Massively interviews Raph Koster on the State of Metaplace

Massively has spoken before about the Metaplace property – an ambitious project to make everyone an online game designer. As they just announced earlier today, the company is now moving into a new phase of development! They've got a new name, are inviting in hundreds of users to try out their in-development product, and have a whole new round of funding to see them through! In honor of the occasion Massively is thrilled to sit down with Mr. Raph Koster, one of the founders of the company.

Raph has been a friend of Massively since they launched and, indeed, is well known to MMO gamers for his work on a number of high profile titles. Mr. Koster and the folks at Metaplace are working to put you in the developer's seat now, though, and it was an interesting experience being able to explore the outline of their ambitious project.

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