Nintendo recommits to “keep the business going” for 3DS

The low-cost alternative to the Switch still sells one million in six months.

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FallenAngel198444d ago

I wonder if it’ll reach 80 million

King_Noctis44d ago

This year support for the 3DS has been subpar at best. If they are recommit to supporting it, then next year they should release more games on it.

Either way, I’m excited for this news as I still have my 2DS with me and I still use it almost daily.

BadElf44d ago

Release some interesting titles then. I appreciate Luigis Mansion coming back to the 3DS...but the releases have been a little iffy for the 3DS. Would easily buy a new Zelda 3DS game...been waiting. At this point, thats about all I would buy for 3DS. Even saying that...I would prefer a Link Between Worlds type Zelda on the Switch!
Switch has been slacking!

bluefox75544d ago

I'm glad, I get way more mileage out of my 3DS than my Switch, games library is so much better.

Dimi197843d ago

The new models still have great potential.