Pokemon Fan Spent 6 Days Carving All 151 Pokemon and Won Halloween

This guy carved all 151 original Pokemon into pumpkins in less than a week and the final result is LIT!

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Insanedevi44d ago

That's art right there! hats off to you sir!

Sono42144d ago

Only for them to rot in a week, should have done it with wood.

MrMousePad44d ago

"who am I to judge, in the end, my pumpkin carving skills are Ditto level - nowhere to be found" this made me laugh!

DianaD44d ago

I was laughing so much on that part too

Majin-vegeta44d ago

Next year hes going in for gen 2

Critic4l_Strik344d ago

At the store: Yeah, can i have 151 pumpkins please?
Store clerk:...what?

RizBiz44d ago

Do people still use the word "lit?" That's.... kinda sad, actually.

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