Best PS4 Games Sale of the Week - God of War Collector's Edition, Diablo 3 and Lots More

It’s another Friday, which means another week is ending. If you’re looking to nab some PS4 games online at a good price, you’ve come to the right place! Here are the best PS4 deals of the week, which include some very good stuff! Here are the best PS4 games sale that can be seen online this week all in one place!

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excaliburps1058d ago (Edited 1058d ago )

God of War Collector's Edition for cheap. Not bad. RDR2 is on sale too via Google Express, which is odd.

S2Killinit1058d ago

Thats what i was thinking too.

Muzikguy1058d ago

Wow I may have to pick up that GoW game now.

Abnor_Mal1058d ago

God of War collectors edition on sale? Sony is struggling to keep up with other services, look how quick they are reducing the price of a newly released game. Doom and gloom ahead for PlayStation, rumor is they're struggling so bad there might not be a PS5.

xHeavYx1058d ago

Wow, you try way too hard.

excaliburps1058d ago

LOL! Not sure if satire or a hater. xD

1058d ago
thatguyhayat1058d ago

Who told you that? Care to share the source and link? Pete hines is that you bashing sony again?

BlackRaven85_11058d ago

@Abnor_Mal You have to be trolling. You know the digital copies of God of War went down in price too. Nothing is wrong with games dropping in price shortly after release as I said before. It would seem natural for physical copies to follow suit after digital copies dropped in price. It's not a bad thing. Sony isn't struggling.

Abnor_Mal1058d ago (Edited 1058d ago )

@xHeavyx yes I am trying too hard.
@excailburps it's satire at it lowest.
@HentaiElmo I am no one that came before.
@thatguyhayat I won't say who told me, not putting them on blast.
@BlackRaven85_1 I'm trolling in a sense, because about a week ago when there was a sale on various PlayStation4 games from various third parties some one said the same and more. Saying Sony have some of their best rated games on the chopping block for early discount that just released inferring God of War and Spider-Man. Also Sony were doing do to damage control 4K being better on the competing mid gen upgrade, so Sony doing many sales was a counter to gamepass because they were feeling the "pressure pressure".
I found that comment funny and replied but my phone locked up and sent half a message. Today's article reminded me of that previous comment, so I thought It fun to repeat those outlandish statements.
I don't do links but it should be easy to locate if interested to see who make the comment.
I am, have been, and WILL ALWAYS BE A PLAYSTATION GAMER. PLAYSTATION FOR LIFE!!!! PS4. PS4. PS4. PS4. PS4PROOOOO!! *personal reaffirmation

Edit: Everybody gets an agree. :)

Ceaser98573611057d ago (Edited 1057d ago )

PlayStation is struggling?? Rumor?? you made that up that didn't you... lmao!! What's wrong with people these days... PS4 is very much dominating.. Games reducing price helps most who doesn't want to pay 60$ and the game sells. GOW was top 1 for a month in UK... So on and on.. God knows from where you assumed PS is struggling.. lol!
Oh! Sony is in no pressure.. Sold 86 mil and by black Friday they gonna enter 90 million.. I don't know where you get those information from. Must be all made up and ya you are a PlayStation fan. Haha!

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hobbesenero1058d ago

After that Diablo Mobile announcement, I'm feeling some Diablo 3.