How Should We Deal with Lovecraft’s Influence in Games?

H.P. Lovecraft was a virulent racist, so how should we look at games like the recent ‘Call of Cthulhu?’

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Pozzle74d ago
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PhoenixUp74d ago

The same way we deal with Lovecraft’s influence in every other medium

Skull52174d ago

The real question is how do we deal with social justice warriors stinking up the internet with idiotic articles like this one?

ninsigma74d ago

Are the devs being racist with their games? No. So look at them like any other game.

Lovecraft may have been racist but unfortunately that was quite a normal thing in his time. Much more normal than it is now. It sucks that was the case but you can't hold people of the past to the standards of today because we've gone through decades of change to improve society for everyone since then.

Funny thing is, last time we had one of these articles, I went out and bought a book of all his stories surrounding the Cthulhu mythos because I got curious. Not the desired effect of these articles me thinks 😋

ZaWarudo74d ago

Yeah he was a racist dude even for his time, but you cannot deny the influence the Cthulhu mythos has on pop-culture.

It's okay to enjoy someone's work and disagree with the same person's views on subjects.

pasta_spice74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Exactly! Nobody likes his stuff because it was racist or sexist. They like it DESPITE the racism and sexism. Most modern games, movies and books that are based off HP Lovecraft's works ignore those elements (for obvious reasons).

Plus he's been dead for almost 100 years, so it's not like he's gonna profit off games like this. It's a bit late to take offence to a dude's work when he's been dead since the 1930s.

WitcheRivia74d ago

This SJW article has already been done by eurogamer.

Dark_Knightmare273d ago

I was about to say the same thing I read an article that was just like this a couple weeks back on eurogamer and just like then I couldn’t help but shake my head at the stupidity the internet allows people to display

Sirk7x74d ago

This again? I said before, you can't erase something that's become part of popular fictional culture like that. If Tolkien was found out to be a racist, would you argue to stop the useage of all elves in all sorts of mediums? Ford was an absolutely horrible person, and Hitler was influenced by him. Nazis wouldn't even have had a war effort without GM. I don't see you asking how we should deal with automobiles.

Bobafret74d ago

Or how we should deal with someone like Margaret Sanger, champion of Eugenics and lionized by SJW's everywhere and provably worst of the worst racists.

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The story is too old to be commented.