NPD Reveals Top 10 Games by Dollar Sales on PS4 and XB1; Marvel's Spider-Man About to Get There

Mat Piscatella from The NPD Group revealed the Top 10 games by dollar sales on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One until October 6th. He also said Spider-Man will soon enter the chart on PlayStation 4.

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ccgr1550d ago

I only own Destiny 2 and Fallout 4 from the list

kneon1550d ago

On PS4 I only have God of War, I wouldn't spend money on any of the other games on the list.

Strafe1550d ago

No one asked you to. Little tip, no one gives a shit what you spend your money on.

You're not that important.

If you were a star in the 60's some people might care, but you're just, well, you're you.

kneon1550d ago

I'm obviously important enough for you to be upset that I don't care about some game that you like. You really should learn not to care about what other people do or say, you'll be much happier in life.

JEECE1550d ago


That awkward moment when you care enough to try to actively convince people you don't care.

Skankinruby1550d ago

Lmao you got downvoted 5 times just for acknowledging what you own, some people really are a special kind of stupid

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Kribwalker1550d ago

Interesting. Currently each console only has 1 exclusive in the top 10, GOW and Halo 5. the rest of the games are multi plats.

Sunny_D1550d ago

Literally half them are COD. Doesn’t mean much.

Kribwalker1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

it means that those multiplat multiplayer games are consistently the top sellers

milohighclub1550d ago

This is U.S only. Curious as to worldwide top ten

S2Killinit1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Well we already know that God of War and Spiderman are the highest sellers on PS4. But regardless, the fact that multiplats sell more doesnt take away anything from the importance of exclusives (in case that is what you are implying), otherwise we would all be playing candycrush, exclusives are still what differentiates consoles, as evident from the sales of consoles themselves.

Ps: this is U.S. sales only.

81BX1549d ago

No one is down playing exclusives. However what I have seen on this site is the undervaluing of multiplants.

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Rude-ro1550d ago

Kirb, you already own the console that does not care about making good games or exclusives.. so what are trying to push with this repetitive topic of yours?

The majority of gamers have chosen something that offers more.. no reason to drag down another console to the lower level of Xbox..,
One defines gaming on a commercialism level, the other defines itself by games.

gangsta_red1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

"The majority of gamers have chosen something that offers more.."

More? Looks like more of the same, as both consoles the majority of gamers on each are giving money to the same games, GTA V and CoD.

" what are trying to push with this repetitive topic of yours? "

I believe he's hammering home the topic he's been trying to get across for a while now but others just refuse to listen. And that's the topic of MP games being more popular for today's gaming. Also how everyone here screams "exclusives!" and yet the games making the most money are multiplatform.

Do exclusives matter still, sure. But it's time to start looking at a bigger picture than just people screaming exclusive and nothing else afterwards.

Nyxus1550d ago

@ gangsta_red: and the games that sell systems are often exclusives. If they didn't matter, then why is the Xbox One being outsold 2:1 by the PS4, even though they have the most powerful system right now? Can anyone explain that?

Rude-ro1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )


No.. it is about what creates sales.
Like I stated, it is fact of history now, the Xbox started its decline 4 years before last gen ended due to its offerings and the repetitiveness of the titles offered.

One becomes the market leader because of not only offering third party games, but also offering titles that are not the same ol third party games.

My point, of which a certain group will ignore, that a larger install exists because of more and unique offerings.

Or are you trying to say that one or two third party games with great sales are the only games to focus on?
Horizon sold number equivalent or more than third party games on average..
God of war, uncharted, etc have all put up numbers that compete withthird party games.
Tomb raider was a third party game and the three games cominded on pc and consoles did not swell as many as uncharted did this gen.

Do you really think your selective argument outweighs facts?

CarlDechance1550d ago

Who yells "exclusives" because they are thinking about how much money they make for the console? Sales are a result of a successful game. They are not the reason for buying or being excited for exclusives.

S2Killinit1549d ago

Come now, you KNOW he is right, just give it up.

gangsta_red1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

"..and the games that sell systems are often exclusives"

Right from the launch the PS4 was selling better than the Xbox. The PS4 exclusives didn't really kick in until years later so it's not really the exclusives that sell consoles especially when we all know the absolutely horrid and infamous launch Xbox One had.

And again, I didn't say exclusives didn't matter.


"Do you really think your selective argument outweighs facts?"

Selective? The facts are right there in this article. Where's Horizon? Where's the other Sony exclusives besides God of War and maybe Spider-Man down the line.

I never said Horizon didn't do well (or any exclusive ) or wasn't successful but the games on this list tell a different story than what most here constantly preach.

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gangsta_red1550d ago

GTA V going strong and CoD is just killing it on both systems.

No wonder the latest CoD went MP only.

doggo841550d ago

PS4 is going to get a second next month

Nyxus1550d ago

That may be so, but exclusives have proven to be extremely important. God of War and Spider-Man have had a huge impact on Sony's success this year. But you probably know that.

