Sony Ordered to Change Misleading PS Now Advert Before Full Investigation

Pure PlayStation: The UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has determined that one of Sony's adverts for PlayStation Now is misleading and needs to be changed.

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hench0749d ago

Hopefully the same is done for the RDR 4K ad too.

Nu49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

I once bought Xbox live gold for a year thinking it was literally $5 a month. Should I sue Microsoft? I'm being serious.

Gaming_Guru49d ago

Technically it was at $60/yr would be about $5/month. At $70/yr it is now closer to $6/month, lol.

Eonjay49d ago

Um no. Even when you do something like buy a subscription online there is a yearly price that is the lowest monthly rate. Everyone every where would be sued. Enough lol.

Gunstar7549d ago

It only took until the second post for someone to try and turn this into an anti-MS topic.


fiveby948d ago

It is a poor graphic in that advertisement. I am not that cynical to think this was by design. Rather, I more likely believe someone in marketing was just a bit incompetent. But who knows. Either way, fix it for clarity. Problem solved.

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Nyxus49d ago

What about this then?

"These will be placed in the upper right corner on the front. There’s one for 4K Ultra HD, another for HDR, and one that says Xbox One X Enhanced. Microsoft revealed exactly what each of them means. 4K Ultra HD is what you’ll see on the covers of games that have a full 2160p (4K) frame buffer, but – and there’s the crucial part – it also includes titles that have dynamic resolutions or use checkerboarding techniques. This may sound obvious, but it’ll no doubt be a little disappointing to Xbox diehards who thought games would all run at a native 4K."

Eonjay49d ago

Sony solved this by using the pro advert that says Pro features dynamic 4k gaming. This way no need to worry about misleading someone with a 4k symbol. And of course there is the technical definition of 4k which is the resolution. Not native resolution, the resolution which is always 4k. It
TSA all getting silly to keep track of really.

CarlDechance49d ago

"Apples and oranges." it isn't. It is the same exact thing.

No Way49d ago

Just couldn't help yourself, could you Nyxus? Have to 'protect' Sony and 'blast' Microsoft.. just had to, huh? Sad life, man.. sad life.

Nyxus49d ago

@ No Way: I'm just wondering what's the difference between those two. But instead of explaining you went for personal attacks, that's telling.

CarlDechance49d ago

@No Way

How is he "blasting" Microsoft by using Microsoft's own definition of 4K? There are two console companies with 4K consoles and they both utilize the same definition of 4K gaming. And yet when Sony uses that definition then it is misleading? Either you and giovanealex really don't understand what is being talked about or you simply choosing to be obtuse about it.

Nyxus49d ago

@ andibandit: I was replying to the guy complaining about the RDR2 PS4 ad, not the PS Now ad.

andibandit49d ago

sorry my bad, will just edit out my reply

CaptainCook49d ago

Xbox One S/X is the only console that offers 4k Ultra HD disk drives

CarlDechance48d ago

"Xbox One S/X is the only console that offers 4k Ultra HD disk drives "

Great....if you watch movie disks. I'm a gamer though. Movies I'll rent. 2 hours. Five bucks. Done.

Doesn't really match up to console game if you think about it.

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2pacalypsenow49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Technically upscale 4K is still 4K I’m temrns of advertiments.

Otherwise half the 4K blu rays would not be able to be advertised as 4K.

rainslacker49d ago

Sure, then all those other games that use the same terminology can also be struck down and we can stick it to Sony. At the same time, we can stick it to MS which does the same thing with their 4K marketing.

Babadook749d ago (Edited 49d ago )

No need. RDR 2 reconstructs all the way to 4K. Zero up scaling.

Eonjay49d ago

That is correct. A reconstructed 4k image is a 4k image. There is simply no way around it.

Kribwalker49d ago

CB is the form of upscaling. It’s not a Native 4k image. And if it isn’t, it’s upscale. You could call it Faux K if you’d like

“Cerny listed a handful of AAA games that prepared for the Pro via various techniques, though nine of the 13 titles on display used some form of checkerboard rendering. Days Gone, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Horizon Zero Dawn all use 2160p checkerboard upscaling,”

“Given the recent adoption of checkerboard rendering for upscaling on the Sony PS4* Pro we thought it would be useful to explore the technique on Intel integrated graphics”

“Sony Going With Checkerboard Upscaling on PS4 Pro Is A Little ‘Disappointing,’ Says Artomatix CTO”

gravedigger49d ago


Checkeboard technique isn't upscaling .

Do some research, man!

