Fatal Frame 5's Yuri Joins Smash Ultimate as an Assist Trophy - Rely on Horror

Fatal Frame receives a spot of honor in the new Super Smash Bros.

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sssb7d ago

I love Fatal Frame games:) it's scariest horror game ever, wish we see new game in this gen.

PhantomS427d ago

Hell, I'll take a port of 5 to the Switch. They should remake or port over the enhanced version of FF2, still the best in the series.

sssb7d ago

Yup FF2 is the best in the series:)

Gemmol7d ago

Do Nintendo own the franchise? Last one i think came out on Wii U in Japan

Segata6d ago

I believe they own half the IP and half ownership of any future entry. 1-2 I believe Tecmo are still free to port on other systems.

DJK1NG_Gaming6d ago

KOEI Tecmo is free to port 1-3 to be exact.
Everything after 4 is with Nintendo.