Destructoid Review: Fable II

Review by Anthony Burch:

"I liked the first Fable, as I played it about a year after its initial release, after the hype had died down and my expectations were lowered. Though the good/evil mechanic was kind of gimmicky and the story sucked, it was a reasonably solid action-RPG with a lot of really interesting ideas.

It was with a reasonably amount of excitement, then, that I looked forward to Fable II. Granted, that excitement was tempered with the usual "it's by Molyneux, so it will be disappointing in many respects" emotions we've all memorized by now, but I remained hopeful that, amidst all the untapped potential and failed mechanics, there would -- maybe -- be tiny pot of gold.

I wasn't prepared to find a swimming pool full of the stuff.

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GiantEnemyCrab4269d ago (Edited 4269d ago )

Lame review. There is always one site that wants to stand out and give it the lowest score. Playing this game right now and for as deep as this game is a 7.5 is an insult. But that's the thing with opinions I guess.

larry4269d ago

most recognized sites gave it 8ish scores

fable 2 is another flop on flop box 360

GiantEnemyCrab4269d ago

So a 90 and great sales is now a flop? Damn, then the POS3 game selection is truly the biggest disgrace in gaming.

larry4269d ago

no major website gave fable 2 a 9/10 . even oxm gave fable 2 a 8/10

we have lbp which actually got 90 and 100 from big websites

fufotrufo4269d ago

Nasim ..i mean ..larry 1 more time

no major website gave fable 2 a 9/10?

Gamepro 9/10?
Gamespy 9/10?
1UP A?
GameInformer 9.25,9.25?
Official Xbox Magazine 9.5?
IGN UK 9.5?
IGN AU 9.2?
EDGE 9/10?

poor nasim..wasn't fable supposed to be getting 84% 85% meta score?

Another AAA exclusive for the xbox 360..don't like it with it

DiabloRising4269d ago (Edited 4269d ago )

Fable 2 rests at 89.7% on Gamerankings. I'm sorry, that is NOT AAA according to Xbox fanboy mentality.

As for Crab, aren't you just deflecting here now? Silly how you attempted to toss that one on me not one thread away. Hypocrite.

And screw review scores. It's a good game. I don't care what someone else's opinion of it is, it doesn't change whats in the case.

GiantEnemyCrab4269d ago

OnslaughtX - That is not deflection because it doesn't need deflection because the game is 90 on metacritic, which is what the industry uses for gaming and is AAA not a flop.

No need to deflect when what was originally stated was bullsh*t. Gamerrankings? LOL

To the other numbnuts I think fufotrufo corrected your lies just fine so I won't add anything further.

TheColbertinator4269d ago

Game Informer gave it 9.25.Its AAA,end of story

fufotrufo4269d ago

well OnslaughtX

theres only 35 reviews on gamerankings ..compared to metacritics 49

you can get 92 reviews on this site with a 90% avarage score..the reviews are in ..if they are not fast enough to put in in their website ..thats their fault ..not the does not take away the fact the consensus of most reviews make this game an AAA title the way ..the supposed bullcrap mentality that a games need to get 90+ to be AAA ..was created by playstation fanboys in this site Nasim ..i don't remember anyone saying that except for him ..i could care less ..if it ends with an 89 on metacritic ..the game is still magnificent

DiabloRising4269d ago

" the way ..the supposed bullcrap mentality that a games need to get 90+ to be AAA ..was created by playstation fanboys in this site Nasim ..i don't remember anyone saying that except for him ..i could care less ..if it ends with an 89 on metacritic ..the game is still magnificent "

Thank you. I'm not going to assign blame, because I see just as many, if not more Xbox 360 fanboys tossing about this "AAA" game bullcrap. I have an utter hatred for review scores, as they make ZERO sense. They are opinions. They are not facts. The fact that so many people use them in these pissing matches is just disgusting. Every game has pros and cons. While I don't agree with Kotaku often, I DO respect how they review games. I just wish more gamers would READ the reviews instead of just tossing arbitrary numbering around.

Sadly this site is just a pissing match. I just don't understand it.

Why o why4269d ago (Edited 4269d ago )

'which is what the industry uses for gaming'

lol i cant believe you actually said that. correction, fanboys making a point use metacritic. Its flawed. Quoting a flawed site makes you look a bit silly (u know they take reviews from movie sites but leave out some real gaming sites type flawed).

U and Mart/POG sure love meta. You's almost regard it as more of a trump card than the game itself.

If its a good game then ignore whoever says whatever but please stop running to metacritic. Its idea is fine but its methods are questionable and somewhat flawed. gamerankings seems to be a little bit more thorough imo at this present time

dukadork4269d ago

that translates to ~5 which is about right.
the world is back in orda

mikeslemonade4269d ago

Were not saying it's a bad game. Were just prooving you that Fable 2 did that match the hype and is not AAA as you robots were calling it. Fable 2 now joins NG2 and Too Human as games that could have been but were only good. And this prooves that im correct that in 2008 the 360 lineup of games are way weaker compared to the lineup of 2007. In 2009 it's going to be even worst. So far 360 has zero AAA exlusives for this year. Gears 2 got a 9 on OXM and Fable 2 got a 9.5, so Gears 2 is looking to not be a AAA in reviews.

Lanoire4268d ago

Im not impressed with bug ridden, glitch filled beta fable 2 so far.

I feel that 7.5 is overrating the game. They did sold you a beta which is unfixable for 10 million people because they dont have XBOX LIVE and they dont have have a harddrive.

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tocrazed4you4269d ago

no score above 90 for LBP except that one variety review but they ddin't give out the score meta critic did which was dumb.

larry4269d ago

ign -8.8
gt- 8.6
destructoid 7.5
most european websites - 8/10
another flop on flop box 360

TheMART4269d ago


Back again with another account? Jees

Well here dude, no known sites gave it a good score?

9 out of 10 AAA game

Eurogamer, G4TV, 1UP gave it a 10
OXM, Gameplayer, IGN UK gave it a 9.5
EDGE (most respected magazine out there), Gamespy and more gave it a 9

Sound like recognized sites to me you wanking freak.
Don't you have a game to play, like LBP for example? Or don't you even own a PS3 and are you frustrated over still having to play your PS2 because your parents don't want to pay for your PS3? Do they still have you locked up in the basement?

lelo4269d ago

New account ... how many do you have. Probably have reached 50 by now.

fufotrufo4269d ago

most site gave this game 8/10?

yet ..the avarage score is 90%

looks like someone here skipped math class


you get dumber by the minute

dragon ball Z DROIDS4268d ago

you bubbles are slowly going. its about time you make another e-mail address up isnt it ^_^

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