Microsoft has a hit on its hands with Xbox Game Pass, and analysts are starting to notice

Back in 2013 when Microsoft unveiled its Xbox One and the promise of an always connected and primarily digital gaming experience, the company was roundly mocked and panned for its seemingly overreaching ambitions. While Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass isn't quite the cloud-based initiative proposed during the Xbox One unveiling, or like Sony's actual cloud-based solution with PS Now, its implementation does offer Microsoft a platform expansion that should worry competitors.

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DarkVoyager48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

I would take this more serious if the source were not

Although I agree that Gamepass is a very good service. Especially the fact that all games are played natively for only $9.99 a month. Makes PS Now look pale in comparison.

Srhalo48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

PSNow offers 750 games you can stream to console or PC and around 25% more games to download than Game Pass. Plus you can play PSNow games online for free unlike Game Pass which still requires Live.

I don't think that "looks pale" in anyway.

DarkVoyager48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

“PSNow offers 750 games you can stream“

Keyword “stream”

With Gamepass all of the games can be downloaded and played natively. Most games on PS Now are PS3 games which can’t be downloaded. On top of that game pass is cheaper on a monthly basis.

So yes PS Now pales in comparison to Gamepass.

averagejoe2648d ago


You can download games from PS Now.

DarkVoyager48d ago


“You can download games from PS Now.”

Except PS3 games which make up the majority of PS Now games.

Srhalo48d ago


There are over 225 PS4 games to download and another 35 or more PS2 games. PSNow has a lot more downloadable games than Game Pass.

It's funny because when you guys talk about MS streaming it's all like yay!! Microsoft is going to be streaming, while Sony is already doing it and has been for years.

InKnight7s48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

I am Sony fan and I supported, loved every PS device and considered them as gems, but the truth must be told, streaming games isn't efficient yet because not everybody can have strong connections too steadily streaming games + its so limited to certain reigons.

While gamepass is straight forward service for anyone and everywhere only for $9.99 which is intant PS Now killer for now.

Sony shows the desire to support Cloud from very start and I assume they spent a lot of money on it thats why they are not letting it go and another reason is PS3 games.

yomfweeee48d ago

Dark Voyager, just another misinformed Xbot.

PS now has over 200 DOWNLOADABLE PS4 games.

Game Pass only has 150 X1.

PS Now has about 400 more additional streaming games.

PS Now smokes Game Pass.

thexmanone48d ago

you forgot that it cost twice as much

ImGumbyDammit48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

As for PSNow smoking GamePass you must have been smoking a lot of something to have come to that delusional conclusion.

GamePass is half the price. Even with the limited deal PSNow has/had with cutting the price to be competitive it is very easy to find GP prices half of its $9.99 a month ($60/year not hard to find for GP). $20 a month for PSNow is just a ripoff to get what most people want to download games not stream PS3 games. If the case were the later then the service would have been a success not under performing service according to CEO John Kodera's own statements about the service at the investors meeting a few months back.

No need for pay for BC option that you have to with PSNow because you get BC for free on Xbox. I guess if that is your only option on PS4 then you gotta role with it. But, still can't play them locally or many cases the way the games were developed (stuck at 720p, 30fps, artifacts, and requires a good solid connection and latency issues to enjoy those 400 games being streamed. No, need to worry Xbox you can just download Xbox 360 games and in some cases they have been enhanced - no downgrades for Xbox BC and GP XBox 360 games like PSNow gives you with PS3 games.

Of those 200 games on PSNow that are downloaded very little are recent releases (2017 or later) and few are real AAA games people want. PS gamer's are always lecturing everyone about quality of Sony games, well unless they are talking about PSNow then it is about quantity not quality. Quality beats quantity. GP for the win. Most importantly the Sony service continues to have only a small selection (definitely not anything from the last three years) of any of AAA games from Sony's own first-party studios. Why dont' they support their own service with their own games?

PSNow has no 0-day releases. GP has 0-day first party Xbox releases. That alone is the reason PSNow can't compete.

PSNow at it heart is still an overly expensive and subpar streaming experience.

