Techtree: Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 Experience Review

Techtree writes: "Over six months back I wrote about my initial thoughts about the XPERIA.

Today I'll be able to add my experience about the phone as we received a prototype of the XPERIA and were able to fiddle around with it. Now this isn't the final version of the handset, so we can expect to see changes in the phones operation. However, the physical aspects will remain the same."

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Solid_Dawg4279d ago

whens its coming out in us? early next year? if so, i might just import the x2 then.

callofduty4279d ago

If i won the lotto any time soon this would be the first thing I would buy HANDS DOWN!

dabizo4279d ago

I have used Microsoft Smart phones for years now and they still suck!! Even Sony cant fix the underlying issues with windows mobile. What they should do is use the gorgeous casing but run another OS!!