The new iPad Pro might be as fast as an Xbox One S, but gamers won’t care

KnowTechie writes:

"Apple’s latest event is here again to tell us why our lives suck and how they invented the pencil, and as a gamer, I never really felt attacked, until this event. While announcements like the new Mac mini and MacBook Air are interesting, it was during the new iPad Pro part of the event that things started to derail for me."

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Spurg143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

I think they said the graphic fidelity is the same but nothing about performing the same. Plus is the NBA game they demoed on iOS is just a shadow of the NBA on consoles.

Apple's, Google and Amazon's stance on gaming isnt in the same ball park. They won't be able to deliver their own version of Halo, Uncharted, Zelda or Red Dead.

Eidolon143d ago

Yeah. No way it could handle the load of an Xbox One S. They can't fit 1.3tflops GPU + CPU power on like what, a 8 watt TDP SOC...

chris235143d ago

they don‘t want to. they got a completely different segment of customers. they are serving to casual gamers with no real clue about what gaming can be. a bit like like the switch does.

thrust143d ago

You started off well then you just let yourself down 😔

King_Noctis143d ago

I fee bad for you man, as a gamer.

gamer7804143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

remove "a bit like the switch does" really not at all like the switch does, they both are portable with touchscreens, but thats pretty much where the similarities end.

Sirk7x143d ago

Please, I'm in my 30s and have been gaming since I was 3 lol. Have more games than I know what to do with and still love my Switch, as well as all my other consoles. People are well aware of what modern gaming is and still buy the Switch. Gaming is about having fun and enjoying your experience, unless you're REALLY into tech demos lol.

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Sirk7x143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

I'm streaming AC: Origins right now on my old laptop via Project Stream. It runs at 1080p, 60fps with no noticeable input lag. Literally feels like the future, and it's become very obvious that Google and Amazon want to cut out their own niches in the industry. In five years it will probably be commonplace for people to be streaming games on their phones. You better believe that companies like EA will jump on board with their games, and allow the masses who buy their games to stream Madden (and other crap) on their phones. Smart phone industry is one of the largest tech industries in the world, gets massive R&D investments, 80 percent of people in the US own a smart phone. Mobile gaming makes the most money out of any gaming market. Companies move where the money is, and regardless of how loyal a customer base is, if keeping them is detrimental to their long term success, those companies will move away. I think in ten years how we interface with technology in general will be much different than how we do today, with the advances in mobile, data and AI. Think about it. Ten years ago, Netflix and Spotify just launched their streaming services. Youtube launced in 2005. Today, they're one of the primary ways most people interact with all media. Where are we going to be in another ten years? The iphone launched in 2007, look where we're at now. And you mentioned them not having their own versions of great first party games. Well, Amazon is already making a first party title, a MMORPG called New Worlds.

_LarZen_143d ago

I'm a gamer. I care.You dont represent me KnowTechie.

Melankolis143d ago

You are a mobile gamer. You care. lol

_LarZen_143d ago

I play on a wide range of devices. And I dont need anyone telling me what I should or should not care about as far as this hobby goes.

Yi-Long143d ago

You can buy a regular Ipad and enjoy that, plus get an XBO X (or PS Pro) for all your gaming needs, and it would still cost less than the iPad Pro.

I'd consider getting a pro, but their prices for more memory installed are ridiculous, and they dropped the headphone jack, so that's an automatic pass ...

ImGumbyDammit143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

You could buy the iPad Pro (plus you need the pen and keyboard that add another $300) or you could buy the X with RDR2, Forza 7 + FH4 (all for $458) and have money left over to buy reasonably nice 50"+ 4K TV and add a PS4 Pro to the mix and all that would still be cheaper than the new base iPad Pro.

Mystogan143d ago

You can also get a Surface Pro which actually does things.

mcstorm142d ago

You beat me to it. For me I don't see the point in the ipad Pro if it was full mac os then maybe but it's still a mobile os trying to be a full computer. This will never work and is just an over priced/over the top ipad with pen support. Ide rather get the note 9 then the ipad Pro use it as a phone and touch device with a surface as a full blown pc.

FallenAngel1984143d ago

Exactly. How many tablet games can afford to even be as complex a console games

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