Srhalo48d ago


Gamepass has 3 games from 2017 Sea of Thieves, State of Decay and Forza Horizon and two of those games are hardly what most people would call quality, games that were panned by critics for being 50% of a game and being buggy.

And there are over 250 downloadable games and many of them are less than three years old AAA games, but of course you haven't even looked at the list.

And of course your back to talking BS about artifacts and latency and all the other BS people call you out about over and over again. Quit lying.

SierraGuy48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

It's ok let him have his moment.

I wonder what they'll say when PS5 is announced with PS3 backwards compatibility due to an onboard chip for emulation at a hardware level allowing PS3 downloads.

Twice the price you say? It's worth it and games don't disappear like on game pass.

Then what?

I'll tell you game over game pass.

Only reason MS is putting anything behind game pass is to cover their lack of games this gen.


DarkVoyager48d ago (Edited 48d ago )


“There are over 225 PS4 games to download and another 35 or more PS2 games. PSNow has a lot more downloadable games than Game Pass.”

That doesn’t change the fact that no PS3 games can be downloaded which is around 390 at the moment. PS4 exclusives also aren’t on the service at launch. On top of all that it cost twice as much as Gamepass monthly.

BlackTar18748d ago

The only real problem with PSnow is the price. They need to address that

darthv7247d ago

Wait... you can play online games for free on psnow? Since when?

Online play on ps4 requires paid ps+, unless you mean only for pc players???

IRetrouk47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Yes you can play ps now multiplayer without a ps plus sub.

Quote from playstation website

Multiplayer on PlayStation Now

If a game includes online multiplayer modes, you'll be able to access these just as you would if you owned the game on disc or download, meaning you can play fellow PlayStation Now players as well as those playing disc or download versions of the game. A PS Plus membership is not required for PS Now multiplayer.

BLow47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

And to all the people saying PSNow is so expensive, they offer a yearly pass for $99. That $8.25 cents a month. Yes I know that you can't cancel it every month but that's still the price. I mean you guys are bragging about this superior service so obviously you're paying that $10 an month for the entire year right? Maybe I can't add but doesn't that add up to $120.

Both let's keep that narrative going. You complained about not having downloadable games. PSNow now has it. Now you moved the goalposts. Remember crossplay. Now it's crickets since Sony now allows it. You fanboys just like talking crap about bullet points on your list. Seriously, how long did we hear about crossplay now you don't even mention it even more lol. That's why I don't take anything any of you say seriously because all y'all do is stir up trouble. I'm not even going to waste my time anymore. And somehow xCloud is superior to PSNow and none of you have even tried it. That's where we are at now....I'm out. Have fun boys....same crap different day....

DJStotty47d ago


regarding your commenting regarding game pass games.

"Gamepass has 3 games from 2017 Sea of Thieves, State of Decay and Forza Horizon and two of those games are hardly what most people would call quality, games that were panned by critics for being 50% of a game and being buggy. "

You forgot about the latest release of forza horizon 4 (2018)
Hello Neighbour (2018)

and that doesnt include future msoft game releases and any other 3rd party that add their game

Lets state a fact, game pass currently has 203 fully downloadable games for £7.99 a month (as per official link above)

alb189947d ago

750 games that are the majority PS3 games and the others have been free on PSN plus.
Gamepass has and will have all the new games.

yomfweeee47d ago

Now that your PSNow can't download games defense has been shredded, you're complaining about the price? You're still ignoring that it has more than twice as many games? It has better games since we know Sony is the king of exclusives. All titles can be played on PC via streaming as well and only a handful of Gamepass games can be played on PC.

Keep up with your excuses. Gamepass is nothing special.

Flewid63847d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I don't see myself ever owning an Xbox so I cant make the comparison, but I can't say PS Now is good either. None of the PS3 games I actually want to play are on it.

Once the library is beefed up I'll be happy, but most of the masterpieces on there I've played already.

battlegrog47d ago

ps now technically is horrible and sony is not investing in it. It absolutely can not compete with what these big companies are developing for proper modern streaming tech. Sure you can play some single player games that runs ok but its not smooth or high res and online is a joke.

