Top 10 Video Games From The 80's

Oh the 80's. Bad haircuts, moderately entertaining family sitcoms, and the first glimpses of the technology boom. What else were the 80's known for? How about the emergence of the home video game platform that entertained an entire generation of people with great games? All that blowing on cartridges could do nothing to stop the 80's gamer from getting a game going. It took some great games for people to lose all their oxygen trying to get them to work. In this list, we will go through these excellent games that defined the 80's and led to the emergence of the video game market as one of the most powerful in the entertainment industry. Without these, games, who knows how video games would've developed.

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Son of Odin4267d ago

wow this brought back some great memories.

Son of Odin4267d ago

bubble bobble and burger time were my personal favorites.

Volvobug4267d ago

80s were the best decade for video games.

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The story is too old to be commented.