MediEvil the First of Many PlayStation All-Stars that Need a Remake

Sony revealed the first trailer for the new MediEvil game, a full remake of the first game that arrived on the PlayStation 20 years ago. Bony protagonist Sir Dan reappears after nearly a decade of obscurity — and hopefully he’s the first of many of his fellow PlayStation icons.

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-Foxtrot79d ago

Ape Escape
Syphon Filter
Legend of Dragoon
Tomb Raider 1-3 Collection
Dino Crises
Chrono Cross
Vagrant Story

Cobra95179d ago

I loved Ape Escape. I stuck with it for a long time. I remember Syphon Filter fondly as well.

badz14979d ago

Ape Escape is a must! I can't believe the last true Ape Escape game was on the PSP. After that, they totally ruined the IP with the minigames of Pipozaru Academia 1 & 2 and then botched its appearance on the PS3 with a mere gimmicky MOVE game! I was like WTH?? the MOVE was totally THE best control suited for the type of game Ape Escape is but instead of making the true Ape Escape game, they went with minigames??

is Sony forgetting that party games are not what most PS owners buy their system and games for? leave that to the simpletons at Nintendo with their Mario Party games. we want a true Ape Escape game ASAP!

as happy as I am with Sir Daniel finally getting his long-awaited appearance on PS4, (Sony have left the IP to sleep for 2 gens) I still can't believe he got the treatment way before the Pipozarus!

Hardiman78d ago

Got damn those bring back such fond memories! Ape Escape, Syphon Filter, Legend of Dragoon,Dina Crisis, Vagrant Story, Metal Gear Solid, Skull Monkeys, Nightmare Creatures and Parasite Eve are some of my favs!

rainslacker78d ago

I know its much later in PS history, but I would love a updated remake of the PS3 game Folklore. Or at least a general remaster since the game looks and plays pretty good still.

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PhoenixUp79d ago

MediEvil is hardly the first classic PlayStation title to receive a remake

Nyxus79d ago

I wonder what Bluepoint is working on.

Platformgamer79d ago

i hope to see tomba and legend of dragoon next.
and speaking about playstation all stars, we deserve a sequel sony, c'mon

Vanfernal79d ago

I'm glad I'm seeing some Tomba love on this comment section! That game is extremely underrated!

Platformgamer79d ago

of course, it was a perfect mashup between platform and RPG elements.
let's hope sony will love it too, aside of the N4G comment section ahah

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The story is too old to be commented.