FIFA 09 reviewed by Console Monster - 93%

Craig Anderson from Console Monster reviews FIFA 09 on the PlayStation 3.

"Around this time last year I was debating whether to get Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 or FIFA 08. I decided, as being a PES fanboy, I would go with that. But this year I decided to make the change and head over to the darkside and purchase FIFA 09. I think by the end of this review it will become clear that from now on (don't quote me on this though) I will be known as a FIFA fanboy.

But why have I changed? Let's find out."

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thetan50004271d ago

Simple as.
And please, no on gives a sh1t about 'be a pro' or all licenses etc...
The actual game, is still boring. PES09 is awesome. Hell PES08 was awesome but full of bugs.