Kribwalker1550d ago

It’s interesting to see that 9 out of the top 10 games on both consoles are MP centric games tho. Almost as if MP games have a bigger impact then SP games this gen....Definitely exclusives help sell a console, but more and more, it’s the big multi platform games that typically sell more and appeal to more. RDR2 is about to jump on to both of these lists as well

Nyxus1550d ago

@ Kribwalker: and at the same time, we've seen single player games break several records recently. Look at God of War and Spider-Man for two examples from just this year.

UCForce1549d ago

@Kribwalker The thing is that Single Player games still have huge impact for gaming industry. I know Red Dead Redemption 2 will have online mode in couple months, but right now the game is selling faster than ever even the game have SP mode. God of War and Spider Man have pushed PS4 units even furthe thank to exclusive, not just third party support.

Lime1231550d ago

Yup. God of War and soon Spider-Man sold better than Halo 5 in US (and worldwide) where PS4 has tiny lead. Looks like Halo isn't juggernaut once was.

chiefJohn1171550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

False this is top 10 for each console 8th on Xbox can have higher sells than 7th on ps. Proof? Cod AW sold more on Xbox than it did on PS4 yet it's lower on Xbox ones list than it is on ps4.

Lol you're claiming something thats.not even top 10 on PS4 will outsell. halo hold your horses cowboy. Let it happen before you make yourself look dumb (something impossible for you cause you do it on the daily lol) imagine if halo had ps4s install base

S2Killinit1549d ago

Most likely they did outsell halo otherwise amS would have published its sales numbers like Sony does. So im pretty sure Halo was outsold. But its not a suprise, Halo clearly isnt the game it once was.

AspiringProGenji1550d ago

This industry is dominated by casuals. Of course those same multiplats of last get are still dominating this one, and will dominate the next. This still does not devalue exclusives in any way. They are still selling well and Sony neither MS should stop making them just because most casuals don’t buy them. And I am sure as hell this doesn’t make exclusives less important mind you

KwietStorm_BLM1550d ago

People buy games for their consoles. Interesting indeed.

Lime1231550d ago

But there must be some reason why PS4 is outselling Xbox One by 50 million…..

chiefJohn1171550d ago

*40 million but that's neither here or there lol
Xbox's botched reveal and launch most likely

BehindTheRows1550d ago


Actually, 50 would be about right. Unless you can somehow show that the Xbox One has sold 46 million, AMD’s latest report puts it at 36 million.

mkis0071550d ago

Chief how do explain ps3 catching up to 360 with a year head start? Sony botched that launch but still erased the year long head start by the end. Forget rrod extra sales, even without accounting for those they ended in a dead heat.

If not the exclusives then what? Sony hasnt had the power and price advantage any gen except base ps4 vs base

Kribwalker1549d ago


That report you are quoting also has the PS4 at 99 million (the article was written in april and sony just announced 86 million shipped). It also has the xbox 360 at 88.71 million consoles sold, putting it ahead of the ps3.
There also this nugget “Disclosure. This report was commissioned by AMD, however, the opinions, analysis, data, and copyright are those of the author.” meaning that he derived the numbers himself, and the numbers he is reporting for the xbox one are estimates.

If you look at his reported numbers, they are (other than this year) exactly what Sony reported as shipped consoles at the end of the year. Where as xbox’s numbers for the first 2 years are what MS had reported shipped, but after that point it’s strictly estimates (the xbox one for example is up in sales this year by 15+% yet his numbers have it selling less then last year)

it states right off the bat that the stats are those of the author, and not AMD, I do believe the numbers aren’t that far off, (Stastista has it estimated at 36.2 million at the end of 2017) that would be a 4 million difference between the two estimates, and i believe it’s in that 36-40 million range, but that article was not AMDs shipped numbers.

here is a direct link to the whole article

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mkis0071550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

You would expect the oldest of games to have the most sales... the fact there are games released this year on that list is amazing.

IamTylerDurden11549d ago

This means very little, as the relevance of NPD is dwindling. Sony sells almost 2 to 1 throughout EU/the rest of the world. Europe is PlayStation's focus now. They've been selling better in Europe than in North America for years now. I

S2Killinit1549d ago

I wouldnt say NPD is less important as its still the largest single market, but the world is much much larger than north america.

Kribwalker1549d ago

It means a lot. These are the games that are making the most money, in the biggest market in the world. You go elsewhere and every FIFA game will also be on that list as it is consistently one of the top selling games every year.

It shows that despite exclusives helping to move consoles, the biggest games of the generation are multiplayer based multi platform games, contrary to a believe that gets thrown around here.

Teflon021549d ago

Multiple things you seem to ignore. 1 dollar sales mean based on money made. CoD is a game that outsells everything and on top of it has a season pass at like $40. So it's like a $100 game in comparison to $60 exclusive releases. Next, GoW is on the list despite the rest of the games on the list making serious money off micro transactions or DLC. That says alot for the state of Exclusives. Spiderman is about to be on the list witha season pass to be fair but it's likely why it's getting on so fast. Sony exclusives never force anything extra down your throat and usually release big DLC like a standalone most times. Multiplats aren't consistently the top sellers. A brand is consistently a top seller. The worse CoD games are still sellers. When Exclusives can make the list. Especially single player games. That means Exclusives have serious weight. These are all Mulitplayer games that rely on money outside of sales to boost profits on top of physical sales

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Sm00thNinja1550d ago

Halo 5 was that profitable. Interesting

Kribwalker1550d ago

it sold 5 million copies in the first 3 months, and has continued to sell since then. I’d imagine that would be profitable

Nyxus1550d ago

Looks like exclusives do matter after all!

