Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is a Game Worth Revisiting on Xbox One

Now playable on Xbox One, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is a game worth going back to if its shoddy framerate put you off all those years ago.

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lxeasy1061d ago

I was planning on revisiting it. I saw the excellent CastleVania on Netflix and now I have CastleVania fever again lol

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DVAcme1061d ago

"Is a game worth revisiting"

No it's not. It's a mediocre OG God of War clone that discards all the awesome IGA-era lore and Gothic mood of the original series in favor of a generic medieval setting.

TheFirstClassic1061d ago

Although it isn't really what a castlevania game "should" be, it's still a great game in it's own right.

EmperorDalek1061d ago

This and God of War 3 were often compared back in 2010, and I thought Lords of Shadow was the better game despite being a huge God of War fan. Deep combat and exploration, incredible story, great art direction and soundtrack. It was much longer too. God of War 3 had better production values and pacing, and I'm not trying to take away from it, it was great. But Lords of Shadow, in my opinion, was a flawed masterpiece.

DarXyde1061d ago

God of War III was a letdown for me, but to be fair, II was remarkable.

I would also prefer Lords of Shadow. Had a lot of fun with that game.

EmperorDalek1061d ago

I agree that 3 was the weakest in the trilogy, since its story was small scale and rather bad compared to the first two. But like you said, that's not to say it was bad, it's just the first two were up there with the best games of all time.

I wish Lords of Shadow 2 ended up being better than it was.

XtaZ1061d ago

LoS is superior to God of War in every way.

DarXyde1061d ago (Edited 1061d ago )

I would argue that visuals, sound, and level design were better in God of War III.

I don't agree that Lords of Shadow was better in every way. I enjoyed it more, but God of War III was not at all a bad game. The scale was also much bigger. The only reason III was a letdown honestly is because II set such a high bar.

Not that it matters much. I would say God of War PS4 totally usurps all of the aforementioned games.

MWH1061d ago (Edited 1061d ago )

Enough with the clone bs excuse, many games borrow from each other and most games are clones in one way or another and if you insist on this logic for judging a game than perhaps you should stop gaming all together.

While it's not the Castlevania a die hard fan wish for, myself included, it still is a great game on its own and i was so damn lucky that i gave it a try after hating on it like you for a while.

This game is another example that reminded me to not judge before trying and never miss out on a thing that may turn amazing.

To reasonable gamers, play it guys it's an amazing experience. Unfortunately i can't say the same about LoS2, while the gameplay is still solid but issues during development resulted in poor game design and lackluster story which was disappointing for me in compatison to the excellent LoS.

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orbital711061d ago (Edited 1061d ago )

got these both on steam sales for next to nothing, will revisit them again , great franchise, a new next gen game would absolutly rock!

DEEBO1061d ago

The Netflix show is really good too.

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