Hideo Kojima Visits Gabe Newell in Valve Headquarters

Two video game legends have finally met in person when Hideo Kojima visited Gabe Newell at the Valve Headquarters. Both can answer the two biggest ‘missing threes’ in videogames: the most sought-after Half-Life 3 and the chapter 3 of Metal Gear Solid V.

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Fist4achin811d ago (Edited 811d ago )

Yes, I see 3 fingers being held up.

Why is Gabe's collar jacked up?

811d ago
PhantomS42811d ago

Gabe is only holding up two because he doesn't know what comes next. Probably just a friendly visit but it would be neat if he hired Kojima to make Half-life 3, Left for Dead 3, or even Portal 3.

jdaboss811d ago

Gabe's collar = idgaf Im a billionaire.

Tech5811d ago

Gabe already shot down HL3 rumors this E3. plus it's Kojima visiting Gabe not the other way around. we also know that Kojima is no longer with Konami, so Konami games don't apply. so that narrows things down. obviously it's steam related so we'll just have to wait and see.

hench07811d ago

Death Stranding Steam release incoming

anonymousfan811d ago

isn't that game built on the Horizon Zero Dawn engine? Never been ported to PC as far as I know.

AspiringProGenji811d ago


thank you for making his comment invalid

Imalwaysright811d ago

And? That doesn't invalidate a PC version and Death Stranding is running on a modified version of the Decima engine.

UCForce811d ago

@imalwaysright And it’s still owned by Sony and GG is working with him.

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Legatus810d ago (Edited 810d ago )


Wanna proof that Death Stranding is a full PS4 exclusive?

Freeze the video at 0:03 and tell me what does it says, i believe it says "Only on Playstation", just how it says on Uncharted 4, God of War, HZD, etc. and how many games that were advertised as "Only on Playstation" were released on any platform outside of Playstation consoles? The answer to that question is pretty easy. Sorry to shatter your dreams of Death Stranding releasing on the PC, because you were pretty vocal about this game releasing on the PC on every single Death Stranding article, but it is a FULL PS4 exclusive and that's that. Better luck next time PC guys.

Neonridr810d ago (Edited 810d ago )

@UCForce - Sony doesn't own the Decima Engine at all. GG created it and used it for their games and allowed other studios like Supermassive and Kojima Productions to use it. Sure it's use is on the PS4, but Sony in no way has any control over it. If GG was to ever make a game for another platform they would have full rights to use the Decima Engine on non-Sony hardware.

Neonridr810d ago

That being said, since GG is a 1st party studio owned by Sony, the only way that would happen is if Sony sold their stake in the studio. Again, not likely to happen.

neutralgamer1992810d ago


GG is owned by Sony meaning don't owns everything within the studio

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CaitSith811d ago


But wouldn't using the word 'modified' in this context imply that the engine Kojima's team is using is different from Guerilla's? As far as I know, both teams relay ideas to enhance the engine they're BOTH using.

Imalwaysright811d ago (Edited 811d ago )

What I know is this

"Now that it's been revealed that Death Stranding will be using a modified version of Guerrilla Games' Decima engine..."


"The Dutch developer gave Kojima a box with the engine’s source code right after their first meeting, before any contracts were signed"

And the cherry on top of the cake

"Update: A Kojima Productions Q&A posted by PlayStation's EU Community Manager has confirmed that Kojima's new project will be coming to PC, but only after a stint on PS4. The length of the exclusivity period was not coughed up"

And since then I didn't hear from Sony or Kojima saying that it would be more than a timed exclusive. On top of that Kojima Productions is an independent studio and Kojima owns the rights to the IP.

AspiringProGenji811d ago (Edited 811d ago )

Modified doesn’t mean it is a different engine from decima. It is still DECIMA

Also Sony owns the rights of Death Stranding so a PC version is highly unlikely, just like Spiderman PS4 even if Insomniac is a 3rd party developer. Also your 3rd source is old news and happened before Sony announced the partnership. Sony is the one paying kojima for this game so a PC version will be their call, not Kojima, which is why I say a PC port is very unlikely

Imalwaysright811d ago (Edited 811d ago )


Didn't say that it wasn't the decima engine did I? It is a modified version of the decima engine and it could be modified to run on PCs. Hell the PS4 at its core is an AMD box with the Playstation logo attached to it isn't it?

Sony owns the rights to the IP? How about proof and please do me a favor and don't do what others like to do. Trademarks are NOT rights to an intellectual property.

3rd source is old? Well then show me a link that says that the deal has been changed since then.

Sony helping Kojima Productions is old news. In fact as old that third source 😏.