Antarius71747d ago

When I was looking into it the games only stream at 720p. It’s been a year or so and that’ may have changed but streamiing a game is a garbage way to play. Xbox pass is a much better service

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Team_Litt48d ago

Don't ruin this by bringing Sony into it. It diminishes the actual good and also brings in a whole lot of negative attention.

Flewid63847d ago

Playing bad games natively is better than streaming good games online?

On what planet? lol

TheOtherMoon47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Yeah...Forza Horizon 4 is a terrible was Wolfenstein, and Rocket League, GoW Series, Fallout 3/4, The Halo Series of games...just all terrible games.

rainslacker47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I don't know if other people need to be worried about it as this article says. MS doesn't exactly entice the PC player that much, and the Xbox console is still has low marketshare compared to the PS, and Nintendo is overtaking them.

Plus, it'd be easy enough for the competitors to implement something similar. We already see Sony offering PS4 games available for download, although that's not applicable to PC.

I don't think Sony is going to start putting its high profile games on PSNow day one for download though. At least not anytime soon. Maybe for streaming, but that might even be a while.

This is just another one of those analysts taking notice because they see that it's a good service and value, but ignore a lot of other market factors which make it not as good as it seems. Plus, I don't know how they can judge the success of the service, since MS doesn't actually release any numbers.

I think if Sony had done PSNow like it's doing now, when it was first introduced, or at least when they added the PS4 games, then it probably would have been more popular. No one expected day one high profile exclusives on a service like these, so it's nice that MS has them, but i'm still doubtful that they can maintain that level of quality on their high profile games if they keep putting them on GamePass. There isn't enough margin when you consider all the other content they have to pay for to put on the service, which means they'd have to have a substantial number of subs to actually make the same money they could just selling the game outright.

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CarlDechance48d ago

Why? It is a kick ass service.

Team_Litt48d ago

Oh yeah real surprised to hear that! /s

Team_Litt48d ago

Game Pass is a no brainer. And with Microsoft Studios acquisitions still coming it's only going to get more attractive.

Can't believe I get full access to FH4 for so little money! Who* can be mad at that?

*not you, you don't count.

Sunny_D48d ago

And with Microsoft Studios acquisitions still coming it's only going to get more attractive.

I mean that doesn’t automatically mean the games will be good, not to mention they won’t be out for a few years.

RizBiz47d ago

If history has taught us anything (which it obviously hasn't for some... -_-), the acquisitions will result in the studios being shut down before their games are completed.

Imortus_san47d ago

If history has taught us anything (which it obviously hasn't for some... -_-), is that PS3 was responsible for a Ton of studios being shut down, inform yourself.

rainslacker47d ago

"Can't believe I get full access to FH4 for so little money!"

I hate to say it, but comment like these sound like they're made by those spam bots we see around here.

That being said, If you only want to play the game for a few months, then yeah, it's worth subbing to for that game. But if you intend to play it longer, like more than 6 months, then I'd say just buy it. That's what I did.

OTOH, if you see other games on there that can keep your interest, then it's certainly worth the cost right now.

It is a good service.

polow got sol48d ago

Tried to tell ya. Aw shucks what am I doin here back to real 4k gaming I go.

King_Noctis48d ago

Once all MS’s first party studios start to release more games, this service is gonna get even better.

CarlDechance48d ago

I agree. All MS games will be on Game Pass and on Windows 10. Can't wait to see what they have in store.

Team_Litt48d ago

I feel like I've seen you mention windows PC only in Microsoft exclusive games articles enough times to start questioning whether or not you actually game "primarily on pc."
Mind sharing your Xbox gamertag so we can take a gander at all these game pass games you enjoy on your pc because I'm kinda suspecting you are full of it mate.

crazyCoconuts48d ago

Can't wait? I'd think loyal Xbox fans are masters of patience.. those first party games are gonna take a while.

