Shadow of the Tomb Raider discounted to below $45 on PS4 and $40 on PC

Amazon has discounted Shadow of the Tomb Raider to $39.59 on PC and $44.99 on PS4.

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1608d ago
PhoenixUp1608d ago

Might as well wait for Black Friday sales

Double_O_Revan1608d ago

If this game doesn't hit $30 on Black Friday I'll be very surprised.

--bienio--1608d ago

It’s all ready hit in steam 30£

BlackRaven85_11608d ago

So. Discounts happen across all platforms. It's like people want to start up a big case over nothing at all. Steam and everything else will go back to normal. God of War was discounted too to $39.99, and that's permanent. Does that mean God of War is selling bad? Hell no. I wish people would move on.

LucasRuinedChildhood1608d ago

I take no issue with them heavily discounting the game (besides maybe the Season Pass since none of it is even out yet to the best of my knowledge) but the game actually doesn't seem to be selling that well. Estimated first week physical sales are already up on VGChartz and they're a bit week (around 682,000).

Harkins17211608d ago

I liked the game. Was very fun.

Servbot411608d ago

Best in the remake trilogy by far. The other two were major disappointments but I really enjoyed my time with it. Too close to Red Dead 2 though.

starchild1608d ago

It's the best in the trilogy for me too. I really enjoyed it.
Shadow of the Tomb Raider > Tomb Raider > Rise of the Tomb Raider

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