Does Anyone Really Want the PlayStation Classic?

With the PlayStation Classic just around the corner, I got to thinking, does anyone actually want this? I know I don't and I'll tell you why.

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locomorales43d ago

No. Because it's cool only when Nintendo does.

iofhua43d ago

Pretty much this. There's a huge difference in the quality of the game lineup. The NES and SNES classic had Nintendo's quality AAA titles. Everyone who buys a Nintendo is going to like at least one of Nintendo's titles, because that's what drives sales.

Sony relies on a large number of third party titles to fill out there catalog, so there's going to be a huge variation in people's favorite games on playstation. When I look at the game lineup for the Ps1 Classic, I'm interested in the Persona title, and maybe FF7. To me the rest are filler.

What would I like to play on Ps1?

Army Men
Breath of FIre
Chrono Trigger
Command & Conquer
Dead or Alive
Double Dragon
Dragon Quest
Duke Nukem
Final Fantasy
Grand Theft Auto
Harvest Moon
Mega Man
Monster Rancher (not sure how they would do this though - it needs music CD's)
Romance of the Three Kingdoms
Shin Megami Tensei
Tales of Phantasia
Tenchi Muyo
Tomb Raider
Vandal Hearts

I recognize that Twisted Metal and Metal Gear were killer apps, but I'm not personally interested in them.

The Spyro titles were also killer apps, and back then Spyro was kind of used as Playstation's mascot. Nintendo had Mario, Playstation had Spyro. So it's a little strange they didn't include Spyro.

Other than 4 or 5 titles, most of the lineup is filler. Just my opinion.

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Shiken43d ago

No, because the game selection sucks for the price. But sure, blame Nintendo because reasons?

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gangsta_red43d ago

Quick, point the finger at Nintendo before they notice!

rainslacker43d ago

I know you're being sarcastic, but i actually know a few collectors who want one. They got the Nintendo one's as well.:)

Otherwise, I see this being something for the holidays. More likely impulse buys, that get played on Xmas day, then probably forgotten about most of the time afterwards....although I suppose there will be some who play the games on them. I can see some kids without a console maybe having it in the bedroom or something.

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2pacalypsenow43d ago

"A Whoping $100"

$100 is not that much..

Lexreborn243d ago

Someone legit broke down cost per game and console and came to a 350 dollar tag for USED items. You’re getting a brand new device with all the games embedded into it for 100 and you still think it’s to much?

Sure okay

PapaBop43d ago

^^^ Where do they shop to come up with the $350 cost? I sure wouldn't want anything to do with their finances with their shopping skills. The majority of the games on that list can be bought for less than $3 in my country.

rainslacker43d ago

Games run between $5-15 on the digital stores....if they're even available. The physical version of about half those games could run between $10-15, with a couple that would clock in around $20. A used system will probably run you about $20-50 depending on the condition, but shipping may drive it up more if you're getting it from Ebay.

$350 does seem high, but it's certainly not going to be as low as $100, unless you're willing to shop around at garage sales, in which case, it's possible to maybe get all that and more for half the price....assuming you don't mind an original PS1.

Dragonscale42d ago

Its actually quite a bargain tbh. Wonder if you'd say that if it was a mega drive mini lol.

SegaGamer42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

I wouldn't even buy a Mega Drive Mini, I'm not a fan of these mini consoles, I would much rather have classic games re-released on modern consoles and for PC. If I wanted to play Mega Drive games, I would use an emulator or buy the Mega Drive collection on PC / PS4 / Xbox One for £30. It's much better than having another dust collector set up with wires everywhere.

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ZaWarudo43d ago

Would rather have these games on my PS4.

Gardenia43d ago

The PS1 classics like they have on the PS3

Tross43d ago

Yes, that would be the most ideal, and it has to be the biggest oversight on Sony's part this gen. Oh well, I'll take what I can get.

doomster7143d ago

Not me. I've already got all of the games I want off the list of 20 (included with the PS Classic) that I want. The others don't interest me.


Then it could be said this product was not developed with you in mind. Or anyone really complaining for that fact. I believe this is targeted more towards individuals that maybe never had the chance to play these games on a classic design. While also designed as a cheap chrismas gift for dad or brother and the like. Just saying.

Cajun Chicken43d ago

No. PlayStation fan here and not in the least interested. The selection of games is poor with a total lack of anything that screams "PlayStation" at me. There is no expanded memory or way to store games or even add previously purchased PSOne games from PSN, it is too small to be backwards compatible and lacks a CD drive. The controller is the old, awkward D-Pad version without Dualshock and analogue.
It is simply not worth the money unless you are a collector. There are better ways to play your own games, maybe in a grey area of legality, but better ways never the less.

TKCMuzzer43d ago

All you did was pretty much just explain why it is only $100. You seem to be after a original Playstation One. I'm not sure your its target audience.

Nintentional43d ago

I was excited when this was announced, but I can’t justify buying one after seeing the drab list of games on the machine. PS1 will always hold a special place in my heart.

It was the machine I spent my early teens on. The games I owned and played the crap out of, off the top of my head, were Final Fantasy VIII, IX, and VII (in that order) Crash 3, Spyro 2, Pacman World, G Darius, Fighting Force, Driver, Medieval, Megaman 8, Tomb Raider III, Ninja Shadows of Darkness, Gran Turismo 2, Stret Fighter Alpha 3, Tekken 3, Metal Gear Solid, Threads of Fate, Lunar 2, Digimon World 3, Soul Reaver and that’s all I can remember.

The sad thing is out of that long list of PS1 games I grew up playing, only Tekken and MGS are there. I has to be a pass for me, but if a few more of the games I love were there, I’d buy it.

Also, I never had the crappy PS1 controllers that weren’t the dualshocks. I had 2 dualshocks to go along with it.

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