Sm00thNinja1550d ago

I put about 250+ hours into it and probably like a 100 bucks on gold packs lol I'm glad Halo still has a presence

Lime1231550d ago

"Reuters UK estimated that Halo 3 may have sold up to 5.2 million copies worldwide in the first two weeks after launch."

mcstorm1550d ago

A Lime123 has popped up again been sending me shed load of messages telling me about all the scores of the ps4 exclusives and told me not one xbox one game has been better. Funny how this list is showing on 1 exclusive in both lists for each console even though the ps4 has soooooooo many exclusives.

Anyway back on topic and tbh I expected nothing more than to see most of these games on this list as at the end of the day this market is flooded by causal gamers who like the same type of game GTA. Cod, bf ect and this list is made up of that.

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Alexious1550d ago

I don't think there was any doubt there. However, it's not the juggernaut it once was.

Sm00thNinja1550d ago

That's pretty apparent sadly. That's not to say it can't still push units or be that megahits once again. Definitely going to have to change things up to get there

CarlDechance1550d ago

This list is best selling. Not profits.

caxa1550d ago

My last paycheck was $2500 for working 12 hours a week online. My sisters friend has been averaging 8k for months now and she works about 30 hours a week. I can't believe how easy it was once I tried it out. The potential with this is endless. This is what I do......

Livingthedream1550d ago

Interesting. Rumor has it xbox games generate alot of $$, so it would be interesting to see a list of games that have generated the most revenue. I'm sure minecraft is still pulling in plenty of $$

chiefJohn1171550d ago

Did you see how much money it made? It was surprising wtf is buying those gold packs lol. I don't get why ppl.wasted their money on them. No one they're gonna get rid of mt now. They said they won't be doing those for the next game but they're definitely gonna have something. Instead of random stuff you'll know what you're getting probably

Sm00thNinja1550d ago

Those packs were addicting af lol. The way they had such a wide variety of weapons and armor for warzone I sincerely hope it stays in Infinite

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hench071550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

So exclusives don't matter then

Nyxus1550d ago

Is that why the system that hasn't been delivering a consistent library of exclusives has been demolished by the competition this gen?


"Sony had already lifted its forecast for the division in July thanks to PS4 exclusive God of War, which in April sold a record 3.1 million copies during its first three days. Last month’s Spider-Man, also a PS4 exclusive, topped that with 3.3 million copies over an equal period of time, resulting in back-to-back outlook upgrades."

Lennoxb631550d ago

PS is going to outsell Xbox with or without exclusives every gen. Exclusives are just one part of the equation. Not the most important or the least important.

CarlDechance1550d ago

Did MS waste their money acquiring those studios then?

AspiringProGenji1550d ago

These xbox fanboys have no logic. If exclusives don’t matter why is MS buying studios? How can a list of mainstream games make exclusives less important? 🤦🏼‍♂️

Sunny_D1550d ago

He’ll be back in the next article clamoring about MS doing so good buying these studios. He’s an idiot, he has no logic.

SpineSaw1550d ago

No,no not at all.... Microsoft needs someone to make those mobile games for Phones and tablets.

travestyj1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Ahh yes because games not being in the top ten means no one bought them. I guess people only buy Tv's to watch the top ten shows or people subscribe to Spotify only for the top ten songs. Great logic.

chiefJohn1171550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

They matter it's just not the end all be all. Not everyone buy consoles for 1 specific thing or reason. Hell you can say that about everything in life. You cant go hey we have everything else. Otherwise you get Wii u(bombed), PS3(huge loss and step down compared to ps2), Xbox one at launch(basically threw away 20 million consoles for its lifetime) You gotta get the games exclusive and 3rd party, the price right, quality, marketing.

BehindTheRows1550d ago

If you live in LaLa Land, sure.

81BX1549d ago

What? Of course they matter. They aren't the end all be all though. They help to push a brand. Saying exclusives dont matter is like saying that graphics dont matter

Dragonscale1549d ago

They only don't matter to a certain xbox crowd lol.

Lime1231549d ago

Since Xbox One X launch last November, Xbox One beat PS4 only once in US.

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Vasto1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Halo 5 is still going strong and it released in 2015. This is why for the first time we have not got a new Halo game with in 3 years of the previous release.

Halo Infinite take your time.


Vasto1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

An article from 2015 and here we are in 2018 with a report showing the game being one of the top sellers.

Now thats what I call reaching.

The same replies from the same posters that float this site 24 / 7 clicking on every article. How do you all do it? /SMH


chiefJohn1171550d ago

Halo 5 made a crap ton of money they're in no rush.
Ignore lime he's the biggest troll I've met on here. We all know for a fact halo 5 outsold a couple of those halo games on that list.