UCForce811d ago (Edited 811d ago )

@imalwaysright Well, at first he did wanted this game coming to PC, but eventually it completely forgot. Here the thing, Death Stranding E3 2016 version wasn’t use Decima Engine before he switched it. Guerrilla Game and Sony were pretty happy to work with Kojima, so they agree. Remember Until Dawn ? That game used Killzone Shadow Fall Engine aka Decima Engine, but it wasn’t coming to PC, was it ? Like I said, even Death Stranding modifie Decima Engine, but it still own Sony property. Those articles that you posted are old. You should watch PSX 2016 panel than reading those.

Vegamyster811d ago


Modifying a engine does make a difference, the Dunia Engine (Far Cry 2-5) for example was originally a modified version of Cryengine & evolved into it's own thing with only a little bit of original code remaining.

Imalwaysright811d ago


What was forgotten? The deal that Sony made with Kojima? I don't think that's how these things work.

Until Dawn? Do you know who owns the IP? Do you know what kind of deal Sony and Supermassive games made? I don't know and that is why I'm asking.

As for Death Stranding, we know what kind of deal was made. A timed exclusive deal and why would Sony need to make this deal if they owned the rights to it? Doesn't make sense does it? No, Sony doesn't own the Death Stranding IP. Kojima Productions IS an independent studio and they created Death Stranding so its THEIR IP... unless Sony bought the rights for it. Can you share a link that states that Sony bought the rights to the IP? Can you share a link that Sony made a full exclusivity deal for Death Stranding? Can you share a link that states that Kojima gave up on porting the game to the PC?

What's so hard to understand? With the information that we have no one can say that Death Stranding is more than a timed exclusive.

sampsonon811d ago (Edited 811d ago )

@Imalwaysright: Anything that says "Sony Interactive Studios Presents" means you will never, ever play the game on anything else but a Playstation. So keep dreaming, cause it will never happen. Sony owns the IP.

AspiringProGenji811d ago (Edited 811d ago )


Ubisoft made their own engine after the modified Cryengine from their early games, so not exactly an evolution. More like they created their own with what they learned

Horizon ZD is a Modified version of Killzone’s Decima because that engine was designed for FPS, not 3rd person, so that’s where the modified part comes from. Modified means the engine has been retooled for a different kind of game

Bordelands games use a modified version of Unreal Engine (and you can crearly tell what was modified), but it is still Unreal Engine as you can see in the game startup. UE in particular has been modified to death, but it is still UE

UCForce811d ago

@imalwaysright what I mean “it’s forgotten” is that this game isn’t coming to PC like Kojima stated when it’s switch to Sony First Party Engine. Like I said, The E3 version wasn’t use Decima Engine which I assume it was using third party Engine. You upset what I said and tried to twist my own word. That is low. He did said it was timed exclusive but it was completely changed unexpectedly when Kojima and GG did confirmed that they are working together back in PSX 2016. Like you believed Spider Man is coming to multiplatform which wasn’t and it was fully funded by Sony. Death Stranding will be fully supported by Sony.

Imalwaysright811d ago (Edited 811d ago )


Not true and

I'm not dreaming, I'm dealing with facts and the information that we have. Also you say that Sony owns the IP. Where is your proof that Sony acquired the rights? How did you come to the conclusion that they own the IP? You see Kojima Productions is an independent studio so they own the rights to the IPs they create unless they sell those rights. Where is your proof that Sony acquired the Death Stranding IP?

@ UCForce Kojima said that the game wouldn't come to the PC? Could you provide the link?

UCForce811d ago (Edited 811d ago )

@imalwaysright You should watch PSX 2016 panel than reading the old article. Again, you twisted everyone words including mine. You put the “fact” to please yourself, not others. Again, GG is working with Kojima Production. So the game isn’t coming to PC. Remember Bloodborne ? That game developed by From Software and Co developed by Japan Studio.

Neonridr810d ago

at the end of the trailers we always see

"Death Stranding is a Playstation trademark" which means that Sony owns the IP. So the likelihood we see it on other platforms is slim to none at this point.

Imalwaysright810d ago


Don't give me your bullshit. I say facts because I'm providing links to back up what I am saying. Unlike you and others around here I don't pull shit out of my ass and throw it to the walls to see if it sticks so I'm going to ask you AGAIN. Show me the link where Kojima or a Sony executive say that Death Stranding is no longer a timed exclusive. Show me a link that says that the PC version that was originally planned is now cancelled.

@ Neonridr

Nope. Trademarks don't protect IPs.

UCForce810d ago (Edited 810d ago )

@imalwaysright No, you should stop with your excuses. I know you upset what I said. So the BS is on you, not us. Non fanboys and fanboys will disagree with you on this. Again, you using your “fact” to please yourself, not others. Nothing more, nothing less. How about watching PSX 2016 panel which have more valid information than your “sources” ? Sometimes it doesn’t need to be told from sources, you can see it by your own eyes, but you just ignore it and that’s low.