King_Noctis48d ago (Edited 48d ago )


Are you saying the PS fans don’t have to wait long for the next exclusive too? Because last time I check, the next big PS exclusives won’t hit until end of April next year, which is half a year from now. The next X1 exclusives comes out in February next year mind you.

timotim48d ago


What I find hilarious is you think CarlDechance is an Xbox fan 🤣🤣🤣.

RosweeSon47d ago

Crackdown 3 that is all nothing for another 6-12 months and they already 4 years into a generation poor

CarlDechance47d ago (Edited 47d ago )


First, no, I'm not about to post my gamertag to the world. That would not be wise. Second, if I felt the need to prove that I game primarily on PC, my gamertag would not be adequate as that I obviously do not play most games via Game Pass. Third, I've played Gears 3, Record, State of Decay 2, and Forza Horizon 4. I don't have significant hours in any of those as I've been playing other games which is why I am excited about some possibly new stuff on Windows 10. Thankfully, I pay for Game Pass via Microsoft Rewards and I'm not out any actual funds. Ah....but that is what I can show you. My recent Game Pass renewal via Rewards.

That doesn't really prove that I game "primarily" on PC, but again, I don't really have to. My saying that I do will have to suffice.

Finally, I don't get the suspicion. Do you suspect all those who say they are playing their games on Xbox One X to be lying? I've never seen you question them.


I'm a regular Xbox fanboy. Didn't you know? :-)

CarlDechance47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Note: In the image I posted, I overlaid one browser over another so as to show my posts here and the Game Pass order. Also, in the list of games, Record is suppose to be Recore.

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Chevalier47d ago

" Are you saying the PS fans don’t have to wait long for the next exclusive too? Because last time I check, the next big PS exclusives won’t hit until end of April next year, which is half a year from now. The next X1 exclusives comes out in February next year mind you."

What exactly is your point? Its half a year for Xbox next 'big' exclusive as well. That aside I am not sure how you can even compare exclusives. PS4 owners have no worries about when exclusives show up. The quality is unmatched when you wait and end up with SoT, Forza and State of Decay 2 then look over and PS4 gets GoW, MLB and Spiderman its clear the there's a huge disparity in quality. Also PS4 gets far more 3rd party exclusives like Persona 5, Kingdom Hearts, Yakuza, VR etc to fill in the gaps.

So even if there is a bit of a wait PS4 has MLB, Medievil, Days Gone, God Eater, Yakuza and a lot more exclusives already populating next years calender whereas Xbox has what Crackdown 3 followed by what exactly?

" Once all MS’s first party studios start to release more games, this service is gonna get even better."

'Better'? That has yet to be seen. The last slate of Xbox 1st party has not incited confidence.

47d ago
shaggy230347d ago


Ok, I realise you love your bit of plastic, but that doesn't mean other people cant love a totally different bit of plastic just as much. Plus it doesn't mean they are wrong for loving their bit of plastic.

Why cant all plastic lovers just agree that having arguments over bits of plastic is a bit...........childish, and agree that we are all gamers no matter what bit of plastic we own.

Flewid63847d ago

That's all it'll take for me to actually buy my 1st Xbox. I hope they do this.

Chevalier47d ago (Edited 47d ago )


I own all the systems including and Xbox One. This year has been awful in terms of 1st party games for Xbox. SoT and SoD2 weren't great and Forza is great, but, not everyone plays driving games so my Xbox is collecting dust. PS4 and Switch have had great games all year. The Switch isn't even 2 years old and there are MORE exclusives than Xbox heading into their 6th year and you might not see that as an issue I do however.

So maybe you're under the impression I only own a PS4 which is factually wrong. Having worked at EB/ Gamestop for 10 years I own all the systems launched since then. I just don't agree that Xbox just have to release more games they need more quality games period. I don't agree with Kingnoctis that MS are going to be fine. They need to prove it. A service doesn't change that fact. Its year 6 and where are these games?! Nintendo is tracking ahead of MS and they're only just getting started. What the heck has MS been doing all this time? Sleeping under a rock? If Nintendo could release so many games in only 2 years whats MS excuse for their year 6?!

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