Media Molecule makes LittleBigPlanet in DreamsPS4

"Today on a very special livestream, Media Molecule makes LittleBigPlanet in DreamsPS4! Yes you are seeing this correctly, this is not a new LBP game but a recreation of the first level in LBP1 with the famous skateboard scene." - ImpSpace

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subtenko922d ago

Everyone thought it would be cool to see the pod but even down to the first level of the game and doing the 3d transition really took the cake! That bday cake looked good btw :9

jihuhubebi921d ago

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lucian229922d ago

that is literally insane 0_0

DarXyde921d ago

It's literally not.

It simply shows the extreme ambition of the studio with their creative tools.

I'm not so sure LBP itself can compete with this level of detail. Dreams is setting a pretty high bar.

I would think it'd be really cool if Media Molecule let people subscribe to established developers (people who make, say, 5-10 very well received levels) and gave dream developers the choice to charge for access or have ads/ sponsored content scattered throughout the dream. Just as a way to reward dedicated and creative community members (and inspire others to begin creating more). Sounds bad, but I think it could do wonders for keeping the community alive.

I think this would guarantee community engagement and longevity. But I also think Dreams should be a launch title for PS5. Start a brand new generation with it so the community doesn't just vanish when PS4 engagement goes down. If it's cross generation, great.

lucian229921d ago

Your idea is kinda dangerous and would defeat the purpose of the game; something more sound would developers making patreons and asking for support to make more levels; all of which is a lot less abusable and people who dont pay can still get access to these things. Put the consumer in control; not the developers.

DarXyde921d ago


Patreon could work. Not opposed to that.

You mention putting the consumer in control, but this is one of those rare instances where the consumer IS the developer. Granted, if LBP is any indication, community engagement will be fine on its own, but it would be pretty neat to see people building collaborative teams and being compensated for making the game a great investment.

The specifics would need to be worked out, but I'm not against community members who make great content being rewarded.

lucian229921d ago

I mean i mostly agree with you, just not on the ads thing, but hell, LBP did the same thing, they had small dev teams that would make multiple levels. I'd love to see it become the Youtube of gaming really; it could really revolutionize gaming as a whole

Eonjay922d ago

Oh my God. No we need someone to build a game maker in dreams and call it inception.

rainslacker921d ago

what if they had the game build itself......What if one builds a game that can become self aware, and then uses us as it's own game?

Eonjay918d ago

I'd like to play that.

Neonridr922d ago

I love all this.. but how about we create a release date instead :P

ApocalypseShadow921d ago

Going to have to agree on this one. Looks amazing on how you can do this in dreams.

But, I need to get started making my two games I want to make. Needs to come out.

nowitzki2004920d ago

Be patient young grasshopper

Garrett_the_GOD921d ago

They better be giving us a date soon after showing it off as much as they have been here lately

kneon921d ago

I'm also disappointed that it's taking so long. But given that they are essentially creating a game engine for the masses, I can't really give them too much grief for taking this long.

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purple101921d ago

Someone please... Recreate modnation racers. Without the low framerates it had on ps3 & I will never leave.,!

ArchangelMike921d ago

^^This soo much! Mod Nation Racer was such an underappreciated gem, the devs let that game down with poor optimisation (my God the loading times were awefull), but it was such an awesome game.

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The story is too old to be commented.