Red Dead Redemption 2 vs. The Witcher 3: Which Is the Better Open World Game?

Two of the vastest open worlds go head-to-head in this comparison. Two will enter, but only one can leave as the definitive open world experience.

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Sm00thNinja46d ago

Damn now this is a hard one. I'd say The Witcher 3 right now especially with it's amazing DLC BUT I haven't scratched the surface of RDR2 SO that could change

NecrumOddBoy45d ago

I have put about 6-8 hours in RDR2 and I feel like I haven't done much yet. I have probably completed a total of 20 quests in general and maybe have maybe 1/15th of the map open. The game is massive. Witcher 3 is also massive and that was a 6 month game to fully absorb. I'll have to report back way down the road on this one.

UltraNova45d ago

I've done 20+ hrs in RDR 2 and about 30+ in Witcher 3 (haven't finished it) so far I prefer the more fantasy oriented world/story of W3. Acting and general world interactivity is a no brainer really, RDR 2 is in a league of its own. Visuals, its RDR2 but that's expected from a 2018, 8 years in the making, unlimited resources developed game. Controls/combat both are... interesting, as in they could be better (some times alot better tbh) but ok once you get used to them.

darthv7245d ago

For horse physics and riding experience... RDR2 hands down.

But in regards to taking down a dragon or trying to heist a train... I'm on the fence with that one. Both can be quite satisfying.

wwinterj45d ago

I'm in the same boat. I'm more a fan of the fantasy setting so like Witcher 3 more. However RDR 2 is definitely a close second.

Count_Bakula44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

I think it's Witcher too and I didn't love the game. I think it made WAY better use of their maps. Remember how littered the maps were eventually? Yeah there's awesome, interesting and creepy things to discover in RD2, but Witcher was just covered in ghost hunts, investigations and whatnot.

masterfox45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

lol this is not even a question, if the Witcher 3 and RD2 were released the same day, it would be Witcher 3 the instant winner for day one buy.

RDR2 looks great but in the end is just a Cowboy game.

Sm00thNinja45d ago

This logic is so flawed on so many levels

TheColbertinator45d ago

Masterfox discarded logic ages ago.

TheKingKratos45d ago

RDR is far better it's not even funny

Profchaos45d ago

And the Witcher is just a fantasy game. Apples to oranges really

Dark-soul45d ago

i love rpg games and witcher 3 is probably most boring and shit rpg i played i last 10 years.

pietro121245d ago

Sounds like you actually don't play a lot of RPGs or you just have poor taste.

CorndogBurglar45d ago

I'm not a big Witcher 3 fan either. But that's because I can't stand the combat system. But I can't say it's boring and I'm not sure how anyone can. In the end it's an open world game. It's as exciting or boring as you make it lol.

Armaggedon45d ago

You have two types of rpg fans: People who like choices and world impact, and people who like making their own characters and just interacting with the world and exploring in their own " unique" way (I.e. Bethesda games). Those who prefer the latter usually find the former to be boring. In laymans terms, some people just like hitting stuff with cool legendary weapons.

CorndogBurglar45d ago

Yeah......and the Witcher 3 is just a fantasy game, right?

Do you think about things before saying them? Because that logic is ridiculous.

Sm00thNinja45d ago

In the end Super Mario is just a game about a plumber that's been friendzoned by a princess with a peanut brain who gets kidnapped endlessly by a giant Alligator Snapping Turtle

Sm00thNinja45d ago

In the end Halo is just a game about a guy with armor who hates aliens

Sm00thNinja45d ago

In the end Spiderman is just a game about a guy who has spider powers

WillyC00945d ago

Couldnt the same be said about the witcher? It's just a medieval fantasy game.

This logic is a lack of logic. Simply put.

2pacalypsenow45d ago

No it's not.

RDR2 will slaughter the witcher in sales.

Clunkyd44d ago

The only thing Witcher exceeds over RDR2 is the controls.

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sammarshall10245d ago

Don't make me choose between 2 of my favorite open world games ever

Shiken45d ago

Well I mean the question is simple. Do you like cowboy games or fantasy RPGs? That is really all they are asking.

Shiken45d ago

How does the guy above me have 9 agrees while I have all disagrees when we are saying the same thing? The only difference between the two is setting and gameplay preferences.

sammarshall10244d ago

Both are of the highest quality so it would be hard to choose

Ceaser985736145d ago

Hard one but With Witcher 3 i fell in love with the characters and story , with RED DEAD 2 i am loving the world i feel R* is wizards when it comes to Sand box games. They do excellent stuff from Characters to npc quest including random events to online and CDPR is very close to that..

bluefox75545d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Haven't finished rdr2 yet, and I'm enjoying it, but it didn't suck me in like Witcher 3 did.