Kribwalker49d ago (Edited 49d ago )


“The technique is similar to interlaced video, where every frame is split into two fields, also halving the amount of pixels that has to be rendered or transferred. Checkboard rendering differs by splitting the image using the checkboard pattern instead of splitting it by alternate line. The reconstruction filter used in checkboard rendering is often more complex than the typical deinterlacing process.”

so they are rendering half the pixels then filling the remaining pixels with a previous image or an algorithm and checkerboard filter to render the remaining pixels. That’s an awful lot like upscaling, which is using past frames to fill the blank pixels in the screen. Checkerboard uses more processes to improve the missing pixels and give better quality.

The method is not using a native image, rather filling the empty pixels, which is exactly what upscaling does.

It’s suped up upscaling. Thats it

gravedigger48d ago (Edited 48d ago )


Yeah, but checkerboarding technique isn't upscaling. Keep spinning! As usual Xbone fans does.

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gravedigger49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Nothing wrong with RDR2. Ad for RDR isn't misleading because it clearly says at the bottom: "game OUTPUTS 2160p" Learn to read and learn what is NATIVE and what is OUTPUT.

Atom66649d ago

I don't know about that kind of thinking. I'd argue that any advertisement that requires you to read the fine print is not "clear." If we went back to the pre Xbox One X days, and MS advertised one of their 720p or 900p games with a big fat sparkling 1080p on the ad with fine print, even the most diehard Microsoft supporters would have to admit it was misleading.

When Sony or Xbox advertise like this, the goal is to attract people who don't read or understand the fine print. Even though it's not a big deal, it's still kind of shady.

lnfiniteLoop49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

in the UK the advert has small print at the botton of the advert stating that its 2160i so I doubt anything will be done...

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DarXyde49d ago

It's not that different from Microsoft saying back in the day that the One S was the only 4k and HDR console. Technically, that's true, but it wasn't made entirely clear that 4k was limited to UHD Blu- Ray playback. Or even the recent "games play best on Xbox One " ads. That is strictly speaking Xbox One X, not Xbox One itself.

I think the platform holders just like to be disingenuous in ways that can promote sales. It basically punishes you for ignorance.

Granted, we're all educated gamers, but it makes you wonder how often you're misled in other industries about products.

rainslacker49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

This is about stupid people not knowing what a calendar is, and assuming the 31 in the PSNow advert meant that 31 new games would be added per month, instead of the more time honored recognition of a 31 on a calendar representing a month.

But, just like the RDR2 4K "controversy", it's not the hardware makers fault that people are stupid and don't know what it meant by stuff.

If anything, Sony has been pretty transparent about the 4K capabilities of the system. But I don't expect them to qualifty the 4K term in every single advertisement that exists, anymore than I expect them to make a big sign pointing out that a 31 number on a calendar represents a month, not the number of games one will get.

I think that Sony should decline to change their ad. The UK ASA seems to take spurious complaints way too seriously, and I believe it undermines their effectiveness when helping to protect customers from real misleading advertising. make them do their investigation with the ad up, and then they will have to just admit what is obvious from a cursory glance of the ad, that it's referring to the month, not the number of games.

chrish199049d ago

Because you obviously have more insight than the ASA. Maybe you should apply for a job there?

rainslacker49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Well...I obviously have enough insight to recognize that a 31 on a calendar icon, is a pretty common representation of a month, and not a sign of a number of something that will be offered within that month. Might as well say that Sony is misleading the people by saying that every month is 31 days.

ASA received complaints. ASA takes a look at the ad and says....well...maybe this common representation for a month can be perceived as something else. ASA instructs Sony to remove it so they can do an investigation.

An investigation into what? If Sony is being misleading by using a common representation for a month? An investigation on how many stupid people there are in the world that may misinterpret this? hell, if there wasn't an article about this, would the ASA even receive complaints?

Advertising is often misleading in some way, but in this case, it shouldn't be the ASA's job to protect stupid people from themselves.

In any case, the ASA should do its investigation, then if they find cause, instruct Sony to remove the advertising, instead of expecting Sony to change a marketing campaign because a few people don't understand how to recognize common symbols, or learn more about what they're seeing.

Imalwaysright49d ago

That calendar with the number 31 doesn't serve any purpose whatsoever. On its own it doesn't have any meaningful or relevant information other than it being the number 31 with a few dots below it. That's the problem with this ad and yes I can see why at 1st glance and without giving a second thought some could associate the number 31 with the phrase below it.

rainslacker49d ago

Maybe it's just me being old enough to recognize a calendar icon. Kind of weird in today's emoji based world, but whatever. Seemed instantly clear what was implied, regardless of the text below it. My first thought when seeing it wasn't that it was referring to 31 new games being added next month, just that it was indicating that something was related to months in general, because that's how similar icons have always been used.