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sampsonon811d ago

sorry. you'll need a playstation to play that game. Sony Interactive

811d ago
BehindTheRows810d ago (Edited 810d ago )

Seems like every time this game is mentioned, folks make this assumption (imalwaysright included). I’ve also already explained how property rights work. The owner of Death Stranding is Sony, secured by its trademark (a form of property right). Whatever happens with it is entirely up to them.

Thus, until Sony says so, expect Death Stranding to remain exclusive to PlayStation, just like the rest of their properties (Gran Turismo, The Last Of Us, etc...).

Imalwaysright810d ago (Edited 810d ago )

If that's your explanation then you don't know what you're talking about and need to educate yourself on what a trademark is. Trademarks protect words, symbols/logos or phrases. If you check the links I provided above and if you see the Everybody's gone to the Rapture trailer to the end you will see that Sony owns the Everybody's gone to Rapture trademark. Did that stop The chinese Room from putting the game on the PC under a different publisher? No it absolutely did NOT and you know why? Because the IP is theirs despite Sony having the rights to the trademark and Santa Monica studio helping with the development of the game. If you want to explain me something 1st you need to know what you're talking about. You clearly don't so let me put it simply for you: trademarks do NOT protect IPs.

BehindTheRows810d ago (Edited 810d ago )


You couldn’t be more wrong. A trademark is very much a type property protection. That’s the exact purpose of the trademark, which doesn’t expire (unlike patents and copyrights). I advise a little education on the matter. :)

Regarding Rapture, it released with Sony’s blessings on Steam (again, educate yourself -Google is your friend).

The burden of proof lies with you, in fact. If Kojima owns Death Stranding, provide the source.

Imalwaysright810d ago (Edited 810d ago )

It's a form of protection and I said it in my comment. It protects a NAME, SYMBOL/LOGO, WORD or PHRASE. Nothing more than that and that's why the Chinese Room released THEIR game under a different publisher on the PC.


"Trademark protection is available for certain names, symbols, devices, or words that will be used in connection with a good or service."

"not only gives the trademark owner the exclusive right to use the mark, but also allows the owner to prevent others from using a similar mark that can be confusing for the general public. A trademark cannot, however, prevent another person or company from making or selling the same goods or service under a clearly different mark"

Like I said you don't know what you're talking about so on this matter you explain nothing to me. Absolutely nothing.

The burden of proof is on YOU. Kojima Productions IS an independent studio and they OWN what they create. It's THEIRS unless Sony acquired the IP. It's theirs unless they join Sony as a 1st party studio. Where is your proof that Sony acquired the IP? The studio? That they changed the deal they originally made with Kojima. Where is it and hopefully now you don't use a trademark as proof because if you do then I'll be laughing at your face because now you don't have any excuses.

As for Gone to Rapture show the link that says that it was Sony that out of the kindness of their heart to allowed The chinese room to go to another publisher and release it on PC. I couldn't find anything of the sort so put your foot where your mouth is and show it to me.

Imalwaysright810d ago (Edited 810d ago )

LMAO and did you even bother to read what was in your link?

"A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol, and/or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of one party from those of others."

Which is what I've been telling you since the beggining. What should I be embarrassed about? For knowing that a game isn't a word? A phrase? A symbol? Are you pretending or are you really this dumb?

Insomniac again? What does that prove in regards to this game? "A Kojima Productions Q&A posted by PlayStation's EU Community Manager has confirmed that Kojima's new project will be coming to PC, but only after a stint on PS4. The length of the exclusivity period was not coughed up"

Why did Sony need to make a timed exclusive deal if they own the IP? This game has been announced since the beggining as a MULTIPLATFORM game by SONY.

BehindTheRows810d ago (Edited 810d ago )


Calling people names, particularly ‘dumb’, is a telltale sign that an argument is weak. As is plain for all of us to see, yours has been as flimsy as it gets.

Anyway, the name, Death Stranding, cannot be used without its owner’s consent (which would be Sony). As noted, that’s the purpose of the trademark. It cannot be used without Sony. Period. In video games, trademarks are the type of property protection used, particularly because it does not expire. Very simple, really. Yes, trademarks DO protect the property. The Chinese Room could not have launched Rapture on Steam without Sony. Death Stranding is no different than all of Sony’s other properties. You’ve at no point provided any differences between it and other properties they own, but I wouldn’t have needed that anyway. I know how this stuff works given my background, but even if I didn’t, this is very simple material to look up.

Now, why you’ve chosen to continuously attack and berate anyone who’s stated this is beyond me, but that’s okay. We can’t all be in the know and I expected it from you (given my past dealings with you on Death Stranding). A PC version of the game hasn’t been mentioned since the absolute beginning. Since then, all indications point to it being an EXCLUSIVE release.

