Uncharted tops PS Vita all times sales list, followed by Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed

PS Vita's top selling games have been revealed and there might be a few games in the list you probably weren't expecting.

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FallenAngel1984137d ago

Would it kill Sony to port that Uncharted to PS4?

porkChop137d ago

It was a pretty solid game, so a remaster would be nice.

VenomUK137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

I'd love to see PS4 remasters of Uncharted the Golden Abyss and Persona 4 Golden, even if they're just given resolution boosts. It would bring these titles to a much wider audience and the emulated P4G in 4K looks phenomenal.

Also, the top ten list is mainly Vita exclusives which demonstrates that it wasn't ports the public wanted but exclusives.

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King_Noctis136d ago


There weren’t alot of big third party port on the Vita you know.

Switch4One137d ago

Would it kill them to make games for the console? I mean clearly people bought a Vita for Sony type games on the go.

Skankinruby137d ago

I was so bummed when I found out I wasn't in the Nathan Drake Collection

Toiletsteak137d ago

Same. I loved the game on the Vita.

Concertoine137d ago

Maybe take the plot and give the game a bigger scale on ps5

Cajun Chicken135d ago

I would love Golden Abyss ported. It still stands completely in canon too. Really fleshed out Eddy Raja for Uncharted.

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gamer7804137d ago

all AAA games, shocker, Sony dropped the ball with my poor vita, still liked alot of niche japanese titles on the handheld though.

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Skankinruby137d ago

As it should have, very good for a handheld game. Poor vita, the 'oh what could have been' machine

awdevoftw137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

Still have a ton of great games to go through. Been loving the RPGs and indies. It had alot of games that people passed over, like freedom wars, and soul sacrifice delta. Alot of the vita games are getting ported to ps4 and switch, so now people can enjoy them. Easily one of the best gaming devices I have ever owned.

ShadowWolf712137d ago

Oh look, it's that AAA support people insisted the system never had.

jojo319136d ago

The list actually proves the point. 9 of the 10 games on this list were released in 2011-12, and Killzone was 2013. After that, crickets.

ShadowWolf712136d ago

And the vast majority of the sales of those titles came years after the fact, over time.

The fact of the matter is, the Vita HAD AAA support. People back then just whined about these games not being on the PS3 as well, and declared they'd not buy a handheld for "one or two games".

Then ironically bought one for niche titles years after that support dried up.

TekoIie136d ago

"And the vast majority of the sales of those titles came years after the fact, over time."

Source please.

"The fact of the matter is, the Vita HAD AAA support."

And was then abandoned for 5 years. Good support.

TheFirstClassic136d ago

Cod helped kill the system honestly, what a terrible attempt at a game.

King_Noctis136d ago

That AAA support was two years only. After that (until today in fact) Sony rely on indies.

michaelknight35136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

And that was the problem sony gave up on the vita way too soon

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