DarXyde49d ago


To be fair, last I checked, we can predict industry trends better than Wedbush Morgan analysts.

rainslacker might be onto something.

rob-GP49d ago

Thing is, it's the icon Sony uses for the events tab on the PS4 Dashboard. It's a bit cringy that a PS focused site didn't realise that...

DarXyde48d ago


"the Xbox One S outputs games (upscales) to 4K too..."

Thanks for proving my point. I'm well aware that One S upscales games, but I'm talking about native support. The fact that it is unclear supports my argument that it was intentionally vague and disingenuous. Wouldn't you agree? Microsoft marketed it as the only 4K and HDR console. This was, of course, prior to the release of PS4 Pro. So what I'm saying is, if Sony advertises something as 4K when it is in fact checkerboard or upscaled, that is disingenuous in the same way that One S was advertised as 4K.

Both are intentionally misleading, wouldn't you say?

rainslacker48d ago

Both are misleading, but that doesn't necessarily make it false advertising. Technically, if its output from the frame buffer at 4K, then its native 4K. It doesn't really matter how it derives that resolution. Even if it upscales in the frame buffer, then its native 4K.

I know people hate to hear it, but that's just how it is.

I've always said that the whole 4K marketing is all over the place, and hard to keep up if you don't really know much about it. But that's not really the issue here. The issue here is that Sony used a calendar icon, and some people complained that it was misleading because they thought that Sony would add 31 games per month. So, like I said, the issue is protecting stupid people from themselves.

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lnfiniteLoop49d ago

the Xbox One S ouputs games (upscales) to 4K too...

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Fishy Fingers49d ago

This comment section is misleading me into thinking this is something to do with Microsoft....

Rude-ro49d ago

Because they are usually behind all of this.
That’s what they spend their money on.. negatively attacking competitors.
That’s the difference of a company with a vision and a company that wants to dominate everything within a specific area.

CarlDechance49d ago

Well the very first comment implies this has something to do with Red Dead Redemption 2. Guess that's ok?

Switch4One48d ago

Are you seriously calling him out for calling out those who are deflecting to Microsoft?? And how does that mean he's condoning the RDR2 deflection?

CarlDechance48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

lol....he is the one being selective as to what off-topic convos he wants to address. If he had a problem with them all then could have called them all out generically. But he didn't, He specified the MS convos and ignored the RDR2 rehash. And he had to scroll past a lot of RDR2 rehash to get to the MS bullshit. So yeah, I think that about covers my response. Thanks.

Switch4One48d ago

The RDR2 deflection ended with the first comment and it's string of replies. Those that are redirecting towards Microsoft and getting more agrees than disagrees clearly show that the echo chamber is happy going to its defacto comfort zone of rescuing Sony by trying to vilify Microsoft yet again.

If you people are so concerned then perhaps report MS like Pure Playstation reported Sony.

CarlDechance48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Which has nothing to do with why Fishy decided to ignore that deflection entirely. And there are plenty here on this site that are right there with you vilifying Sony and defending Microsoft. You are just too deluded to see it or just want to put up a front pretending to be otherwise. It isn't working either way.

"If you people"

Ah....I was wondering when you would pull out that particularly ignorant phrase out of your hat. I am an individual. I am not "people". And if you were not stuck in your own echo chamber then you would see my own take on Sony's ad not far below this post. And I've said nothing against Microsoft's ads. Instead you wallow in your own ignorance. With that, I'm done with your idiocy. See ya.

Switch4One48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

I already saw your stance on Sony's faux pas but what I am referring to is your thirst for Microsoft's blood in an article that has little to do with them.

The fact that you acknowledge that Sony done goofed does not change the fact that you are part of the PEOPLE who are saying "YEAH !! WHAT ABOUT MICROSOFT!!"

See? Why I said people? Because there's more than one of you people deflecting. So you and your people should go report Microsoft and be done with it..


Switch4One48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

"And there are plenty here on this site that are right there with you vilifying Sony and defending Microsoft. "

Here we go again with your shtick. Again, I have no problem with Sony, it's their mindless defenders with whom I have a bone to pick.

Again I invite you to prove otherwise.

Switch4One48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Lol you mean like how you are triggered by the word people? Hehehe yeah sure okay bud.

Still don't have any instances of me vilifying Sony in defense of Microsoft I see.

Edit: oh hold up, hehe did you read shtick as s**t? Is that why you said triggered?

Read slower next time bud.

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KickSpinFilter49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Welcome to the "what about" culture.

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rob-GP49d ago

It's not intentionally misleading though - it was a picture of a calendar - in fact, it's the icon that Sony uses on the default theme on the PS4 for the Events tab - so clearly a calendar...

For a site called 'Pure Playstation', you would have thought they would recognise an icon off the PS4 Dashboard, would you?!

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