Rage 2 Devs Talk About the 'Wasteland Superhero', Adding Color and Not Focusing on Vehicles Too Much

Rage 2 devs at id/Avalanche talked about delivering the 'Wasteland Superhero' experience with Nanotrite powers, adding more color than the first game and not focusing too much on vehicles.

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ccgr38d ago

Haven't played the first one yet

KaiPow38d ago

I would have loved to see the first one get remastered on current gen, but it's too late for that.

Jackhass38d ago

This one's definitely on my radar -- Mad Max was underrated.

MAULxx36d ago

I get that the vehicles isn't the core of the gameplay but it should be a huge part of playing the game. Why would they say they aren't focusing on them too much?