Britxbox: NBA Live 09 Review

Britxbox writes: "NBA Live as a series has been sort of the black sheep of the EA Sports brand. With the past few years, almost all of the EA Sports franchises have dramatically improved, taking advantage of new technology and breakthroughs' in the industry to bring a more accurate and entertaining games representing their beloved sport of choice. Where as NBA Live seems to always fail to reach the brass ring - or hoop in this case - when it comes to improving. Sadly, this year is no different.

Trying to bring a reset to the series, NBA Live doesn't try to take last year's game and polish it up, instead they have tried to hit it with a hammer and restart from scratch. With game modes and controls streamlined and the mechanics in general being re-done to try to give the game that fresh feeling again. Wrapped up with the new DNA system, this tries to bring much added realism to the court. It is impossible to say that EA Canada didn't try hard, but the game is left feeling half-baked in many ideas."

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