Just remember that Google is your friend. :)

BehindTheRows809d ago (Edited 809d ago )

For everyone else who really is interested


Find the question that asks “Are video game titles copyrightable”. The response? “No. But they are protected by a trademark”. This means that nothing can be done with name of a property without the owner of said property’s consent. So, the Uncharted series, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Detroit: Become Human, and (yup, you guess it - Death Stranding) are properties of SIE and will not be on any other platform without Sony’s green light. Just as examples of titles that are trademarked under intellectual property law.

Case closed.

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Legatus810d ago


Stop the video at 0:03 seconds and see what does it says, i believe it says "Only on Playstation". Now, i ask you, how many games labeled as "Only on Playstation" by Sony have released on any other platform outside of the Playstation consoles? I think we all know the answer, so i'm sorry for all PC fellas but Death Stranding is a FULL PS4 exclusive, just like Uncharted 4, God of War, HZD, etc. Better luck next time.

BehindTheRows810d ago (Edited 810d ago )


The “protection” of the name, Death Stranding, is set through the trademark, which Sony owns. It isn’t rocket science. The property is theirs. Just because KojiProductons is creating Death Stranding does not mean they own the property. No different than Insomniac or Quantic Dream, who both make titles that are secured by Sony (through that lovely protection known as a ®).

Rapture, again, had to release with the blessings of Sony, given their ownership of the property. Why you argue this remains a mystery.

Either way, no matter how many times you ignorantly claim that I don’t know what I’m talking about, it doesn’t change anything. You don’t know how property protection works and the burden of proof remains on you regarding KojiProductions.

Google “video games and trademarks”. That will better assist you in your quest to “alwaysberight”. :)

Imalwaysright810d ago (Edited 810d ago )

Even after the facts are laid out in front of you, you still choose to not understand. That symbol is this one LMAO trademarks yet again but please keep digging.

"Rapture, again, had to release with the blessings of Sony, given their ownership of the property. Why you argue this remains a mystery."

What makes you think that I believe you? A person that pretends to be stupid? I don't expect anyone to believe me and that is why I post links that in one way or another back the arguments I'm making. Put your foot where your mouth is and prove what you're saying. Can you do it or are you just pulling shit out of your ass?

Let me ask you: why are video games trademarks any different than in other industries? I already gave you an example as to why they are NOT but I would find fascinating if you could explain to me why trademark laws don't apply or are different in the video game industry. Why trademarks in video games actually protect the code, the game itself.

Quest? Dude even before I started my "quest" I knew I was right considering all the information we have available to us right now. I wouldn't even start my "quest" if I knew I wasn't because I don't like to pretend that I'm stupid and I don't like to make a fool of myself even if anonimously. As it stands you can't say that Death Stranding is more than a timed exclusive as it was announced by Sony, no less, because you have absolutely no proof of it other than something that doesn't prove that the game will forever remain a PS4 (or PS5) exclusive. The only argument that you have is: "this game isn't going to be released on the PC because I don't want it to".

EDIT I forgot but in regards to Insomniac and QD... Timed exclusive deal announced by Sony themselves. Why a timed deal if they owned the rights of the IP? Doesn't make sense does it?

BehindTheRows810d ago (Edited 810d ago )

@Imalwaysright: Um, Wiki can be edited by anyone. Hardly a reputable source.

However, as you are about to run out of chances to reply, I’ll spare you any further embarrassment on the subject. I gave you facts, straight from a government site. What you choose to do with it is your business.

PS: None of Sony’s properties developed by Insomniac or Quantic Dream have been timed exclusives.

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goodwin811d ago

Half-Life 3 exclusive to Pachinko machines

Sam Fisher811d ago

Wrong k bro, thats konami not kojima

WitcheRivia811d ago

Looks like Kojima will be making Half-Life 3 starring Ben Affleck.

Sam Fisher811d ago

Dont forget kiefer sutherland tooo

Fritzwochel811d ago

Gabe continues to bathe in his infinite moneybin while fans keeps screaming for HL3. Gabe is a fucking asshole. The only games he's interested to make is fucking F2P stupid lootbox crap that to fill up his already infinite moneybin further. Fuck Gabe.

PhantomS42811d ago

It's true though. Dull card game, MOBAs, and Steam is all he needs to ride out the rest of his life financially.

plmkoh811d ago

Actually, I've reduced my spending on Steam as much as possible. It's an absolute tragedy like Rare.

MoshA811d ago

Even if he did try to make it, at this point all the writers gave up and left. There would be no ambition and it would be a cash grab. Im happy Sony is going to kill PC gaming. Nvidia and Valve deserve no money. Nvidia has twice the networth of Sony and makes tech demos instead of proper games and gets away with it because most pc donkeys play free to play trash.