Final Fantasy XV Special Program broadcast set for November 7

Square Enix will host a “Final Fantasy XV Special Program” broadcast on November 7 at 8:00 p.m. PT / 11:00 p.m. ET / November 8 at 4:00 a.m. UTC / 13:00 JST, the company announced. It will be a pre-recorded, subtitled video intended for viewers worldwide. You will be able to watch it live on YouTube.

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-Gespenst-46d ago

I'd say they'll announce the new episodes.

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elazz46d ago

That's why I guess I loved God of War even more. The game is done and you wait for the sequel knowing that the resources (people, infrastructure, capital) is being used for a proper sequel or game.

I got so confused at one point with all the content updates and changes that I haven't finished XV story a few hours after leviathan. I enjoyed the game when it came out, although the narrative wasn't good. I have moved to New games because it feels as if I can never complete XV or that there will always be soemthing missing. This is unfortunately the case with some other games these days.

InKnight7s46d ago

Ironic when you realized DQXI and Nier are from same company and both games are so limited in budget yet far better than FFXV.

SE and Tabata destroyed everything good about the game and took off a lot of amazing details and some of these details were on DLC with no reason.

1. Never got to ride magitech or whatever these machines are.

2. Never fought in live city.

3. Levi fight got really nerfed and screwed comparing to 2013, 2014 trailers.

4. Luna which was supposed to be a replacment character it was useless one.

5. A lot is untold in the game and 0 refrence to Nyx.

6. The empire is treated like nothing important just random enemies with couple of bosses.

7. No kid Noctis or Regis back story or anything make us really involve to the story.

8. Magic system is pure BS. When you compare it to Comrades you will realize the mismanagment and choas within the developers.

Mulando46d ago

Oh .. .just let this shitty game die. It is broken by design and new DLCs won't help.

rulparra46d ago

this game is dead since the day was out.

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