to make us think this were the case, then wouldn't we support going to war?

Holding all Germans culpable for what happened back then completely ignores all the social and cultural aspects of the time. The Nazi party itself, the rulers of that, and those in it who participated in war crimes or illegal activity should be judged. I have my feelings on them. but it's not on me to judge their right to live....or at least, not for me to carry out judgement based on my own ideological beliefs. That's what laws are for, and going against those laws because one feels a different way, and condoning their execution, or at least not making it seem like there are no repercussions is just as wrong as what the Nazi's and KKK do.

The Nazis and KKK both believe they have/had some moral right to be the judge and executioner, and if you feel the same way, you just act the same way with what is likely more control, since you wouldn't actually do anything to them. I won't say anyone here is as bad as them personally, because I don't believe that to be the case. I understand how they may be morally outraged by what those two groups represent....because I am as well. But, for a piece of media to perpetuate this idea in contradiction to the rest of the game being about murder for honor, or loss of it, tends to promote the wrong message to me.

That being said, I don't think the devs did this in an attempt as some major subversive attempt to say we should go kill racists, or members of the KKK. I do feel it was just them not having a problem with them dying, especially based on how the scene plays out if you don't kill them, which makes them look more incompetent than anything else.

chiefJohn117887d ago (Edited 887d ago )

KKK never went away check your facts.
I gotta find this location can't wait to cut down those bastards. I wonder if I can feed the bodies to a bear lol stow it than drop it off to wolf pack. Should I use dynamic and fire boms or go bad boys 2 style guns blazing?
They don't penalize you for killing other gang members either what's your point? I don't see you complaining about dead odriescalls not effecting your honor

rainslacker887d ago (Edited 887d ago )


Sorry for caring more about seeing the bigger picture, than just relying on blind hate to make a call on who is deserving to live or die.

I don't condone anything the KKK believes in. But I don't deny their right to exist as a group so long as they maintain their operations within the rules of law. They can be as ignorant, and hate whoever they want for something as trivial as their skin color, and I will forever disagree with them. But I will not deny that they have a right to their believes. I will not ever make a judgement on if they should live or die because I have different beliefs. If they choose to act on their beliefs in a way that is illegal, or oppressive to an individual, then I will take issue with that. but until that time, they have done nothing illegal, no matter how morally repugnant their beliefs may be.

I have no idea how any part of my post makes it seem like I condone anything they have done, or may do. I'm merely talking about the notion that its OK to imply that there is no repercussions to killing someone in a game that has a view that many don't agree with, particularly in a game where the act of killing has a system in place to make killing give or take honor away from someone. One of the many touted features of this game is that actions have consequences. can't even bump into someone on the street without a bounty put on your head...but you can go and kill a whole group of white men in the woods? The number of men I saw in that picture having been killed would have had serious impact on the area they exist in back in those days...but I guess nothing comes from it in the game at all.

And sure it's a game, but it's a game that people are going on about how realistic it is. A game that has an honor system in place for killing. I don't think anyone playing the game is going to come away thinking they're going to go kill em' some KKK members, but I'm being argumentative because of the notion that its OK to kill some people, but not others, all based on one's own beliefs....which is exactly how the KKK, and some in the Nazi regime, justified their actions.

As far as you classifying me as a sympathizer, I refer you to the comment you replied to, and what to do if you felt that way.


Facts checked: Racism never went away, but they were indeed disbanded by the US government as a group in 1871, only to come back in 1916 as an as an official group.

I'll add that I wouldn't mind, in a game, coming across a bunch of KKK members, or similar group, and just going to town. I fulfills a kind of primal need that I think exist in all of us. One that makes us want to fight against injustice and rampant ignorance which leads to hate.

My issue with this isn't so much that you can kill KKK members...because really, you can kill almost anyone in this game and I don't take killing in a game as something evil, since its a game. The issue is more the nature of being able to do it without repurcussion, in a game which is based around repurcussions. I feel its the wrong message to send, and borders on pushing an ideal which is no better than what those groups believe.

However, I don't think it was R* intention to make a big political statement, and certainly not their intent to condone that kind of violence. probably more just to say that they don't agree with the KKK.

beyond that, I just don't like this notion by some that assume if you aren't for this, then you are some sort of sympathizer. There's a moral aspect to it, which I probably am over-analyzing.

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Rimeskeem887d ago

Why do you care so much?

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