Destiny 2: Forsaken - Waiting For The Thunderlord

PC Invasion: According to leaks from Reddit user AnonTheNine, the Thunderlord exotic machine gun is waiting at the end of the Festival of the Lost quest in Destiny 2: Forsaken. Several other exotics will also be returning in future mini-DLCs.

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OnlyThoseOnTheFence41d ago

Unless they're adding Thunderlord to Red Dead Redemption 2 I doubt anybody really cares.

JJasonRodriguez41d ago

Maybe Master Ives isn't dead. He's just hanging out in RDR2 as well?

DevilishSix41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Let's be realistic here. The wait will be disappointing as the Thunderlord was not great in D1 when you had choices like the Gally, Sleeper, and the Truth. Now in D2 you have the Sleeper, Whisper, and the Thousand voices, so WTH would roll with the Thunderlord when you have these other choices, not me?

JJasonRodriguez41d ago

Generally having a machine gun weapon available which many players seem to miss. We don't really know yet how effective the weapon will be (I'm personally not an MG guy anyway outside of the Quillim's Terminus from King's Fall).

DevilishSix41d ago

Agreed QT was great, but was legendary so you could still rock an exotic in another slot. Unfortunately just as Bungie always does they nerfed the QT and it was never as effective as it used to be.

Patricko41d ago

Machine Guns were pretty good in PVP. I liked playing with them a lot. Back then we didn't have so much cool buffs like well and instant reload. I think Thunderlord + warlock well + reload, can do some serious damage. We will see when it comes how good it is...

But the quest itself is just a kick in the nuts... They could easly start this quest when halloween event started... But no, we will have by the time when Black Armory goes live and nobody will care about it :/

DevilishSix41d ago

Agreed MGs were great in PVP and I often used them, but if you recall towards the end of D1 they nerfed the ammo you got for them so much that it made them almost unusable. Huh I just realized that is what Bungie is now doing to Sleeper in Gambit, so I guess you can't teach an old dog new tricks.