Sony Boosts Outlook as PlayStation Heads for Record Year

Sony Corp. upgraded its earnings outlook for a second straight quarter, thanks to a plethora of hit video-game titles that are boosting the PlayStation business.

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JaguarEvolved37d ago

PlayStation is dominating. I can't wait for ps5

35d ago
bluefox75535d ago

Same, it hasn't been since probably the height of PS2 that a console creator has been this on top of their game. Makes me very excited to see where they go next.

bouzebbal35d ago

We can't really say that for the handheld. They really lost trust of gamers when it comes to handheld, which is a pity. Feels like it's not the same people managing handheld devices and home consoles..

S2Killinit35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

The PS5 will be a must have for me. But as to PS4, im GLAD that the business model of making games is winning. I know people say this all the time, but it has to be said, Sony deserves the gold.

rainslacker35d ago

It really is nice to see a company dominating when they just do what they do best, and provide for their customer base. Instead of just trying to capture the hot trendy thing at the moment which looks like it might bring in some extra revenue with less effort, they've streamlined their process, and doubled down on what has always made PS so desireable in the first place.

That thing is something for everyone on the niche end, and a great selection of games to choose from that tends to appeal to a broad audience.

Sony's made a lot of good moves this gen, and it certainly hasn't hurt that MS screwed up at the beginning, and has been playing the "Look at me" game all gen with not much to look at in the process.

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Gamist2dot037d ago

Their first party games have been good. Looking forward to their 2019 lineup.

But damn 3.3 million in 3 days.

TomatoDragon35d ago

While this is great news, it’s soured by Sony’s new censorshing policy of Japanese games.

rainslacker35d ago

Yep. It's really the only thing I can really say I care enough about to criticize them on this gen. There are a few things which make me shake my head, but I don't like this stance of Sony being too involved in censorship of the games that are on their systems. Some things I can understand for many reasons, but the niche Japanese games they're aiming for have such a low target market already, and this just makes them less likely to get made. It makes me think that they're willing to sacrifice the less popular things to try and protect their image, despite their image never having been at risk over this in the past.

TomatoDragon35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Cmon now, PlayStation fanboys. Guaranteed I’ve got a higher trophy count than most, if not all of you that downvoted, and more Japanese games played this gen.
Sony is on a roll with their exclusives...but their new wave of censorship is not good.

Silly gameAr35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Doesn't seem like anyone took the bait, so not sure why you're acting like Sony fanboy's attacked you. That censoring thing is something that will either get worked out, or it won't. That doesn't really overshadow the accomplishments that Sony has with the Playstation brand.

TomatoDragon35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

@Silly gameAr
I suppose I could say you bit....if my comment were actually a troll. Again, check my psnprofile, which I have linked earlier. You'll see my account goes all the way back to 2008. Show yours for comparison, if you've got the sand.
I bring this topic up because Playstation is my favorite gaming brand, and this gen has been one of its best imo...up until the mass censoring that has started. I see it as hurting the brand, and if you check out social media, many are in agreement with me, especially Japanese fans, where the censoring is also happening, not just the west.
I'm sorry if this statement, from a long time fan since I purchased a day 1 PS1, has upset other fans, but my concern is wanting the brand to continue to be great...not cater to your feelings.

littlezizu35d ago

99.9% game not censored, only games censored feature underage girls semi naked and rapish. There is tons of visual novels from japan which are not censored.
Also So far only 2 games ve been censored all this concern is nonsense.

TomatoDragon35d ago

More than two games actually, and it's not nonsense because the censoring will just get worse, and more games will be outright banned.
Do feel free to point out any "children" in this video.
And this new policy from Sony is effecting games strictly for Japan also. (Playstation headquarters recently moved to California, and thus, all decision making is made there now, not in Japan.)

ShadowWolf71235d ago (Edited 35d ago )

"Feel free to point out any 'children' in this video"
>Senran Kagura characters pop up
>Hibari specifically is between 15 and 16 years old


I swear, y'all think any characters with a bra size above a certain amount magically aren't underage anymore.

TomatoDragon35d ago

It's quite disturbing you cannot tell the difference between a fictional character and actual person. Also disturbing that you can somehow formulate an age from characters that have no distinguishing age characteristics. Very disturbing indeed.

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AnubisG35d ago

And how to dominate. With good games. NOT with shady microtransaction filled online only BS. Right EA?

Well you could argue Fortnite or GTA online but very few games are able to achieve that.

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