Super Mario Odyssey is fully playable, from start to finish, on the Nintendo Switch emulator Yuzu

DSOGaming writes: "A few days ago, we informed you about some major emulation improvements for Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch emulator, Yuzu. And today, we are happy to report that this triple-A Switch exclusive title is fully playable, from start to finish, on its latest version."

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Smokehouse40d ago

Master race can’t come up with a couple hundred bucks to pay for some games. I can see somebody emulating older then dirt games that aren’t around anymore. This is just cheapskate, way to contribute absolutely nothing to our hobby.

ButtAnihilator40d ago

Emulation future proofs games and makes sure they never die. Hardware gets obsolete really fast, and modern hardware are starting to leave backwards compatibility behind -- rendering old software unusable. Sure, many people use emulators to avoid paying for games, but you have no idea how important emulators are.

Smokehouse40d ago

I said I could see people emulating things that aren’t around anymore. I have no problem with that. You don’t need to “preserve” something that is still on the shelves lol.

ButtAnihilator40d ago

Well, I'm sure there are people who have a nintendo switch or wii u and bought breath of the wild, but emulate it on their pc when they're home to get higher resolutions. I still have my nintendo 64 and my copy of zelda majora's mask, but when I want to play it I just open project 64 and play it on my triple monitor setup -- it's a much better experience.

riibhu40d ago

Can't you see those graphical glitch currently present on the emulator? And those low fps? This emulator at present can't even run 90% of switch titles properly.
It's a work in progress. By the time the emulator will become perfect the switch and it's games will have become obsolete.
Emulation takes years to perfect, better to start development now so that by the time the console does becomes obsolete we can already have a replacement.

Smokehouse40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Hey justify it however you want, I don’t really care what people do I just shared my opinion. I don’t see it as a noble act from a gaming historian lol. The rush for preservation seems like a lame excuse to me.

I see it as somebody promoting the fact that the game can be played from start to finish without buying the game or platform it’s currently on. That’s all.

jjb198139d ago

That just says that you have no intention of buying it now in the current market and will just play it for free when the switch becomes "obsolete". Yeah ok...🤔

letsa_go39d ago

What if you own the game but want to play it at higher resolutions than the switch will allow?

King_Noctis39d ago

Why? Do higher resolution make games like Mario O better than it already is?

letsa_go39d ago

Yeah, it gets rid of all the jaggies

SegaGamer39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Why are people disagreeing with you? We see remastered games on consoles all of the time and people say it's amazing, emulators are similar. I am playing a higher quality version of the game when playing on an emulator just like when console gamers bought the remastered version of The Last of Us for the PS4. Demul, PCSX2 and Dolphin have given new life to my Dreamcast, PS2, Gamecube and Wii games. Higher resolution, better Anti-aliasing, games deserve to have have emulators made for them. There are so many great games out there that I have enjoyed more than ever thanks to emulation.

WheatBread39d ago

They spend lots of money on hardware so money isn't the issue at all. They just want to play those games at 4k/Ultra wide with mods and stuff.

nowitzki200439d ago

Theres more to it than stealing the game.. some people actually buy the game but prefer the upgrades you can get with emulation.. like 4k... When will Nintendo have 4k gaming? Some people dont want to wait that long.

Smokehouse39d ago

Maybe there isn’t more to it though. I have some people telling me how awful it runs on emulator so it isn’t the same. I have some people telling me it runs better with higher resolutions and they don’t want to wait for Nintendo to catch up. Some people are saying it’s for preservation.

It is simple, the justifications are the only overcomplicated thing about this. Just be honest like the guy below. He won’t support Nintendo unless they go multiplat and he will play their games for free until they do. Good for him, it doesn’t change my first post.

nexusx39d ago

we can "come up with a couple hundred bucks to pay for some games" but we won't waste it on an overpriced outdated piece of junk that only has ~3 good games. I will never support Nintendo unless they go multiplats, meanwhile i will enjoy their ~3 good games on emulator.

Smokehouse39d ago

At least you are honest. That’s the first response that doesn’t have an excuse.

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NoWayOut40d ago

I was just thinking about buying a switch too.. no thanks

execution1740d ago

Mines just collecting dust, couldn't get into breath of the wild, Mario odyssey I already finished so I just play Mario kart once in a blue moon

NoWayOut40d ago

I may buy a second hand one just to try it out, just for portable use, I have a Xbox 1x and ps4, a switch would be strictly portable. Most likely end up like yours

Teflon0240d ago

WTF... I'm actually feeling kind of weird because I'm not lying when I say the EXACT same deal with me. Well I have Xenoblade as well but I just don't get to it because my RPG backlog. I've played like 8 or so hours so far. But I finished Mario and stopped at like 500+ moons. I'm a completionist, but that game ruined the idea of collectathons for me. I personally would prefer it like DK64 where you have a bunch of characters that have to go around to the same areas than 1 that has to find 100 moons in 1 stage and 50 in another. I hated all the big stages. Well it was only like 3. But the best ones were all the small ones. Or more closed down ones like Lake kingdom. lost, and was the first cascade? Can't rememeber. But I did put 60 or so hours into Zelda but I can't get everything done. It's just not a great Zelda, it's a Zelda paint on Skyrim and I personally didn't like skyrim. Just not my taste and even worse , I love the Dark Cloud series and to see a series completely fail at a weapon durability system. It hurts my soul so much. MK I think I got everything done up to 150cc and mirror. Hate 200cc so won't do it. But I haven't played that unless with friends pretty much for like a year lol

Gaming4Life198139d ago

Yea my switch hasn't been played in a while and I modded mine so i have access to every game. I have beaten the best games on it and now it just sits there but I keep it just in case I go somewhere and I dont feel like playing my vita.

chris23540d ago (Edited 40d ago )

uh, no thanks. not even for free.

King_Noctis39d ago

One might think Nintendo might have molested you while you were asleep when you was young with all of your comments.

riibhu40d ago

Incoming people who don't understand the emulation process and are just here to post their "moralistic opinion".

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